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The Human Enigma

I am struggling lately, not in my personal life but instead over a particular line of thinking. I watch the world in great detail and even with all I’ve learned over the years, all the facts I have ingested along with all the perspectives I have tried to take, I am struggling to be able to put what I see into words but I am going to do my best to try. The thickness of what is truly happening to the human race, the sheer amount of layers to the reasons and the effects, is almost incomprehensible. It is almost like living inside a hurricane, aware of every strand of wind or breeze blowing through it, fully conscious of their path and able to see their interconnection while at the same time, so overwhelmed by the strength of what you are perceiving and so influenced by the gusts that to try to make sense of how it works as a whole spins your mind like a top. This is the point the human race has reached, a world with as many factors influencing it as there are grains of sand in the Sahara desert. I want to try to show you what has always consumed my mind, what knowledge has clouded me for so many years in the hope that maybe someone out there will be able to help me truly piece it all together.

I think to begin to understand you first have to understand a simplistic  factor on nature that applies to pretty much anything in existence. What I mean is this...the more factors that influence and affect anything that exists, the further that thing is pulled away from its natural state. So in the case of human beings, human nature and humanity in general, examining those factors is the very key to unlocking the puzzle that is driving human existence through such a problematic time in our history…..and there are so many factors. Let’s get started because I am thinking there are going to be some confused people when I’m done with this one so the quicker I explain, the less insane people will think (or know) that I am.

Despite the fact that there are so many factors, I have to come to the realization that they can  be grouped or classified in order to have a better understanding of how truly deep and involved this problem is, as well as how it is a problem both naturally existing and created by humanity at the same time.

Belief-Belief is the first and arguably the most powerful of the categories. Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. The thing about belief though, that is so perplexing and most likely the reason it causes so many problems, is that it requires no proof, no fact and no justification. For this very reason, belief is an extremely powerful thing, I mean how can it not be? Depending on one’s commitment, a person can believe anything they want and use that as motivation for actions in the real, tangible world regardless of whether their belief is unfounded, ridiculous or even fanatical. I’m sure you, much like myself, have realized that the biggest example of this phenomenon in the real world is religion and we are seeing exactly the type of effect  I have described above. Entire cultures, along with their governments, base significant decisions and behavior off of their belief of religion. I am not saying any or all of the religions of the world are false but people by the millions fight wars, pass laws and kill each other over a belief of something that, regardless of their level of faith, is completely unable to be proven to be true. Even more illogical than that is that the religions of the world, especially Christianity and Islam, tend to hate each other over beliefs that in many ways are the same as far as their blind commitment to them. Think about it for a second….the Christians believe that they should fight and kill over their belief and ridicule Islam as a joke and Islam does the exact same thing to them in many cases and as all this is happening, nobody stops to consider the fact that they could both be completely untrue human-created fallacies!

Another interesting characteristic of belief is the fact that in almost all cases it will override any proven fact in the real world if those who have it are committed to it deeply enough. This phenomenon can be easily seen by examining the many different forms of government on our planet. Despite the fact that systems of government such as communism, totalitarianism, and possibly even capitalism here in the near future(see the current United States situation) have failed time and time again, the countries that prefer each system continue to plod along. A perfect example of this is Russia. The Soviet Union pretty much collapsed and even though Russia remains, their system of communism can hardly be said to be the best for all involved, yet despite the fact that it has proven to be less than ideal they continue to remain committed to it. Now there are those out there who will argue that socialism, communism, are good systems but I just haven’t seen tangible results, at least in my opinion.

A third area of belief that exists and is problematic to humanity as a whole is belief in certain lifestyles. Materialism is a good example of this, a life where status or success is predicated on owning physical things. Now there will be a few people out there who say “that’s” ridiculous but I hope if they do they are not Americans because materialism is the American way. Brand names seem to define quality more these days than actual quality does and especially in the United States, it’s getting worse and worse. Bullying in schools is a perfect example of how image and status are intertwined and what a person has is often more important than who they are. The children being bullied are rarely what society considers “attractive” or “cool” but these terms are foolish as they have no bearing on the actual quality of person they are. The same goes for celebrity…there are very few lead actors or actresses these days who are overweight, unattractive and it’s truly sickening how certain people’s “celebrity” is almost completely based off their physical appearance, which in the end is very meaningless when determining the actual quality of the person. If you don’t believe me simply look at Kim Kardashian for a second and ask yourself what actual talent she has  other than her breasts and ass along with those features that makes her someone to admire. Is she attractive? Absolutely, but being attractive has little to do with internal quality, even though we treat these people as such.

Interaction With Nature– It’s funny, but the way people act would lead you to believe that we are naturally separate from nature when in fact we are a large part of it. Sadly though, we are the only part of nature that seems hell-bent on destroying it. You see, just about every creature there is walking this planet, from the insects to the animals, have a natural symmetry with nature, they live in unison with it. Human beings, on the other hand, are like a cancer to nature. Our continued expansion affects nature in a bad way in almost every category. As our population grows, we destroy more of nature to make space for us and in doing so leave less room for the rest of the creatures walking the Earth. We are bleeding every natural resource from the planet faster and faster everyday and, much in line with what I was saying about materialism, we are the only creatures that kill other living things to enhance our appearance or purely for sport. Every other thing on this planet suffers more and more every day simply from our existence. You may not like it but it’s true. In addition to those facts, there is additional runoff of destruction that flows from our race every day. Chemicals, waste, there are countless things that we basically heap upon the Earth that are inanimate objects that further wear on the planet and again, we are basically the only living thing on the planet that does such things.

Creation Of Technology-This subject heavily interacts with the previous one about nature in that our technology is often destructive towards nature. A perfect example of this is the nuclear disasters, and they were disasters, in Chernobyl and more recently in Japan. Our technology breaking down has permanently ruined two spots on this planet and cannot be repaired. To this day, Chernobyl is a radiated ghost town, completely unable to have anything living there and this is something that cannot be fixed. As time passes and more of the world uses nuclear power, it is almost unavoidable that this will happen again and it is sad that people are not more respectful of nature when deciding to use certain technology. Yes, nuclear power is efficient and helpful but I believe that the fact it can do damage that can NEVER be repaired is something that should be considered when deciding if it is feasible to use as a power source. This is only one area of many where our technology is hurting everything but us.

The water that flows across our planet has been permanently contaminated with countless chemicals that have been there for so many generations that is will likely never be fully removed. The United States has probably the best water supply technology on the planet and our regular drinking water has been found to be ripe with so many chemicals that it is stunning. anti-depressants, cholesterol and blood pressure medicine, these are so highly used that they have permanently infected the water system due to their constant presence in all of our bodies. Little by little, we are starting to see the effects, ever so slightly as time passes. For example, worldwide, scientists have been baffled by massive amounts of the worldwide bee populations dying off without a definite cause. This may seem trivial but the ecosystem of our planet heavily depends on the pollination by bees and if they were to ever become extinct, we would have a problem much larger than most people would imagine. The same goes for the recent issues surrounding the coral reefs in certain areas of the ocean. These reefs dying off as they have been, and becoming bleached out as they react to human made chemicals, is damage to the ecosystem that we cannot repair.


Now some of what I’ve said may seem unimportant to you but I believe there are all part of the larger problem, that being human beings having no respect for the lives they have been given. I can only hope that as time passes people will begin to see the value in the world and the lives we have and do something about once and for all. Existence isn’t permanent and the dinosaurs are an extinct race….hopefully being more intelligent than they were won’t be wasted on us.


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