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People, Your Leaders, And The World That Must Be Seen

God…you know, I am so sick of people. I’m sick of them because they have all become like puppets in the theater of reality. Their TV or news sites pulls their strings and they in turn pretty much regurgitate whatever they are told. If I hear one more person tell me gas prices are high because of “futures trading” when half the time they have no idea what “futures” even are beyond whatever their bullshit news station of choice tells them, I am going to vomit. People need to wake up. Everything you are being told is bullshit, is smokescreens, is a distraction. They pump these soundbites and catchphrases out on the public and once they start a new one, all they have to do is repeat it enough times and most people out there will believe it even when they don’t know the meaning beyond the name.

Let me clue you in on a few things. Your government is in bed with the very companies they are attacking for the high gas prices. They are also in bed with the foreign governments that manipulate the fuel market to live their lives of luxury while their people live like bums. Little by little, these countries are buying up our country. They are buying our politicians and the companies that now own us all, and if you think our government is free you are truly lost. Despite the seemingly constant complaints from both sides of the political aisle, the truth is they are both 100% guilty of not even trying to fix them. They don’t care about this country or its citizens and if you believe they do, you are truly a fool. They give the same old tired excuses and soundbites of choice as their actions remain exactly the same as they have been during their continued destruction of our once proud country. The agencies of the government operate without any oversight or interaction between each other, allowing each of them to be run as if they were some secret aspect of the government, often run by people who were never elected yet affect us all every day.

Even worse, many of these agencies are actually working against the country in order to simply justify their existence!! For example, it is a known fact that the CIA has been importing drugs into this country for decades. Why? They say it is so they can nab the “higher ups” in the cartels but let’s be honest, creating more crime does nothing to prevent further crime, it is a ridiculous theory. If it were effective we would see improvement but we don’t, showing that their actions are little more than a way for them to justify their bullshit budgets and god only knows the type of projects, again run behind the scenes with no authorization from the people whose tax dollars they spend.

The whole “Fast and Furious” scandal recently revealed, with aspects of our own government selling weapons to the drug  cartels!!The same drug cartels the CIA is assisting in importing drugs! Selling them the weapons they are using to murder people!! The worse part of it is how it is a glaring example of what I am talking about.People have been murdered as a result of those actions, yet those responsible sit in front of committees calmly refusing to answer questions, knowing that they are above the law. The crimes they have committed don’t even cross their mind. They know nothing will happen to them and they can break the law openly with no fear of punishment.

Those examples are barely the tip of the iceberg. Our government is littered with individuals doing similar things. People wielding power they were never elected to have, recklessly and openly breaking any law they feel like because for them the ends always justify the means, regardless of the legal, ethical or moral implications of their actions. Welcome to your country. Act accordingly…


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