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The Imperceptable Nebulosity

Brilliance. Pure brilliance really, it may be the most ingenious and original yet simple masquerade ever perpetrated by any group of human beings. It is so amazing in its effect and creation that the true creators of it, and what their hopes for it were in the long-term are, arguably undetectable. I am, of course, speaking of the system of control that is currently in place that has literally enslaved the entire human race using shackles that cannot be seen and authority that is unknown yet fully effective. The process begins at birth really, with each of us being “registered” into the system by our assignment of a social security number. At this moment, we are “tagged” in a sense, forever connected to an identification number that will track each and every public movement we participate in for the rest of our lives. We are also registered by our finger prints and footprints, blood type and countless other medically unique facts about each of us. It all seems like common procedure but in truth this is the beginning of the tightening of the invisible shackles before you as a person are able to even begin to conceive your own existence.

The story continues as we grow. The more we are able to understand and ingest mentally as we grow, the more bombardment our brains receive from a society completely designed to program us much as an operating system is programmed onto a home computer. You eventually start school and as you do you begin your first few years being taught to conform, to follow rules that you are not yet old enough to question. Standing in line, praising the flag, these are just a few of the methods that begin to mold you into a drone of sorts, growing towards filling your required role in our society. As a youngster, you naturally are drawn towards the toys and activities that are constantly flashed across the screen during your favorite TV shows because the message they teach is one of materialism. Be “cool” like your friends and buy this or that, it is basically a way of ingraining a thought process into your young mind that your “worth” or “status” in society is directly related to having “things” and if you do not then you are “different” or even unacceptable. For those looking to mold your thoughts, it is really a simple barrier for them to implant in you. All little kids want to be accepted and want to feel like they are part of the group, so to speak, and these items marketed to them imply that you will be as long as you have the latest toy……and so materialism is born into your psyche.

The next phase of the process is much like the last one, just a little more in-depth. The toys that they use to placate your mind and gain you status amongst your young peers have started to lose their effectiveness but predictably, there is another wave coming at you. Reaching high school, status becomes a constant influence on us all. The clothing we wear, the music we listen to, these all continue the programming by again putting adolescents in a cloud of pressure to be accepted. They are taught the tools needed to go out and begin to become productive consumers and are also made to believe that anything less than that makes them “unusual” or “different”. Free thinking is rarely broached and true philosophical study is rare at the high school level, presumably because free thinking at such a young age would make the mental enslavement far more difficult to achieve. The thirst for acceptance at this stage has reached dangerous levels, which can be easily seen when looking at the increasing issues we are seeing in our schools as far as bullying goes. It has become a national issue in today’s world but it has always existed, I think it just gets more exposure because of the increased reach of the media, be it social or otherwise.

By the time most people have finished high school, they are pretty much completely immersed in the system. As adults, all their interactions can now be monitored, whether it be their email, their cell phone conversations or pretty much any technology they use. Most of these people have long since passed the time when they were able to go a single day without their phones and with the internal global positioning system embedded in virtually every cell phone on the planet now makes them no different from an easily monitored program running in a giant computer. Now at this point, people believe they make choices to go off into different directions but in the end they are all the same, driven by money, by possessions, distracted by lust and nationalistic pride and all the while, the most powerful and amazing aspect of the entire plan rears it’s head. The illusion of choice. We think we have a choice in our leaders, in our soda, in our fast food but in almost every case you instead are given access to a controlled and deliberate duality that really offers no choice at all. Burger King or McDonalds, Coke or Pepsi, Republican or Democrat, regardless of what choice you make that gives you a feeling of empowerment, in the end all you’re getting is burgers, soda, and people who gain wealth and power at the expense of your liberty. You never had a chance so don’t feel too bad…..


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  1. Is it any wonder that families who give birth to their children at home, then home school them, maybe grow/raise a lot of their own food, are widely mocked and distrusted? Theoretically, it sounds nice to me, but I know my children would be robbed of many opportunities in society.

    March 29, 2012 at 1:17 pm

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