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The Loss Of Hope, Defeat Of The American People.

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine about what freedoms have been lost recently in this country. It really got me thinking because if you have a Facebook or Twitter page, you most likely have seen the same thing I have, that being massive anger being constantly spewed about all the freedoms we have lost under the current administration. The thing is though, most of these people either do not even know what they are angry about or are just joining the trend because things have not changed as much as you might think. Let me explain…

The freedoms of American citizens have been being eroded for years now, much longer than the current administration, and many of them are too numerous to count. To be honest though, counting them would be a monumental waste of your time and let me show you why. All you activists out there, all the wannabe internet revolutionaries, for all their anger still just do not get it. You have lost. Your voice changes nothing. The system of corruption and power mongering in this country has so much control that nothing short of all out, complete revolution by a majority of the population united together to the death will change anything. Thinking that there is a way to make the system just and fair, equal for all, is a pipe dream and if you believe it is not then I have some magic beans to sell you. Our government monitors everything. They see everything. Every keystroke, every email, every phone call, every movement. They control the skies, the ground, the water, the power, the food, the drugs, the weapons, the disease, the police, the military, the air we breathe, the electricity we use, they control all of it. They want you to bitch and moan because by allowing you to do so they create the illusion that your free speech and voices have power when in truth, they have none.

You have to be able to see this. The corruption, the illegitimate behaviors, they do not even try to hide it from you. They do these things right out in the open. It does not matter what they actually do because they control and monitor all your sources of information so whatever actions they take, unless you are physically standing right next to them as they do it, are manipulated when presented to you in a way that allows them to control your reaction. People will say this is a defeatist post but how much more do you need to have done right in front of your face before you will realize that the time to fight the system passed a long time ago and we were all too distracted by our entertainment and lust for the almighty dollar to do anything about it?

Look at the current social situation. With the availability of social media, we are all more connected than ever before and the more we are, the more we see corrupt act after corrupt act being done right out in the public eye. As this is happening, there are countless more similar acts being done behind closed doors and the system that is in place has permanently closed those doors so in the end, you never know what the hell is going on. All the while, we all complain and spew anger towards our leaders day after day as those very leaders completely ignore us and do you know why? The answer is obvious, we the people have no power and those in control know it, plain and simple.

The CIA, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, DEA, FEMA, ATF, and countless other government agencies, many you have never even heard of despite you tax dollars being the gasoline in their engines, do whatever they want every freaking day. They have complete power and other than the occasional scrap of a fall guy or patsy they throw the way of the general public to appease us, we have no means to do anything about it. The only true measure of our strength is our numbers but the system knows this and because they do they have divided us along the lines of race, religion and social class to the point that there are millions of Americans who want the same thing, yet they all hate each other of religious beliefs, the color of their skin or the size of their paychecks.

Now, I may be attacked for this post or insulted as if I am giving up, but I stand by my statements and challenge any reader to prove to me that anything I have said in this post is untrue. We the people have lost our power, and despite the illusion that this politician or that one is going to be the one who restores it, the bottom line is that any politician who espouses the belief that they can change the system is diluting themselves in thinking that those they are working against are not simply allowing them to exist to provide fodder to the cries of anger produced by our defeated populous. The time for waking up has passed and now, even with the masses awakening, their words and objections strike no fear in those that control us. You’ve been warned….act accordingly.


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