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Blog Avalanche Predicted

Hey everyone, just wanted to check in for a second. My daughter was born a week ago or so and I have been obviously busy. Ill begin posting again tomorrow and I have some very….annoying ideas to share with you all. Thanks….cya later and prepare for a blog avalanche in the next few days…



The Separation of the United States

There is currently a massive divide in this country. The divide, along political ideologies, has always existed but in the recent decade it has gotten more heated, far more divisive, and obviously reached a point where it is questionable that we will ever see any nationwide unity. We basically have two sides of the same coin, the Democrats and the Republicans, and despite the fact that some smaller groups will be outraged I did not mention them, they have not drawn in enough followers to merit serious discussion, no matter how much louder their smaller numbers are. So, this is where we are at and almost every major issue facing this country, being debated on Capitol Hill and in the media, is divided along those two major lines, the Right and the Left, the Conservatives and the Liberals, the Democrats and the Republicans. Well, after listening to these two groups argue about the same issues year after year after year, and then hearing them blame each other for the mistakes time after time after time, I think I have found a solution that should make everyone happy…..maybe…..

I believe the United States should separate and form two smaller countries. Yes you heard me correctly. I mean, why not? Election after election we see the same states carry each side of the ticket again and again, thereby proclaiming which party they are aligned with. Yes there are a few states that go back and forth, but for the good of everyone they are just going to have to permanently pick a side. If this separation was allowed to happen we may possibly see the two countries having to negotiate with each other as neighbors become far more effective than them fighting all the time as one entity. Also, by the United States breaking up, the Left and the Right could both realize their desire to implement certain aspects of society that they constantly fight over right now. Think about it…

First the Democrat run nation, for the purpose of this argument we will call them the country of D. Based on the last five elections, it would be fair to say that the nation of D would be comprised of the following states for sure; Washington State, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Vermont, The District of Columbia, Rhode Island and Hawaii. Each of these states has been carried by the running Democrat in the last five elections covering all the way back to 1992 or the last 20 years. The Democrats have also carried New Hampshire, Iowa, and New Mexico in 4 out of 5 of the last five elections so it would be safe to assume the people in these states are best Suited for the nation of D.

On the other side is the country of R, which represents the Republicans. The following states have been carried in 5 straight elections by the Republicans and would be automatically entered as part of the nation of R; Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina. Additionally, the states of North Carolina, Virgina, Georgia, Arizona, Montana, and Indiana have all been carried by Republicans in 4 of the last 5 elections so again, it is safe to assume they leave towards the right and the country of R.

So, that leaves the following states as those that have gone back and forth and have supported both parties almost equally(basically) in the last five or six elections; Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virgina. Now in this scenario of separation I would have to say that these states are going to have to make a choice and if they wind up being split evenly among their citizens, then those citizens are just going to have to make a choice. I mean the other option is to continue to make everyone spin their wheels and accomplish no more than we have in the last five administrations, which is basically nothing, and that is not good for anyone.

So let’s look at each of the newly formed countries, D and R, and let us assume the states that have wavered back and forth have each chosen the country their citizens wanted. First off, the country of D would see the following changes that, based on their voting history, should make their citizens happy but will also present a new set of problems. I imagine that same-sex marriage would be allowed nationwide and there would be a strong system of social programs, since these states and the Democrats have always thrown their support towards such programs, there should be no opposition to all of them acting in a socialistic way right? If those not in need of social assistance were to not want to put into such programs I would have to say that they would sound fairly hypocritical based on what they are expecting from others now right? I would also imagine we would see some drug legalization, such as marijuana, and according to the current democrats, that should reduce the crime rate right?

Now there would also be problems that went along with these solutions. You see, the wealthiest amongst us, many of them Republicans, would now be in a different country so they would no longer be there to provide tax dollars meaning that the wealthiest Democrats, the kind of people who at least verbally champion systems such as welfare, would now be far more responsible to contribute financially without their wealthy Republican counterparts to help foot the bill. Would they be willing to? They should be based off of their current want of others to do so and again, if they were not willing to, I would again say that they would look fairly hypocritical. Also, going with the classic liberal/Democrat policy support, you would imagine that the country of D would have much higher taxes on the wealthy and those wealthy Democrats, based on how they attack the wealthy now, would again have to comply without complaint because if they did complain then what right do they have to demand that now? I do think the country of D would feel the absence of their Republican counterparts though, and since the majority of those in the middle and lower class would fall into this country, I wonder aloud if they would look at the right as harshly when the large government their representatives usually support found itself with far fewer tax dollars to fund it. Would they all band together, have the best among them be responsible for the poor as the liberal agenda usually preaches?

Then there would also be the country of R. I would imagine that R would have the wealthy flocking to it. They would tend to oppose same-sex marriage and higher taxes on the wealthy along with having a strong religious influence in their government. They would also tend to have a smaller government and fewer regulations on their country’s businesses and while that may seem nice, it would most likely still lead to those very companies outsourcing their work to the less wealthy people of the country of D and also to their economy probably being more corrupt than their liberal neighbors. Additionally, you would figure they would have a stronger, more highly funded military than their neighbors and would be more likely to meddle in D‘s affairs. Another interesting fact to examine would be if the companies of R, without the middle and lower class people now in the country of D to do all their minimum wage production and retail work, would be able to sustain any kind of economy. Especially when they have the Republican attitude of letting those who fail just fail, I would think that the days of these CEO’s becoming multimillionaires by sitting in an office all day would come to a crashing end. In truth, most of the Republican idea of having the right to get as wealthy as you can is fairly useless without a middle and lower class workforce, so the idea of R’s economy crashing into the ground does not seem so far-fetched.

Now look, I realize this is a fairly imaginative and unlikely scenario but it was designed to show that the two sides fighting each other over every single issue is a total waste of time because in reality, neither could fully function without their polar opposite. The wealthy who don’t like the social programs often employ the lower class people most connected to the systems they oppose. The lower class who want to tax the rich because of their bitterness towards their success would lose all their social programs, programs they often rely on to live, if not for the wealthiest 1% paying 40% of the taxes used to fund such programs. The Left and the Right need each other, they are completely intertwined, no matter how much they love to attack each other. Maybe through truly separating and experiencing all the problems they would each have without the other they could realize the need for compromise.

Them Some Strange Beings…

Take a moment after you read this post, close your eyes, and truly imagine the scenario I am about to describe. I don’t mean just barely let the words run through your brain, no instead I mean try to close your eyes, block everything out and visualize what I am about to describe. Try to see it, feel it, and for a moment, live it in your mind. Then ask yourself if this is the world you want your child to grow up in. Try to let go of the mental limitation you have been conditioned with towards how bad, or odd, things in your reality truly can reach.


Imagine living in the following world. You are one of billions of beings on your home planet. These beings, aside from their skin and hair color, are made all from the same genetic code. These beings though, separate and judge each other simply based on the pigment of their skin. Some groups literally hate each other simply based on the darkness of their skin color. These beings also hate each other over their beliefs in a higher being. In a perplexing twist though, these beings have never seen or experienced this higher being for themselves, and are only able to follow historical writings by those of long ago and the message they claimed to receive from this being. The thing is though, these beings each have their own interpretation of the historical words, despite the words having a definite, established definition. This results in large groups of them committing to one view or another in unison, only to argue between themselves who’s interpretation is correct. Furthermore, the various different belief systems often require their followers to preach against those who follow a different higher being, despite the fact that they all posses the same amount of proof, that being none, that their higher being of choice is either actually there or has the correct message.

Additionally, there are large groups of people who operate in business together. They, on a regular basis, produce machinery that replaces the need for the very beings themselves, in order to make more products that often replace the very beings themselves. Many of these beings carry about electronic devices that allow them to communicate but also allow their speech and location to be monitored by individuals they have elected into positions of leadership. Their other forms of communication and existence is monitored daily by public cameras, microphones, and satellites these beings have placed in orbit around their planet.

There are large groups of people who control the sources of food, water and fuel these beings use to exist each day. They often fill the food and water with various chemicals unnatural to the beings bodies. Many of these chemicals often cause sickness and disease, which these beings then have to have cured by another group of people who do so for a financial profit. The elected leaders are able to have knowledge of these unmonitored actions and influence on them, but are not required to relay this information to the beings who elected them to represent them in the first place. Speaking of these elected officials, they often steal from the beings, and also go against the beings wishes in order to help themselves and their friends gain financial status, even if it means hurting the very beings who elected them. They also often break the laws the beings have decreed necessary for a society to remain civilized, but when they do so, they are able to receive special treatment while less powerful beings suffer harsher fates for the same behavior.

These beings, as a populous, have enacted rules and laws for all to follow, but the elected leaders, because they control everything, violate these laws in secret and in doing so, they are able to monitor the finances, conversations, and actions of any being they see fit, thereby defeating the purpose of these rules enacted for everyone’s equal rights. Also, these elected groups of officials, use finances required by law for the beings to provide for purposes outside of the rules they collect them under. When they do this and the budget they created cross paths with their spending, it results in meaningful programs and the beings that support them, going underfunded and therefore unpaid and unable to participate in the economy the beings rely on for their employment. This negatively impacts both the regular beings and their families that make up the backbone of the country, but strangely, the leaders who the beings elected actually profit from this situation?

It is all just very odd and it doesn’t stop there. These beings have formed countries, large groups of people of a similar lifestyle interest and style of government but in an odd twist, some of these countries have armed themselves and grown quite large and they use these arms and their size to physically force other countries to comply with their demands. Many countries have bound together and basically dictate what other countries, even those who haven’t done anything wrong, can do with their own country…again, doesn’t seem right.

Another interesting point about these beings is the choice of people they compensate in the greatest fashion for their roles in society. You see, there are a large group of people who both write and portray both fictional and non-fictional stories. The people pack buildings to see these stories on a large screen, and also pack stadiums to watch them compete in athletic competition, and they compensate these people, for only entertainment, usually at about ten times the rate they compensate their teachers in society. One would think that the importance of someone’s role to the overall well-being of the society would equal higher compensation but often it is the exact opposite, with people who provide entertainment and distraction receiving the biggest payoffs for their effort.

The confusion seems endless really. These beings destroy their environment, kill each other to settle disputes and generally act like savages with technology. It is hard to imagine this type of behavior resulting in any type of social evolution or advancement without a drastic change in these beings behavior. To be honest though, it seems more and more likely that they will never change…..

Not All The Rich Are To Blame.


Our tax system has become one that has divided this once great nation. There are a few different reasons for this and I’ll get into them momentarily, but I wanted to make a point that will likely make me unpopular. There are currently the early stages of a major class war developing these days in this country. The rich want their right to greed and the poor want the rich to take care of them and each side has become blindly hateful towards the other one.

Here’s the thing though, there is a large amount of logic being ignored here. First off, the whole argument over the percentage of taxes paid by one group or another has really become ridiculous and I will prove why to you in the following paragraph. You see, this country needs a certain amount of tax dollars to operate. Tax dollars are what is used to set up a budget and to pay what needs to be paid. Nothing in this country is paid for by percentages. When looking at the total amount of tax dollars we need to collect, I just never understand how anyone in this country can justify saying that one person should have to pay a larger percentage than another, especially when the person paying the lower percentage is paying many times the total amount of total tax dollars.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that Mike is paying 20% taxes and Jim is paying 10%. That doesn’t really seem fair does it? Well if Jim is making 10 million dollars a year, then his 10% equals out to $100,00 dollars. Mike, on the other hand, makes $50,000 dollars a year, so his 20% equals out to $10,000 dollars. So are you telling me that because Jim made a success of himself, not that Mike is a failure, but because Jim does so well that when he pays ten times the amount of tax dollars that Mike does he is not paying his fair share??

This is where the propaganda sets in. The view of the left is that the percent of income matters more than the actual dollars and I am sorry but there is just no valid or cogent argument to support that. Whether the wealthy man’s percentage paid in is higher or lower is truly, factually, and provably irrelevant. The total dollars he paid in is much more relevant to the economic system as the states and government need to collect a certain amount of dollars to support their budgets. What does the percentage have to do with anything? People should not be penalized for being successful. Now does that mean that those who are gaining their success through corruption should not be penalized? OF COURSE NOT, but every year our government has a budget. In this budget, they need to collect a certain, specified amount of dollars from the populous as a whole in order to afford what the budget calls for. When you look across a list of the people paying these taxes and you see one guy paying A MILLION DOLLARS IN TAXES, while the next 100 people pay $10,000 dollars each, therefore equaling the first person’s contribution only after 100 of them are pooled together, how can anyone justify saying that the one person paying the million is not paying their fair share, regardless of what percentage their payment is of their total income?

Look I am not saying that the lower and middle classes should be subjected to unusually high taxes but we cannot get sucked into blaming the successful amongst us for the failures of our government. To say the rich aren’t paying their fair share is nothing more than a tactic by our Democratic administration because in the end, no matter what semantics are used, the bottom line is that almost 40 percent of the total taxes collected come from the top one percent of earners.

This is the point where we often hear the argument that “well they make more money so they can afford to pay more”are you kidding me? That statement goes 100 percent against the views of capitalism and is basically saying that if someone goes to school, works hard or starts their own business then they should be more responsible for supporting other citizens they will never even know. To me, that whole attitude is based in envy and sour grapes. I mean who does somebody think they are to say to another successful person “hey, it’s not fair you make more money than me so you should have to give more to the government”. For all those people out there these days preaching liberty, that statement sure seems to contradict a belief that people should be free and have the liberty to be as successful as they want.

You can’t have liberty and freedom but then force people who have achieved more than others to support the rest of us. That is socialism, pure and simple, and though some people would prefer that to capitalism, I personally do not. I only want each person to contribute their fair share and for people to realize that you cannot say that one person who pays as much tax as 100 others is not “paying their share”. The facts and the math do not support your belief. If you can tell me how one person paying as much tax as 100 others is “unfair” I challenge you to do so and will happily approve your comment.

Only Unity Will Allow Us To Evolve

I think it is fair to say that humanity has reached a time in their development where we desperately need a change in our thinking, or philosophy of life, if we are going to continue to both survive and evolve as a society. It is not so simple as to say we need to start doing this or quit doing that, no that is not deep enough into the realm of critical thinking when looking at it. It is not just a matter of changing a few physical actions, that is far too simplistic and would not matter, it instead is a matter of changing the entire way we think, the things we value, the things we place importance on. I am not saying that I have the answer to this problem because to be honest, I do not. I think I can identify more about what must be changed than I can how to change it, but that’s a start……

OUR VALUES– The things we value as a race are, in almost every case, pointless. They may sound dramatic but the physical and material things we place value upon are truly demeaning to us as a race. We are an amazing species, having existed for countless years, and we have advanced to amazing levels of creation and achievement. Sadly though, we have accomplished these things without earning the wisdom that needed to be achieved before doing so. Instead of seeing ourselves as a unique race marooned on one of billions of planets in existence, we have allowed our egos to convince ourselves that we are god-like, masters of our own destiny when in fact we are slaves to fate as it affects the universe. Instead of wisely realizing that we are all in this reality together and using the power of our unity to drive us to higher levels, we instead have simplified ourselves, connected our happiness and success to material items that often mean nothing whatsoever when properly considered. How can we expect evolution in our race when the majority of us base the success of our lives on the amount of paper currency we make in our lives? Or the image of our physical appearance or the worth of the items we possess? The answer is we cannot.

There is a reason that whenever the most imaginative writers of our time have portrayed future generations as one unified race. It is because we cannot truly achieve when each person is more motivated by their bank account than by the well-being of their brothers. Human beings, if we are ever to become as great of a race as we think we are now, have to realize that personal achievement is meaningless if it has no positive effect on the entire race. We all die after a certain period of time, that is inevitable, and when we do any amount of money we have made, or not made, is truly and factually irrelevant. Only our achievements live beyond our death and only our achievements improve the overall quality of our race. No matter how much money you leave behind to family, or friends, or even a charity organization, it pales in comparison to what an achievement can do. When you consider this fact, you naturally realize that if each human being offered existence a life of achievement as opposed to a life of material goals then each generation would exponentially increase the quality of our race and with so many humans having lived and died throughout time, imagine how much could have been achieved so far that was lost to the pursuit of materialistic goals? It is almost inconceivable.

The really disturbing thing about all of this is that most people have become so ingrained into the thinking that life has some connection to materials that it is almost impossible for them to consider anything else. Every person that comes out and speaks of public unity, or helping each other before becoming wealthy themselves, is labeled a socialist or someone who believes that we should have to “give away” things we have worked for and the entire position is looked at as a negative. This reaction shows a fundamental problem in our thinking and also shows how materialism combined with people’s laziness have created a divide where each social class is divided and defensive as they each blame the other side when in fact both of them are wrong. Those that have achieved wealth are completely against helping anyone because they feel the lazy are taking advantage of them while the lazy feel that the wealthy don’t deserve their wealth, wealth legitimately earned in many cases, because they have this entitled “I deserve this” attitude. In the end both sides should be finding ways to unite in an effort to advance all of us as a race but they do not and the continued growth of this divide keeps the human race running in place as opposed to moving forward.

I do not know if there will ever be a time when human beings start looking at themselves at part of a larger entity. We often have far to large of an ego to do so, but whether people want to admit it or not, this is a massive weakness. Yes you are an individual, but you only have the ability to enjoy your individuality as a result of the accomplishments of the race you are part of. You are part of a larger body, a larger hive, much like a blood cell in a body and like that cell, whether you do more or less than the other cells, you are still just a part of the body. You cannot change this. You, me and everyone we know, everything we can do and everything we have is a result of a society, not your individuality, so while you can enjoy that individuality it is time we all realize that it is secondary to your responsibility as part of the race that produces the system that allows you to have it.

In the end, I am not telling you to do what everyone else does and I am not telling you that you cannot have personal goals or a personality that is unique in general. What I am saying is that people need to have more respect for our race as a unified group of beings that can accomplish nothing on their own. Don’t try to tell me about all the individual things people have done throughout history because every single one of these accomplishments may have been finished or started by a single person but in almost every case they were the result of continuing or building upon the thoughts of those before who strove for the same goals.

Some 9/11 Thoughts….God We’re Stupid

Today I was reading an article concerning the arraignment at Guantanamo Bay Cuba of five of the supposed 9/11 perpetrators. The article was concerning disruptive behavior by the five that turned what should have been a short hearing into one that dragged out for hours. This got me thinking about a few points concerning the whole 9/11 subject that have long sat in my mind. Yes, you are probably very sick of all the theories, conspiracies and accusations surrounding the whole event and I do not blame you but I want to make a few points on the whole topic from then to now. Please take into account that I am not accusing any person or organization for the attacks, or even saying there was a conspiracy, I would just like someone to explain to me how some of this is possible.

  • To me, to this day, no one has successfully explained how there was no wreckage at the Pentagon after a plane crashed into the building. In my 38 years on this planet I have seen countless plane crash stories on the news and save the time when the planes crashed into the ocean, I have never seen a plane crash where there was no wreckage whatsoever. The Pentagon is one of the most secured buildings on the planet yet there has been absolutely no evidence shown that shows a plane hitting the building. Furthermore, the only security camera footage that has been released shows a second before the explosion and then the explosion itself but you never see a plane….It’s a plane for God’s sakes!! How could you not see it at all? Well the answer is that you would have seen it and to say otherwise is just factually wrong, plain and simple. If you see the preceding 5 seconds, on camera, and the explosion itself yet never see a plane in broad daylight then I am sorry but it was not a plane. If you say it was, you are wrong. Your opinion is meaningless because you are ignoring fact and reality. Boeing does not make invisible passenger planes and those same planes do not travel at a speed where the human eye cannot see them. There is no way any camera that saw the crash would not see the plane. It is not possible and any opinion stating it is cannot be called anything but ignorant, uninformed and absolutely, provably wrong.Let us look at a few videos.

The first is a security camera and shows the explosion, yet no plane??OOoooooK

This next one shows a much, much smaller plane that crashed. Notice that even tiny plane like this one leaves some evidence.

Again, I am not accusing the government, the Mormons, the Muppets or any other group of a cover-up or a conspiracy. I just want someone to explain to me how a plane crashed into the most watched building on the planet yet somehow became invisible to the naked eye seconds before doing so. Anyone???

  • The next thing I have found kind of strange is that the trial of these men is really only starting now, 11 years after the event? I mean I could understand if this was some secretive crime but this happened on camera, live, worldwide and they have had these guys in custody for near a decade and yet the trial has not even started yet? Why?? Are the prosecutors so incompetent or unskilled that they needed over a decade to get their case together? Just seems kind of strange, especially when you consider that the media was announcing the guilt of Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts 20 minutes after the planes hit! So they needed 20 minutes to implicate these people but 11 years to build a case??? Makes no sense…
  • Another point I found odd is the flight experience of those who supposedly flew the planes into the towers. Flying a plane is far from easy. Flying a jumbo jet is obviously much, much harder. So despite the fact that many of the terrorists accused of being the pilots were proven amateurs even flying small, single engine planes they, to a person, were able to flawlessly fly jumbo jets all over the East coast and directly into targets? Again it just seems an obvious “hole” in the story that has never been explained.

Ummm..No wreckage from a plane that size? Opinion does not matter, that is IMPOSSIBLE

Look people,wake up and be realistic. Don’t ignore the facts of reality because your favorite news anchor told you to. I am not saying 9/11 was committed by the government. I am not saying it was committed by some secret evil group. I am not even saying that something other than the planes brought the buildings down. What I am saying is that ten years later it is completely obvious to even the most brainwashed person that there was a lot more to that say than planes simply crashing into buildings and it is time we demand the truth.¬† How much longer are the American people going to remain gullible, easily distracted morons just because they allow the “media” and their “leaders” to lie to them? Any American who doesn’t question these obviously bullshit stories is, in my opinion, just an embarrassment to the human race. Open your God damn eyes and quit being so pathetic.



American Stupidity(Read it before you get mad)


Awakening your mind is one of the most fulfilling parts of adulthood. Sadly though, very few of us ever will. Now there will be some that read this that will think I am arrogant for even saying that and to those people, I say go ahead and think that I am because I exist in a different version of reality than you do, whether you recognize it or not is truly irrelevant to me, so go to town!

That being said, the point of this post is not to start a trash talking war with anyone, actually it is just to make a few points about what is going on in this country and how people should consider a different angle before rushing to judgement. Let me show you what I mean.

  • The Republican race for the nomination opposite Obama has been interesting and telling on many levels, none more telling though than the overall state of it. Think about this….first off, we have the Ron Paul camp feeling as if the media is blackballing their candidate and they may be right but that isn’t the point that is telling. What is telling is that in the United States, in the year 2012, there is enough impropriety going on that this type of accusation can even be made. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant, because what is true is that the system is intertwined with the media so deeply, is so complicated and non-transparent, that it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to know factually what is really going on. So in the end, the most powerful nation to ever exist has such a feeble and confusing political system that it has become assumed that our process of government is a complete joke, and the worst part of it is that the people themselves have become numb to it to the point that as long as they are allowed to complain, they knowingly accept the reality presented to them. The fact that this is true should stagger any citizen of this country.


  • While we are talking about accepted political idiocy, let me ask you this; Would you say that the person elected president of the United States, one of the most dominant nations of all time, should have some sort of qualifications for the job? Now, to a person, almost anyone reading this would say yes but if that is the case, why do we not actually care about it being true when we elect someone? Look at Barack Obama, before being president he was one of the Senators of our state. A Senator is arguably the highest ranking member of our state, surpassed only by the Governor, and his only job is to represent the well-being of the state. So how did he do at this job? Well, he participated in leaving the state in ruins and while it wasn’t completely his fault, the bottom line is that his political experience included representing the most dysfunctional, corrupt and bankrupt state outside of California and what did this earn him?? You guessed it, the Presidency of The United States!! Am I the only one who sees this as an issue? Again, he is not totally at fault but geez, shouldn’t he have had to have a little success as a Senator to lead the entire nation??
  • Continuing on that note, let’s look at the concrete facts about some of our recent leadership but as you weep with embarrassment over who our leaders have actually been just remember that YOU THE AMERICAN CITIZENS are the ones who elected these guys. Have a laugh at this…
  1. George W.Bush– Our previous president. Ran pretty much every business he owned into the ground(then was awarded the presidency so he could run the economy), spent much of his life as a military dropout, a cocaine user and an alcoholic and what did this earn him? THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES!! Also, as even further evidence of the pathetic state of this country, he basically was awarded victory by a court ruling when the votes couldn’t solve it??
  2. Bill Clinton– All the conspiracy theories aside, the guy got a blowjob in the Oval office while he was president??
  3. Louisiana congressman William Jefferson- The former congressman, now convicted of bribery, had $75,000 in cash in his freezer.
  4. Larry Craig– Senator from Idaho and long anti-gay rights proponent, is arrested and charged with soliciting a male prostitute in a Minneapolis airport bathroom!!
  5. John Edwards– Former Vice Presidential candidate, openly lied during the race about fathering a child with a mistress then admits he did while his wife was dying of cancer. Currently charged with illegally using campaign funds to cover it up. This is the guy who was almost one step from the presidency!



The list just goes on and on. Now you have most likely heard of all these people but that isn’t the point. The point is that these type of people have become commonplace in our political system, it is almost expected and with that being true, one can only surmise that the voters of this country are fucking idiots, plain and simple. Don’t be mad though, because even if you’re offended, I guarantee you won’t change anything. You will either elect Obama, a corrupt, un-accomplished former Senator who may not even be an American citizen, Mitt Romney, a total corporate insider who has made most of his fortune through investing in downsizing and outsourcing companies therefore profiting from disappearing jobs, or possibly(a long shot) Ron Paul, whose ideas may seem great but are so against the grain that he would likely get less done than any president in recent memory. Also, Paul wants to bring all military home and while that sounds great, you can expect global conflicts to go through the roof without American safeguards that currently exist. For example, if we remove the 25,000 U.S. troops from South Korea, it is only a matter of time before that conflict flares up again.

All these points and examples show what should be obvious but what is always overlooked, that being that as the strongest country on the planet, we run our government like morons supporting and re-electing more morons. Just because we are the best country doesn’t mean we are great, it only means the rest of the world is even worse shape than we are. In a way, we are the best group of fuck-ups on the planet. Geez….





Mental Medication

I am a sufferer of Bipolar disorder and also a manic-depressive. This may seem like more information than you would like to know but I had a conversation with a friend today that really got me thinking about people with similar issues as well as the perception of both mental illness and the medication associated with it.Anyone who knows me personally can testify to the massive change in my balance and stability since I began taking to correct combination of medications I use daily. Before I found the right combination, many of those who knew me well would not be surprised to hear that my thinking was delusional, sociopathic and even suicidal at times. I heard things, or thought I did, felt lower about myself than anyone would imagine, and despite the presence of wonderful people in my life, all I could think about was ending my own, the only way to escape the pain of just being alive. I have come a long way since then. I regularly take an anti-psychotic, an anti-depressant as well as a sleep aid and they have changed my life. I can now see the light, can deal with my own hatred of myself, and can allow others into the dark world that my mind often seems to be, even when I do not want it to.

The reason I am trying to be open about myself is that both myself and the friend I mentioned have similar issues and both of us have had the unfortunate experience of having someone close to us imply that we do not need the medications we take. Some of these people have even gone so far to say that it is nothing more than a crutch, an excuse and a sign of weakness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Think about it, if someone has high blood pressure are they ever made to feel “weak” because they take it? Of course not because they have a physical disease and they need it, but I find it staggering how when it comes to mental issues, people don’t think twice about putting someone down for taking the medication that improves their life. Why is this?

For those of you who haven’t met me personally, I am 38 years old. I am 5’11” tall and a few years back, before my treatment began, I was walking around at 130 lbs! I was so thin that you could see just about every bone I had and had I had cancer instead of my issues, I probably would have looked healthier. My doctor likened my mind to a car being put into park while having the gas pedal stuck to the floor. Now, a few years later and on a regular dose of what I was prescribed, I weigh 205 lbs and am healthier than I have been in a decade. Gone are the dreams where I would awake screaming in the night, sweating so profusely that my wife would have to wake up with me so we could change are sheets. Gone are the fits of crying harder than when my father died, even when nothing had happened. Gone are the intrusive thoughts about harming myself and, even worse, harming others.

Yes, I still have days where I have milder versions of what I once had, but thanks to doctors that cared enough to find me the right medication, I can live a generally happy life, even a somewhat productive one. I do struggle sometimes with the side-effects of the medications, the tiredness, the interference in my sex life, but these are isolated incidents and I gladly endure them simply because I would never do anything to go back to the way I used to think. To be honest, I can barely remember myself from back then, almost as if it was a bad dream.

The point of this post is to say to those out there with similar struggles that your medications, when properly managed are not a crutch, they are a medical necessity, just as a person with a bad heart needs a pacemaker or a person with high blood pressure needs what they need to keep it down. Your medications are there to solve a medical issue, so do not allow others who do not and can not understand your mental state, other than from an uninformed and ignorant position, to bring you down for trying to help yourself improve your life. If the medications do not help, then by all means stop taking them, but if you see improvement, if your life is happier as a result, then do not allow someone who couldn’t handle a day in your shoes try to tell you how to wear them.

The Robotics Convention/St Louis 2012

I live in the St Louis area and from today through this coming Sunday they are having the 2012 First Robotics Championship. This nationwide competition features high school level students competing in a competition to build robots from pre-selected kits given to each group of competitors. I can tell you from my experience there today that it was definitely worth the trip. I was truly amazed by the ingenuity and level of engineering and design skill exhibited by these students, especially considering that most of them were not even old enough to drive.

Before I continue, I wanted to provide a link to the competitions website where you can watch a live stream of the competition between 7am and 8pm central standard time. http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/robotics/


This competition, as mentioned, involved high school students from across the nation. From year to year, the goal of the robots they design varies, but usually focuses on some sort of competitive sport. For example, this year’s challenge was a three on three battle between two teams of three robots each, with each robot trying to both pick up and shoot basketballs through hoops of various heights, each being worth a certain amount of points. To say the constructs were impressive was an understatement to say the least. Each team is given the same kit of parts to use but beyond that, they are each responsible for designing and constructing their own original robots. Once the game begins, the operators, controlling the robots by wireless connection from outside the court, battle for position, the actual balls needed to score, and also to try to obstruct their opponents from scoring. I’ve included a few photos and videos from the competition throughout this post.



Watching these youngsters both operate and design these machines was truly uplifting when considering the future of our great race. Having grown up with technology like the internet from birth, they show a technical aptitude far surpassing the children of my youth(I am 38) and that fact really gives me hope that some of them will grow up to invent technology that could solve many of the problems facing us today.


In addition to being genuinely impressed by the robotics these teenagers had created, I was also fortunate enough to see additional robotic display booths run by the U.S. military, the CIA, and also NASA. To say the least it was both impressive and also somewhat scary. The Army booth contained robots with various designs that would really scare me if I was a member of an opposing countries military. For example, they had two-wheeled robots, barely bigger than a football that had the capability to jump almost two stories into the sky. They can be used to help clear rooftops and also to deliver explosive devices. The CIA booth had what looked like a robotic spider the size of a watermelon that looked as if it could perform any number of tasks. Just very interesting stuff. Anyways, I took a few pictures and some video so check them out below….and excuse my poor video making skills, I am still learning to film in a better way…:)

The Evolution Of The B.F.L.

This is a blog for my friends and family. A shout out of pride and credit to those out there who are getting it done, who push on even when the going gets rough, and who take responsibility for their actions, even when others try to drag them down. We, the former and current members of what we once knew as the B.F.L have evolved into the people we knew we could be. Some of us, both friends and family, have fallen by the wayside, often over the consequences of the way they have lived their life, unwilling to compromise and sometimes accept the hard times they have earned through their behavior. We are sorry, but we have to leave you behind because you refuse to accept responsibility for who you are and who you have been. We are now raising children, working our way through college, and striving everyday to both improve and enjoy the life we have. When we are able to spend time together, the love between those of us who have maintained is tangible, physical and a just reward for those who have not given up, even in the worst of circumstances.

We the strong have realized that our lives go by each day and that we can still have our fun while maintaining  the character we have grown into. The experiences we share from here on out will be some of the most gratifying we could have possibly imagined. Children, marriage, family. Success in school, in business and in life. It is amazing when remembering the trenches we have laid in together to see so many of us leading lives of fulfillment, and at the same time it is not surprising to see some of us have fallen off. All I can say is that I hope we are each strong enough to cut loose the parasitic drains on us that some family and friends have become. I will not single anyone out because you know who you are and which side of the fence you know reside on. Keep growing my friends who are, and remember to hedge the weeds that try to impede you or drag you down. They are not worth your anger, or your time, as you have done all you can for them and probably more than you should have.