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The Future Is Bleak

Well, I think it’s finally over. Between remodeling the house all last week and having a serious case of writer’s block, I needed an extended break so I’m sorry to my few readers that I was off for a week.

In returning to the world of observation I usually reside in, I noticed something….EVERYTHING IS STILL ALL MESSED UP!! I know, shocking but then again I’m only fooling to even imply the train-wreck could be fixed in a week but I was hopeful….lol.

The GOP circus/primary continued to roll right along in a very similar way to a runaway train headed towards a closed tunnel. Santorum managed to make some headway, but the more he speaks, the more he comes across as a borderline religious fanatic and that isn’t even counting he openly admitting he is willing to vote for ideas he thinks are bad because “sometimes you just have to go along with the crowd”. Not a good comment there Rick.

Romney seemed to regain his frontrunner status amid a caucus in his home state and the more the race rolls along, the more it seems he will be the nominee. Yes, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum all have their strengths but there all seem far too polarizing to have a real chance, which brings me to the point of this blog.

Where will the United States be in 2016, after the next president’s term expires? It seems like a simple enough question but when examined, I think it begins to show the scary direction we are going to see over the next decade or so. I believe this will be, historically speaking, looked back at as the time the United States truly began to crumble. Now this may seem dramatic to some but I hope if you feel that way that you are at least willing to hear me out before dismissing the possibilities I am going to explore.

You see, as we move farther into this century, we are seeing instability worldwide that is getting worse, no doubt about it. People seem to be rising against their governments on a weekly basis and this instability will only further contribute to the problems here at home. A good example of what i mean can be easily seen by looking at the situation in Syria. The fact that innocent civilians are being murdered is not up for debate. It is happening and it is factual. They clearly have become frustrated enough in their government that they are willing to give their blood to change it. Here’s where it starts to get scary. The rest of the world, as they should be, is obviously not comfortable with the government sanctioned murder taking place in Syria. Unlike previous situations though, we are seeing the topic of whether to help these people or not become a point of contention between superpowers. Russia and China, to the open disgust of the rest of the United Nations, voted to veto any sanctions against Syria. Russia clearly did this not because they support the Syrian government committing murder, but instead because they are the ones selling the Syrians the weapons that are being used in the killings. So, in essence, they voted for the Syrian government to continue to help them sell weapons, even if those weapons are used for nefarious purposes.

The reason this is a big deal is during a time when the United States has a foreign policy based around freedom and democracy, we now have other major world players showing through their actions that they have no issue with these tyrants as long as it is allowing them to profit and not affecting their country specifically. It doesn’t take a genius to see that these conflicting views will eventually lead to confrontation between these superpowers. It also means that as American citizens, when we see our leaders explaining how they are doing the “right” thing by helping these countries, we will know that in truth, they are only willing to do so if they are able to without stepping on the toes of those superpowers that support these dictators. This not only shows the growing weakness of our country on the global stage, but also the cowardice of a government that will only stand up to a bully if he doesn’t have to deal with the bully’s brother. It’s embarrassing.

All that is only the beginning of what’s to come. Our leaders continue to spend and spend, ensuring that the financial problems of this country will not only continue to get worse, but also that they will burden our children before they are even old enough to know what the word “debt” even means. As the same misguided pattern of corruption, greed and ego are spread across our airwaves, no matter how many new catchphrases and soundbites our so-called “leaders” produce, or whichever excuses become the fad of the day, as they talk nothing is changing!!

The only thing changing is how close this country is getting to becoming a place that the majority of us would have never imagined.Every area or topic that could have two sides to it are not only gaining steam but the divide between each side of these issues is becoming larger and larger, filled with more intolerance than ever before. The rich and the poor are feeling growing tension towards each other every day that passes. The Republicans and Democrats, the pro-life people and the pro-choice people, the warmongering and pacifists, the religious and the non religious, just about any political, sociological, and philosophical view has gone far past the point of having any chance of compromise and has moved into full-blown intolerance, usually fueled by hate and ego.

Again, it hardly takes a genius to realize what is going to be the result of all of this. This country is like a company in the sense that we are all supposed to be unified towards a common goal and what happens when everyone in the management and employ of a company is against each other???THE COMPANY GOES BANKRUPT!!Except in the case of the United States, when the government bails out your failure of a business!!

You’ve been told. Act accordingly…


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