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Some 9/11 Thoughts….God We’re Stupid

Today I was reading an article concerning the arraignment at Guantanamo Bay Cuba of five of the supposed 9/11 perpetrators. The article was concerning disruptive behavior by the five that turned what should have been a short hearing into one that dragged out for hours. This got me thinking about a few points concerning the whole 9/11 subject that have long sat in my mind. Yes, you are probably very sick of all the theories, conspiracies and accusations surrounding the whole event and I do not blame you but I want to make a few points on the whole topic from then to now. Please take into account that I am not accusing any person or organization for the attacks, or even saying there was a conspiracy, I would just like someone to explain to me how some of this is possible.

  • To me, to this day, no one has successfully explained how there was no wreckage at the Pentagon after a plane crashed into the building. In my 38 years on this planet I have seen countless plane crash stories on the news and save the time when the planes crashed into the ocean, I have never seen a plane crash where there was no wreckage whatsoever. The Pentagon is one of the most secured buildings on the planet yet there has been absolutely no evidence shown that shows a plane hitting the building. Furthermore, the only security camera footage that has been released shows a second before the explosion and then the explosion itself but you never see a plane….It’s a plane for God’s sakes!! How could you not see it at all? Well the answer is that you would have seen it and to say otherwise is just factually wrong, plain and simple. If you see the preceding 5 seconds, on camera, and the explosion itself yet never see a plane in broad daylight then I am sorry but it was not a plane. If you say it was, you are wrong. Your opinion is meaningless because you are ignoring fact and reality. Boeing does not make invisible passenger planes and those same planes do not travel at a speed where the human eye cannot see them. There is no way any camera that saw the crash would not see the plane. It is not possible and any opinion stating it is cannot be called anything but ignorant, uninformed and absolutely, provably wrong.Let us look at a few videos.

The first is a security camera and shows the explosion, yet no plane??OOoooooK

This next one shows a much, much smaller plane that crashed. Notice that even tiny plane like this one leaves some evidence.

Again, I am not accusing the government, the Mormons, the Muppets or any other group of a cover-up or a conspiracy. I just want someone to explain to me how a plane crashed into the most watched building on the planet yet somehow became invisible to the naked eye seconds before doing so. Anyone???

  • The next thing I have found kind of strange is that the trial of these men is really only starting now, 11 years after the event? I mean I could understand if this was some secretive crime but this happened on camera, live, worldwide and they have had these guys in custody for near a decade and yet the trial has not even started yet? Why?? Are the prosecutors so incompetent or unskilled that they needed over a decade to get their case together? Just seems kind of strange, especially when you consider that the media was announcing the guilt of Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts 20 minutes after the planes hit! So they needed 20 minutes to implicate these people but 11 years to build a case??? Makes no sense…
  • Another point I found odd is the flight experience of those who supposedly flew the planes into the towers. Flying a plane is far from easy. Flying a jumbo jet is obviously much, much harder. So despite the fact that many of the terrorists accused of being the pilots were proven amateurs even flying small, single engine planes they, to a person, were able to flawlessly fly jumbo jets all over the East coast and directly into targets? Again it just seems an obvious “hole” in the story that has never been explained.

Ummm..No wreckage from a plane that size? Opinion does not matter, that is IMPOSSIBLE

Look people,wake up and be realistic. Don’t ignore the facts of reality because your favorite news anchor told you to. I am not saying 9/11 was committed by the government. I am not saying it was committed by some secret evil group. I am not even saying that something other than the planes brought the buildings down. What I am saying is that ten years later it is completely obvious to even the most brainwashed person that there was a lot more to that say than planes simply crashing into buildings and it is time we demand the truth.  How much longer are the American people going to remain gullible, easily distracted morons just because they allow the “media” and their “leaders” to lie to them? Any American who doesn’t question these obviously bullshit stories is, in my opinion, just an embarrassment to the human race. Open your God damn eyes and quit being so pathetic.




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