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Not All The Rich Are To Blame.


Our tax system has become one that has divided this once great nation. There are a few different reasons for this and I’ll get into them momentarily, but I wanted to make a point that will likely make me unpopular. There are currently the early stages of a major class war developing these days in this country. The rich want their right to greed and the poor want the rich to take care of them and each side has become blindly hateful towards the other one.

Here’s the thing though, there is a large amount of logic being ignored here. First off, the whole argument over the percentage of taxes paid by one group or another has really become ridiculous and I will prove why to you in the following paragraph. You see, this country needs a certain amount of tax dollars to operate. Tax dollars are what is used to set up a budget and to pay what needs to be paid. Nothing in this country is paid for by percentages. When looking at the total amount of tax dollars we need to collect, I just never understand how anyone in this country can justify saying that one person should have to pay a larger percentage than another, especially when the person paying the lower percentage is paying many times the total amount of total tax dollars.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that Mike is paying 20% taxes and Jim is paying 10%. That doesn’t really seem fair does it? Well if Jim is making 10 million dollars a year, then his 10% equals out to $100,00 dollars. Mike, on the other hand, makes $50,000 dollars a year, so his 20% equals out to $10,000 dollars. So are you telling me that because Jim made a success of himself, not that Mike is a failure, but because Jim does so well that when he pays ten times the amount of tax dollars that Mike does he is not paying his fair share??

This is where the propaganda sets in. The view of the left is that the percent of income matters more than the actual dollars and I am sorry but there is just no valid or cogent argument to support that. Whether the wealthy man’s percentage paid in is higher or lower is truly, factually, and provably irrelevant. The total dollars he paid in is much more relevant to the economic system as the states and government need to collect a certain amount of dollars to support their budgets. What does the percentage have to do with anything? People should not be penalized for being successful. Now does that mean that those who are gaining their success through corruption should not be penalized? OF COURSE NOT, but every year our government has a budget. In this budget, they need to collect a certain, specified amount of dollars from the populous as a whole in order to afford what the budget calls for. When you look across a list of the people paying these taxes and you see one guy paying A MILLION DOLLARS IN TAXES, while the next 100 people pay $10,000 dollars each, therefore equaling the first person’s contribution only after 100 of them are pooled together, how can anyone justify saying that the one person paying the million is not paying their fair share, regardless of what percentage their payment is of their total income?

Look I am not saying that the lower and middle classes should be subjected to unusually high taxes but we cannot get sucked into blaming the successful amongst us for the failures of our government. To say the rich aren’t paying their fair share is nothing more than a tactic by our Democratic administration because in the end, no matter what semantics are used, the bottom line is that almost 40 percent of the total taxes collected come from the top one percent of earners.

This is the point where we often hear the argument that “well they make more money so they can afford to pay more”are you kidding me? That statement goes 100 percent against the views of capitalism and is basically saying that if someone goes to school, works hard or starts their own business then they should be more responsible for supporting other citizens they will never even know. To me, that whole attitude is based in envy and sour grapes. I mean who does somebody think they are to say to another successful person “hey, it’s not fair you make more money than me so you should have to give more to the government”. For all those people out there these days preaching liberty, that statement sure seems to contradict a belief that people should be free and have the liberty to be as successful as they want.

You can’t have liberty and freedom but then force people who have achieved more than others to support the rest of us. That is socialism, pure and simple, and though some people would prefer that to capitalism, I personally do not. I only want each person to contribute their fair share and for people to realize that you cannot say that one person who pays as much tax as 100 others is not “paying their share”. The facts and the math do not support your belief. If you can tell me how one person paying as much tax as 100 others is “unfair” I challenge you to do so and will happily approve your comment.


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