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The Evolution Of The B.F.L.

This is a blog for my friends and family. A shout out of pride and credit to those out there who are getting it done, who push on even when the going gets rough, and who take responsibility for their actions, even when others try to drag them down. We, the former and current members of what we once knew as the B.F.L have evolved into the people we knew we could be. Some of us, both friends and family, have fallen by the wayside, often over the consequences of the way they have lived their life, unwilling to compromise and sometimes accept the hard times they have earned through their behavior. We are sorry, but we have to leave you behind because you refuse to accept responsibility for who you are and who you have been. We are now raising children, working our way through college, and striving everyday to both improve and enjoy the life we have. When we are able to spend time together, the love between those of us who have maintained is tangible, physical and a just reward for those who have not given up, even in the worst of circumstances.

We the strong have realized that our lives go by each day and that we can still have our fun while maintainingĀ  the character we have grown into. The experiences we share from here on out will be some of the most gratifying we could have possibly imagined. Children, marriage, family. Success in school, in business and in life. It is amazing when remembering the trenches we have laid in together to see so many of us leading lives of fulfillment, and at the same time it is not surprising to see some of us have fallen off. All I can say is that I hope we are each strong enough to cut loose the parasitic drains on us that some family and friends have become. I will not single anyone out because you know who you are and which side of the fence you know reside on. Keep growing my friends who are, and remember to hedge the weeds that try to impede you or drag you down. They are not worth your anger, or your time, as you have done all you can for them and probably more than you should have.


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