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Don’t Fight The System With The Sysytem’s Rules

Facebook is an interesting site, allowing the voices of many to be heard in a way like never before. In addition to people being able to espouse their own personal views, the site has also become a conduit of information where people can spread media coverage of issues that are often omitted from the mainstream news we see on our cable TV every day. Lately, and when I say lately I mean over the last year or two, we have seen quite a rise in the anger and disgust many citizens on the site have for what they consider dishonest and irresponsible leadership from the countries they live in. Article after article is posted and often the arguments that ensue are long, heated, and in many cases, just plain mean. I have read so many of these at this point that it has brought a question to the forefront of my mind. What are you prepared to do?

When I ask this question, the answer I am looking for is more a commitment of how far people are actually willing to go to deal with the problems and injustices they are seemingly so angry about. It is an almost universal truth that the vast majority of the people out there spreading the information I mentioned have had enough of the system. Have had enough of leaders getting rich, fat, and powerful at the expense of doing what is the best for all of us but what are people willing to do to change it? There are numerous, obvious options and I thought i would take a minute or two and explore each of them because if people are not willing to take the next steps available beyond bitching and moaning, then there really is no point in continuing these conversations. If they do continue but that is as far as people will go, then those doing the complaining are really doing nothing more than wasting their precious lives. Let’s look at the options available. One thing to remember…I do not suggest or condone violence or any unlawful action, the following reactions are hypothetical and should be treated as such.


Do nothing but use free speech to voice our anger-While I do believe this option is healthy for the mentality of everyone involved, we have reached a point where all the complaining has really just become static or background noise. Those in control of the system have long since realized that if they just stay their corrupt course and ignore the complaining, it will eventually fade in its intensity and nothing will change. A perfect example of this is the gas prices in the United States. Our citizens express outrage and disgust over the rapidly rising prices every day. We bitch, moan, complain, whine and all the while, our leaders make statements about how they hear our cries for help and sympathize with our plights, but as they make these statements they don’t actually do anything to change it. You see, so many of the members of our government have been re-elected two, three, four times, if not more, that they have realized they will not be held accountable for these problems. They have become like a parent who puts a rule upon a child that they know the child won’t like. They lay down the rules and allow us to complain but in the end, they have the authority and believe they know what is best and, much like a parent, they do not fear any actual reprisal from the citizens, just as a parent fears no reprisal they can’t handle from their child. The only difference is that a parent does what they do out of love for their child while our leaders do what they do to maintain control and authority. So as we can see, option number one isn’t really getting us anywhere. Let’s look at option number two.

Use the system that is in place to force our leaders to comply to our desires-This seems to be the most obvious and likely answer but in being recognized as such, it really shows how controlled the system has truly left us. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or any of the other parties out there, I am sure you would agree that at least half of the system is completely broken. That being said, how can one use a broken system and the rules of it to fix itself? The answer is, generally, that you can’t. If the system worked correctly it wouldn’t need fixing so to think going through the process that lead us to this point is something that will fix the problems is fairly illogical. You see, the reason it won’t work is the same reason it is broken in the first place, the people who are representing us are not bound by any rules as far as their actions once they are given authority. Even more disturbing, despite the fact that these people have proven time and time again that they will say anything to gain re-election only to later turn around and not represent their constituents, they continue to be re-elected again and again by the very people who are pissed off at them for not representing our views. If the system was capable of working correctly, you would not see individuals such as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and countless other representatives continue to be elected over and over again despite the fact that everyone hates them for their poor job performance. That brings us to the third and probably the most dangerous of our options as the people.

Physical revolt against the system and the authority-We see this step taking place in countries all over the world and I often wonder how bad things have to get before we start seeing similar behavior here at home. The people who lead us, in my opinion, would be much more hesitant to turn their backs on the very people who voted them in if those same people, when angered, went to their actual home and dragged them out of it. Imagine if a congressman or woman who has violated the trust of the their constituents was sitting at home after getting rich off of screwing the people saw those very people walk up to their door and drag them into the light of day. I would imagine that if this happened a few times, future representatives would be far less likely to screw over the voters. Especially if they saw their fellow representatives being pulled from their homes and tarred and feathered, for example, when they lied to the people. Again, I am not condoning violence of any kind, but if this scenario played out it would be the first time that the government would actually fear the people as opposed to the people fearing their government in quite a long time. It’s not surprising but physical humiliation goes a long way and though it may sound stupid or childish, if it has the desired effect, the appearance of it shouldn’t really matter.


These may seem drastic or crazy to some of you out there but how much are you willing to take? For more than a decade, the vast majority of us have been sick and damn tired of gas prices, the economy, the healthcare system, corporate influence in the government, misuse of the military, racial issues, social issues, inflation, ridiculous use of our tax dollars, the erosion of our civil liberties, invasion of our privacy by the government, questionable election results, media involvement in the government and bias reporting, government agencies involving in committing crime in order to stop it(LOL), justice depending on the size of you paycheck, religious influence in a government that is supposed to have a separation of church and state, astronomical government salaries,dishonest presidents, dishonest senators, dishonest congressmen, dishonest governors, dishonest mayors, dishonest city councilmen…..how much are you going to take for Christ’s sake??????


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