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Care About You, Ignore Everyone Else

Human beings think the following things are acceptable….

  • Slaughter animals so they may look “cool” or “elegant” wearing their skin or teeth for fashion and style.


  • Treat other humans differently because of the color of their skin.


  • Kill each other to decide which country is right on a certain topic.


  • Kill each other over belief in all powerful beings that there is absolutely no proof of.
  • Worship of people based off their ability to portray fictional stories.


  • Treat other humans differently or more often, badly, based off of their sexual preference.


  • Having the right to verbally cause pain and suffering to others as a “God given right”.


  • Having the right to end the life of an unborn child just because they don’t feel like raising it.


  • Having leaders that show no fear, and pay no penalty for blatantly and proven instances of lying to the public.

Now most of this might seem obvious but it is shocking to me to see how many “obvious” examples of idiocy we accept every day. To be honest, I’m running out of both breath and motivation to continue to point out what should be obvious to any decent person……if there’s any left….



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