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Only Unity Will Allow Us To Evolve

I think it is fair to say that humanity has reached a time in their development where we desperately need a change in our thinking, or philosophy of life, if we are going to continue to both survive and evolve as a society. It is not so simple as to say we need to start doing this or quit doing that, no that is not deep enough into the realm of critical thinking when looking at it. It is not just a matter of changing a few physical actions, that is far too simplistic and would not matter, it instead is a matter of changing the entire way we think, the things we value, the things we place importance on. I am not saying that I have the answer to this problem because to be honest, I do not. I think I can identify more about what must be changed than I can how to change it, but that’s a start……

OUR VALUES– The things we value as a race are, in almost every case, pointless. They may sound dramatic but the physical and material things we place value upon are truly demeaning to us as a race. We are an amazing species, having existed for countless years, and we have advanced to amazing levels of creation and achievement. Sadly though, we have accomplished these things without earning the wisdom that needed to be achieved before doing so. Instead of seeing ourselves as a unique race marooned on one of billions of planets in existence, we have allowed our egos to convince ourselves that we are god-like, masters of our own destiny when in fact we are slaves to fate as it affects the universe. Instead of wisely realizing that we are all in this reality together and using the power of our unity to drive us to higher levels, we instead have simplified ourselves, connected our happiness and success to material items that often mean nothing whatsoever when properly considered. How can we expect evolution in our race when the majority of us base the success of our lives on the amount of paper currency we make in our lives? Or the image of our physical appearance or the worth of the items we possess? The answer is we cannot.

There is a reason that whenever the most imaginative writers of our time have portrayed future generations as one unified race. It is because we cannot truly achieve when each person is more motivated by their bank account than by the well-being of their brothers. Human beings, if we are ever to become as great of a race as we think we are now, have to realize that personal achievement is meaningless if it has no positive effect on the entire race. We all die after a certain period of time, that is inevitable, and when we do any amount of money we have made, or not made, is truly and factually irrelevant. Only our achievements live beyond our death and only our achievements improve the overall quality of our race. No matter how much money you leave behind to family, or friends, or even a charity organization, it pales in comparison to what an achievement can do. When you consider this fact, you naturally realize that if each human being offered existence a life of achievement as opposed to a life of material goals then each generation would exponentially increase the quality of our race and with so many humans having lived and died throughout time, imagine how much could have been achieved so far that was lost to the pursuit of materialistic goals? It is almost inconceivable.

The really disturbing thing about all of this is that most people have become so ingrained into the thinking that life has some connection to materials that it is almost impossible for them to consider anything else. Every person that comes out and speaks of public unity, or helping each other before becoming wealthy themselves, is labeled a socialist or someone who believes that we should have to “give away” things we have worked for and the entire position is looked at as a negative. This reaction shows a fundamental problem in our thinking and also shows how materialism combined with people’s laziness have created a divide where each social class is divided and defensive as they each blame the other side when in fact both of them are wrong. Those that have achieved wealth are completely against helping anyone because they feel the lazy are taking advantage of them while the lazy feel that the wealthy don’t deserve their wealth, wealth legitimately earned in many cases, because they have this entitled “I deserve this” attitude. In the end both sides should be finding ways to unite in an effort to advance all of us as a race but they do not and the continued growth of this divide keeps the human race running in place as opposed to moving forward.

I do not know if there will ever be a time when human beings start looking at themselves at part of a larger entity. We often have far to large of an ego to do so, but whether people want to admit it or not, this is a massive weakness. Yes you are an individual, but you only have the ability to enjoy your individuality as a result of the accomplishments of the race you are part of. You are part of a larger body, a larger hive, much like a blood cell in a body and like that cell, whether you do more or less than the other cells, you are still just a part of the body. You cannot change this. You, me and everyone we know, everything we can do and everything we have is a result of a society, not your individuality, so while you can enjoy that individuality it is time we all realize that it is secondary to your responsibility as part of the race that produces the system that allows you to have it.

In the end, I am not telling you to do what everyone else does and I am not telling you that you cannot have personal goals or a personality that is unique in general. What I am saying is that people need to have more respect for our race as a unified group of beings that can accomplish nothing on their own. Don’t try to tell me about all the individual things people have done throughout history because every single one of these accomplishments may have been finished or started by a single person but in almost every case they were the result of continuing or building upon the thoughts of those before who strove for the same goals.


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  1. Very well put. I actually ended up here after considering ‘Unified Race Theory’ via Cultural Selection. (Both of which I have concluded myself and have been unable to find any more information about) (But I could not have conceived of such a thing without people like Darwin, Sheldon Cooper, or a thousand others :0p
    Icarus Akamatsu sPh.D. [Should-have-a Ph.D.]

    June 18, 2012 at 10:26 pm

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