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American Stupidity(Read it before you get mad)


Awakening your mind is one of the most fulfilling parts of adulthood. Sadly though, very few of us ever will. Now there will be some that read this that will think I am arrogant for even saying that and to those people, I say go ahead and think that I am because I exist in a different version of reality than you do, whether you recognize it or not is truly irrelevant to me, so go to town!

That being said, the point of this post is not to start a trash talking war with anyone, actually it is just to make a few points about what is going on in this country and how people should consider a different angle before rushing to judgement. Let me show you what I mean.

  • The Republican race for the nomination opposite Obama has been interesting and telling on many levels, none more telling though than the overall state of it. Think about this….first off, we have the Ron Paul camp feeling as if the media is blackballing their candidate and they may be right but that isn’t the point that is telling. What is telling is that in the United States, in the year 2012, there is enough impropriety going on that this type of accusation can even be made. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant, because what is true is that the system is intertwined with the media so deeply, is so complicated and non-transparent, that it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to know factually what is really going on. So in the end, the most powerful nation to ever exist has such a feeble and confusing political system that it has become assumed that our process of government is a complete joke, and the worst part of it is that the people themselves have become numb to it to the point that as long as they are allowed to complain, they knowingly accept the reality presented to them. The fact that this is true should stagger any citizen of this country.


  • While we are talking about accepted political idiocy, let me ask you this; Would you say that the person elected president of the United States, one of the most dominant nations of all time, should have some sort of qualifications for the job? Now, to a person, almost anyone reading this would say yes but if that is the case, why do we not actually care about it being true when we elect someone? Look at Barack Obama, before being president he was one of the Senators of our state. A Senator is arguably the highest ranking member of our state, surpassed only by the Governor, and his only job is to represent the well-being of the state. So how did he do at this job? Well, he participated in leaving the state in ruins and while it wasn’t completely his fault, the bottom line is that his political experience included representing the most dysfunctional, corrupt and bankrupt state outside of California and what did this earn him?? You guessed it, the Presidency of The United States!! Am I the only one who sees this as an issue? Again, he is not totally at fault but geez, shouldn’t he have had to have a little success as a Senator to lead the entire nation??
  • Continuing on that note, let’s look at the concrete facts about some of our recent leadership but as you weep with embarrassment over who our leaders have actually been just remember that YOU THE AMERICAN CITIZENS are the ones who elected these guys. Have a laugh at this…
  1. George W.Bush– Our previous president. Ran pretty much every business he owned into the ground(then was awarded the presidency so he could run the economy), spent much of his life as a military dropout, a cocaine user and an alcoholic and what did this earn him? THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES!! Also, as even further evidence of the pathetic state of this country, he basically was awarded victory by a court ruling when the votes couldn’t solve it??
  2. Bill Clinton– All the conspiracy theories aside, the guy got a blowjob in the Oval office while he was president??
  3. Louisiana congressman William Jefferson- The former congressman, now convicted of bribery, had $75,000 in cash in his freezer.
  4. Larry Craig– Senator from Idaho and long anti-gay rights proponent, is arrested and charged with soliciting a male prostitute in a Minneapolis airport bathroom!!
  5. John Edwards– Former Vice Presidential candidate, openly lied during the race about fathering a child with a mistress then admits he did while his wife was dying of cancer. Currently charged with illegally using campaign funds to cover it up. This is the guy who was almost one step from the presidency!



The list just goes on and on. Now you have most likely heard of all these people but that isn’t the point. The point is that these type of people have become commonplace in our political system, it is almost expected and with that being true, one can only surmise that the voters of this country are fucking idiots, plain and simple. Don’t be mad though, because even if you’re offended, I guarantee you won’t change anything. You will either elect Obama, a corrupt, un-accomplished former Senator who may not even be an American citizen, Mitt Romney, a total corporate insider who has made most of his fortune through investing in downsizing and outsourcing companies therefore profiting from disappearing jobs, or possibly(a long shot) Ron Paul, whose ideas may seem great but are so against the grain that he would likely get less done than any president in recent memory. Also, Paul wants to bring all military home and while that sounds great, you can expect global conflicts to go through the roof without American safeguards that currently exist. For example, if we remove the 25,000 U.S. troops from South Korea, it is only a matter of time before that conflict flares up again.

All these points and examples show what should be obvious but what is always overlooked, that being that as the strongest country on the planet, we run our government like morons supporting and re-electing more morons. Just because we are the best country doesn’t mean we are great, it only means the rest of the world is even worse shape than we are. In a way, we are the best group of fuck-ups on the planet. Geez….






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