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They Watch You. You Are Their Pet

If you have ever read the book “1984” by George Orwell, then you have had a chance to be somewhat disturbed by the constantly monitored world he presents in the novel. Well wake the fuck up people, you’re living in that world right now! Think about it for a second…..every email you write is monitored by the federal government through one agency or another and if you think I am wrong then I dare you to jokingly write an email to a friend and mention you are going to commit acts of terror, even if you aren’t….I’m betting that even if you disagree with me you won’t have the nuts to do it out of fear. There are cameras everywhere….at bus stations, at malls, at pretty much ever public place you can imagine and they are just getting started, wait another ten years and today’s monitoring will seem like a dream compared to the future reality. Cellular phones? Monitored constantly and in addition to that, most cell phones have GPS devices embedded in them at the time of production, allowing people you don’t know to know where you are, who you’re calling and where you are going in real-time. If you have ever been in the military, then the United States government has your DNA on file, kept without your permission or knowledge, using it as they see fit for God knows what purpose.

It goes on and on. There are government labs doing experimentation on both humans and animals that are usually reserved only for science fiction, and that’s only counting the information that has been released or leaked over the years. What is being done at the most secretive of these labs, such as Area 51, can only be imagined and not in a good way. There are satellites circling the planet that can literally locate and watch you at any given time, looking at you as closely as if they were 20 feet over your head as opposed to 5 miles. Reason after reason after reason, a person could go on for days.

It’s very scary to consider all this. It’s even scarier to realize that for some reason, society seems to accept measure of control after measure of control. We, as a country, have become so weak-minded that all our leadership needs to do is imply that without constant control we are all doomed and we seem willing to give up privacy after privacy when it comes to our personal lives.

There is no happy point to make in contrast because it is not getting better, it is getting rapidly worse. Before too long you can guarantee you will see retinal scanners and other ways of knowing exactly where every person is at every time and the days when you had the freedom to have privacy will have disappeared. You’ve been warned, act accordingly.


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