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Well with Easter upon us, Facebook today has become a hotbed of religious debate and sadly, in many cases, it has devolved into a cascade of insults. As usual, religion seems to divide people more than it brings them together so with all that being true, I decided it was time for me to reveal a secret idea I have been keeping to myself for a while now. Enjoy…


This post is the first time I am going to reveal a religion of my own creation and origination. I believe I am going to call it “KromDontKnowism”. Now before you start laughing or consider me a nut-job, take a minute to read my ideas and consider my reasoning. My religion focuses on the two main points of contention whenever I see a debate between people about religion, that being facts and faith. It seems that those of faith are often offended when a person demands facts be considered when debating religion, just as people with facts tend to be offended when someone tells them to ignore them and believe based on faith. My religion takes both these positions into account. Let’s start off with faith.

Faith is having a belief based simply on that belief, no facts required. When one looks at all that exists, I can see why people have faith. Reality is full of amazing and beautiful things, so many in fact that to think that everything just exploded from nothing into such perfect unison as we see in nature is hard to believe. In fact, it is so hard to believe, that if everything was random that it could be so perfect, that it is easy to understand people believing in a “higher power” so to speak. It’s just that simple(my religion isn’t very long-winded) so faith is an intricate part of the belief I would like to teach. In my religion, faith will represent a respect for the amazing creation of the universe and all that it contains, from nature, to humanity, to the stars and the heavens. Part of this faith is believing that whatever had the power to create such a thing must be truly wonderous, but must also be far beyond our understanding. I mean, we can’t even leave our one planet, our planet that is only one of trillions of planets out there. If we are so small, so limited in our ability, then how can we claim to be able to understand something so far beyond us? In my opinion, we can’t and that is why we must have faith that only a truly amazing thing could have conceived such a master plan and also have faith that this being, for lack of a better term, must have loved us very much  for only through love could we be given so many amazing things with nothing in return.

This is also the part of my religion where fact starts to come in but fact, at least in my religion, is intertwined with faith. You see, once you look at the facts, the staggering truth they represent should give you faith even if you aren’t able to exactly define what type of being you have faith in. Think about these facts….there are billions and billions of galaxies and that is only in the small part of the universe we can actually see. That is a fact. In each of the galaxies there are billions and billions of stars. That’s a fact. So when you consider only the part of the universe we can see, you realize the fact that there are literally billions of trillions of stars, planets, and endless space that we are aware of. These facts alone should show people that there must be something truly amazing out there, but it should also show that our little planet and our tiny race most likely has no better understanding of all of it, no better comprehension of it all, than a single blood cell swimming through your veins has of the body it is within.

That’s it, plain and simple. My religion isn’t designed to tell you to worship some unknown being, nor is it there to tell you that there is any proof that we are merely some random result of chemicals and matter floating through a randomly created universe. I preach only love for each other, respect for the amazing process of nature and creation of life we see each day, and tolerance of each individual’s beliefs because in the end, regardless of what each of us believe we each want the right to live our lives the way we prefer. The thing is though, is that having a belief doesn’t demand that you hate others who don’t agree with you. In truth, if you are truly strong and confident in your belief, you should then not be threatened or offended if someone else decides to see it another way.

Religion should unite us, not divide us. We as human beings need to start realizing that what WE do is what effects us. There should be no reason that there cannot be five houses on a street with a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, and a Taoist living in unity with each other, being neighbors and brothers before they are followers. We can each choose whichever faith we wish to and it shouldn’t matter because they are all matters of personal lifestyle and belief and until we each become worm food we will never KNOW which one is right. Until humanity reaches a point where belief is treated as belief and not knowledge, we will always have people ready to kill, judge, and hurt their fellow-man over a belief that, no matter how committed a person is to it,cannot be proven or known and therefore, should not influence how we treat others. Personal belief should be just that….personal…


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