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Who’s Threatening Who?

I was reading some statements from President Obama and Israeli leaders that, to me, are quite scary. Israel and the United States are currently in a position where they are telling another country that it cannot technologically advance. They do not have this right under international law, with Iran, by law, having the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. While the United States has drawn the line after allowing uranium enrichment by Iran, Israel doesn’t even want that level to be reached by Iran despite the fact that Iran is well within it’s right to do so. This is a growing international problem but, at least not in my opinion,is not being caused by Iran. What the United States and Israel talk about bombing Iran’s nuclear sites, they are threatening an unprovoked act of war, plain and simple. Yes, they use fiery rhetoric when speaking to their own people,but they are hardly the only country making threatening comments in the public eye. The thing is though,these comments, while irritating, do not equal any physical enforcement of them in reality. Just because one country or another has made this statement or that, any statement is part of their freedom of speech. I know that this country remains overly ready to jump all over someone we think may do this or may do that since the 9/11 attacks, I realize this..but if we hope to ever have any global unity and therefore progress, we can’t just be openly pushing smaller countries around for doing things and saying things we do every day.

The rhetoric from the United States concerning Iran over the last 5 years or so has itself been nothing but threats!! We have been talking openly about attacking them for the last decade, why is that acceptable, but when they respond they are dangerous??It just seems totally hypocritical. Iran has not attacked anyone, is not proven to have specific connections to a specific enemy or threat, we just don’t like them. It’s the same situation that we went through in Iraq. We went in, hung their leader, tried to install a government, and in the end is it any better? Did we even have the right to go in the first place? Iraq had not invaded anyone and our motivation to attack them was almost completely fabricated with poorly specified or accurate intelligence at every turn. The worst part of it was that our leaders supported it anyway.


I agree that Iran is a very different country than us, but I also think nationalistic pride in this country has people who know very little about Iran as a country hating them and that is dangerous. Rhetoric or not, if you think about it logically, Iran’s leadership knows that if they attacked one of the countries they dislike so much, such as Israel or the United States, they would be wiped off the map. They do not have the military infrastructure to prevent themselves from being completely destroyed by any serious level counterattack from a high level country such as Israel and the United States and they know it. Their “threats” are merely positioning, the same way North Korea does, in their constant negotiation in the global community for various benefits. I am not saying we shouldn’t keep a close eye on countries and defend ourselves but we need to learn, as far as diplomacy goes, that we cannot continue to force other countries to allow us to usurp their sovereignty through force. If we continue to all act against each other in this sense between countries, it can only lead the future global community to bad places.

To the people who would say that’s “a dream” or unrealistic, I say , only if we as a race, in the year 2012, are still incapable after all these years of finding ways to respect each others beliefs without confrontation, without intolerance, without blood having to be spilled. It’s so stupid really, we could all have it so good if human nature would just swing a little in the right direction. Ah…what do I know right?


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