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Close Augusta, And Demand The PGA Take A Stand

I was just reading an article on a few of the news sites that really has me disgusted. Augusta National, one of the most well-known golf clubs in this country and one that holds regular PGA events was allowing their chairman, admitted sexist Bill Payne, to publicly state that the clubs bigoted denial of membership to ALL women is a “private matter”. Are you fucking kidding me? Did we just go through a time-warp back to 1956?? What’s next, are they going to post a sign that says “no niggers?” I can’t believe that in the United States in the year 2012 that a golf club that is so involved in the competitive golf world not only has the gall to deny women membership based strictly on their gender, but has been allowed to do so. This post is a straight up challenge to the P.G.A. to grow some balls and quit playing both sides of the fence in order to make money. The P.G.A. has a women’s division and makes millions off of it yet they hold major events at a club that has a gender biased rule reminiscent of the 1940’s??


This Bill Payne guy, who is their national chairman, is a bigot, plain and simple. To stand in front of a microphone and room full of media and defend such a sexist and ignorant position allows little room to call him anything but a bigot. The women on the woman’s version of the tour should be outraged over this and if they are willing to accept this because they make enough money golfing to not care then, in a sense, they are nothing more than prostitutes selling out their own gender for the almighty dollar and if they are ok with their fellow women being treated this way then they might as well not be offended anymore if a man tells them to take their shoes off and get in the kitchen.

What really bugs me about this story is the fact that if Wal-Mart, McDonald’s or any other type of company tried to say “no women” in their establishments there would be widespread outrage and likely enough lawsuits to put even those giants out of business. When it comes to employment and many other areas, it is straight up forbidden to take part in this discriminatory practice and most wouldn’t even dare try, but when these mostly white, elitist jerks run a golf club this way that’s ok??

The P.G.A. has a responsibility to both the public, who pays their bills, and their female players, who wouldn’t want the P.G.A. discriminating against them playing, to take a stand and refuse to hold any further events at Augusta until this bigoted policy is changed. By continuing to hold events there, the P.G.A. is making a public statement that they believe women are lesser people than men and should be treated as such and their support of this practice is paramount to having every player on their tour required to have a penis to golf.


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