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Them Some Strange Beings…

Take a moment after you read this post, close your eyes, and truly imagine the scenario I am about to describe. I don’t mean just barely let the words run through your brain, no instead I mean try to close your eyes, block everything out and visualize what I am about to describe. Try to see it, feel it, and for a moment, live it in your mind. Then ask yourself if this is the world you want your child to grow up in. Try to let go of the mental limitation you have been conditioned with towards how bad, or odd, things in your reality truly can reach.


Imagine living in the following world. You are one of billions of beings on your home planet. These beings, aside from their skin and hair color, are made all from the same genetic code. These beings though, separate and judge each other simply based on the pigment of their skin. Some groups literally hate each other simply based on the darkness of their skin color. These beings also hate each other over their beliefs in a higher being. In a perplexing twist though, these beings have never seen or experienced this higher being for themselves, and are only able to follow historical writings by those of long ago and the message they claimed to receive from this being. The thing is though, these beings each have their own interpretation of the historical words, despite the words having a definite, established definition. This results in large groups of them committing to one view or another in unison, only to argue between themselves who’s interpretation is correct. Furthermore, the various different belief systems often require their followers to preach against those who follow a different higher being, despite the fact that they all posses the same amount of proof, that being none, that their higher being of choice is either actually there or has the correct message.

Additionally, there are large groups of people who operate in business together. They, on a regular basis, produce machinery that replaces the need for the very beings themselves, in order to make more products that often replace the very beings themselves. Many of these beings carry about electronic devices that allow them to communicate but also allow their speech and location to be monitored by individuals they have elected into positions of leadership. Their other forms of communication and existence is monitored daily by public cameras, microphones, and satellites these beings have placed in orbit around their planet.

There are large groups of people who control the sources of food, water and fuel these beings use to exist each day. They often fill the food and water with various chemicals unnatural to the beings bodies. Many of these chemicals often cause sickness and disease, which these beings then have to have cured by another group of people who do so for a financial profit. The elected leaders are able to have knowledge of these unmonitored actions and influence on them, but are not required to relay this information to the beings who elected them to represent them in the first place. Speaking of these elected officials, they often steal from the beings, and also go against the beings wishes in order to help themselves and their friends gain financial status, even if it means hurting the very beings who elected them. They also often break the laws the beings have decreed necessary for a society to remain civilized, but when they do so, they are able to receive special treatment while less powerful beings suffer harsher fates for the same behavior.

These beings, as a populous, have enacted rules and laws for all to follow, but the elected leaders, because they control everything, violate these laws in secret and in doing so, they are able to monitor the finances, conversations, and actions of any being they see fit, thereby defeating the purpose of these rules enacted for everyone’s equal rights. Also, these elected groups of officials, use finances required by law for the beings to provide for purposes outside of the rules they collect them under. When they do this and the budget they created cross paths with their spending, it results in meaningful programs and the beings that support them, going underfunded and therefore unpaid and unable to participate in the economy the beings rely on for their employment. This negatively impacts both the regular beings and their families that make up the backbone of the country, but strangely, the leaders who the beings elected actually profit from this situation?

It is all just very odd and it doesn’t stop there. These beings have formed countries, large groups of people of a similar lifestyle interest and style of government but in an odd twist, some of these countries have armed themselves and grown quite large and they use these arms and their size to physically force other countries to comply with their demands. Many countries have bound together and basically dictate what other countries, even those who haven’t done anything wrong, can do with their own country…again, doesn’t seem right.

Another interesting point about these beings is the choice of people they compensate in the greatest fashion for their roles in society. You see, there are a large group of people who both write and portray both fictional and non-fictional stories. The people pack buildings to see these stories on a large screen, and also pack stadiums to watch them compete in athletic competition, and they compensate these people, for only entertainment, usually at about ten times the rate they compensate their teachers in society. One would think that the importance of someone’s role to the overall well-being of the society would equal higher compensation but often it is the exact opposite, with people who provide entertainment and distraction receiving the biggest payoffs for their effort.

The confusion seems endless really. These beings destroy their environment, kill each other to settle disputes and generally act like savages with technology. It is hard to imagine this type of behavior resulting in any type of social evolution or advancement without a drastic change in these beings behavior. To be honest though, it seems more and more likely that they will never change…..


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