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Modernize The Constitution

Recently, due mainly to the excessive nationalism that permeates this country, there has been a lot of talk about the United States and it’s Constitution and how the country needs to go back to it. Let me clue you in on something. It is time for the United States to rewrite the Constitution. Now that may seem shocking but before you jump all over me, give me a fair shot to explain why I feel this way.

Our Constitution was written over 200 years ago. That should be the first red flag when considering this topic. The world has changed so much over that time that I believe it is fair to say that some aspects of this document have become outdated. Think about it, what aspect of society still operates in an even remotely similar way to the way it ran 200 years ago? Not in the sense that the values and ideas presented aren’t good in principle, but more in the sense that the legal foundation of our society needs to be reflective of the current world, country, and most importantly, the thinking of modern-day people that is so different from that of our forefathers. For example, the right to bear arms. Now I am not even trying to remotely imply that each and every citizen shouldn’t have the right to own a firearm, but at the same time, 200 years ago the firearms they were speaking of were not even close to as powerful and damaging as back then as our modern-day guns are. A person walking around in public with a gun 200 years ago was carrying a weapon that might fire 5 rounds per minute, that’s it, and that was only if you had the most cutting edge weapons of that time. So for example, when Seung-Hui Cho went on the shooting rampage at Virgina Tech in which he killed 32 people, he was able to get off 203 rounds in the time before he took his own life. Looking back, if he had a weapon that fired 5 rounds a minute, it would have been much easier for someone there to have stopped him and the chances of him killing as many people as he did would be greatly decreased, but modern-day guns are literally weapons of mass destruction when put in the hands of the wrong people. Again, I am not saying gun rights should be revoked or anything but it is clearly time to have the base law concerning them be relative to the power of modern-day weapons. I’m not sure that our forefathers, when writing about your right to bear arms, never imagined that we would have handheld guns capable of firing off dozens and dozens of rounds in less than a minute.

Speaking of our forefathers, the people they were is the biggest factor in my belief that we need to rewrite the Constitution. Think about this; the people who wrote the Constitution were slave owners. People who believed it was ok for them to enslave, physically abuse and buy and sell OTHER HUMAN BEINGS! What kind of person would ever believe that? Personally, when I look back at them I am ashamed that people who were clearly immoral, horrible people are the ones who authored a document we now look at with such pride and base so many of our decisions off of. Do you own research and enlighten yourself but if you do you will find that our forefathers were really no different from the white, rich people who are currently the elitists working behind the scenes to make most of us nothing more than money producing drones. Their motivation in the growth of this country was no different from the modern-day leaders, and that is to gain more money, more power, and more control over other human beings while forcing their beliefs upon them.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you to dare to research these people, these forefathers, who authored the Constitution.If you truly care about the country, as most people claim they do, then you will accept what is fact and what is merely propaganda. If you are willing to do this you will see that the real story of who these people were instead of the bullshit fairytale they teach us as children. These men were elitist, racist , slave owners who were the original versions of the people we are all rallying against this very day.


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  1. What you’re saying is so incitive I just have to like it! Regardless of anyone’s opinions on the 2nd amendment or our forefathers, the absolute blind patriotism held by many Americans is so unhealthy that any exercise in questioning should be embraced 🙂

    March 16, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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