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An Example Of American Cowardice

Yesterday in the news I saw an example of something that really made me shake my head. You see, when people think of America in today’s world, they think of a country that always seems to be the first one to step up when countries are in strife or people are in need. There is rarely any hesitation by our government in trying to spread democracy, even if by force, when we see a country with people crying for justice. With all this being basically true, this is why I am somewhat ashamed of my country today.

Yesterday, Russia, in support of the brutal crackdown taking place in Syria, sent an anti-terror battalion from their military along with one of their warships to Syria in support of said crackdown. Russia makes billions of dollars each year selling arms to the regime that controls Syria and in addition to vetoing any action against them by the United Nations, Russia is now sending military support as well. For something so serious, you would think the United States would instantly react but there has been little more than a whimper, neither by our government or by the media sources they control. In my opinion, this is both shameful and cowardly and let me tell you why.

Whenever other countries commit acts such as what is going on in Syria, the United States never hesitates to lean on these regimes with the full weight of the United States military. Yet in this case, with a country like Russia, a country with equal military might to us  being involved, our leaders have been surprisingly quiet and in my opinion, it makes us look like cowards. We are so quick to want to show other countries governments that are taking part in actions against humanity that they better stop or else, so why when a huge country like Russia supports such action why are we suddenly silent? In my opinion, it makes us look like bullies who are afraid of anyone the same size as them. If the United States is going to hide it’s head in the sand every time Russia or China takes part in an action the rest of the world is against, then I can’t help but feel we are going to quickly lose any respect any of these countries have for our strength.

We as a nation are so quick to stick our noses in other countries business, countries such as Libya or Egypt, when there are revolutions or uprising against dictators so where are we now? Is that the true colors of the United States? Always ready to stand with the meek unless their enemy is the same size of us? I also find it equally shameful that we have seen basically no media coverage of this situation, most likely because the government controls the media and is trying to maintain it’s image of superiority even in the face of cowardice. It’s just sad. I’ll finish by simply saying this….If Iran moved troops into Iraq or any other country to support a regime in power, we couldn’t get our military there quick enough so if the United States takes no actions against Russia for doing the same thing in supporting state sponsored murder in Syria, it can be classified as nothing short of complete cowardice.


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