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The Separation of the United States

There is currently a massive divide in this country. The divide, along political ideologies, has always existed but in the recent decade it has gotten more heated, far more divisive, and obviously reached a point where it is questionable that we will ever see any nationwide unity. We basically have two sides of the same coin, the Democrats and the Republicans, and despite the fact that some smaller groups will be outraged I did not mention them, they have not drawn in enough followers to merit serious discussion, no matter how much louder their smaller numbers are. So, this is where we are at and almost every major issue facing this country, being debated on Capitol Hill and in the media, is divided along those two major lines, the Right and the Left, the Conservatives and the Liberals, the Democrats and the Republicans. Well, after listening to these two groups argue about the same issues year after year after year, and then hearing them blame each other for the mistakes time after time after time, I think I have found a solution that should make everyone happy…..maybe…..

I believe the United States should separate and form two smaller countries. Yes you heard me correctly. I mean, why not? Election after election we see the same states carry each side of the ticket again and again, thereby proclaiming which party they are aligned with. Yes there are a few states that go back and forth, but for the good of everyone they are just going to have to permanently pick a side. If this separation was allowed to happen we may possibly see the two countries having to negotiate with each other as neighbors become far more effective than them fighting all the time as one entity. Also, by the United States breaking up, the Left and the Right could both realize their desire to implement certain aspects of society that they constantly fight over right now. Think about it…

First the Democrat run nation, for the purpose of this argument we will call them the country of D. Based on the last five elections, it would be fair to say that the nation of D would be comprised of the following states for sure; Washington State, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Vermont, The District of Columbia, Rhode Island and Hawaii. Each of these states has been carried by the running Democrat in the last five elections covering all the way back to 1992 or the last 20 years. The Democrats have also carried New Hampshire, Iowa, and New Mexico in 4 out of 5 of the last five elections so it would be safe to assume the people in these states are best Suited for the nation of D.

On the other side is the country of R, which represents the Republicans. The following states have been carried in 5 straight elections by the Republicans and would be automatically entered as part of the nation of R; Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina. Additionally, the states of North Carolina, Virgina, Georgia, Arizona, Montana, and Indiana have all been carried by Republicans in 4 of the last 5 elections so again, it is safe to assume they leave towards the right and the country of R.

So, that leaves the following states as those that have gone back and forth and have supported both parties almost equally(basically) in the last five or six elections; Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virgina. Now in this scenario of separation I would have to say that these states are going to have to make a choice and if they wind up being split evenly among their citizens, then those citizens are just going to have to make a choice. I mean the other option is to continue to make everyone spin their wheels and accomplish no more than we have in the last five administrations, which is basically nothing, and that is not good for anyone.

So let’s look at each of the newly formed countries, D and R, and let us assume the states that have wavered back and forth have each chosen the country their citizens wanted. First off, the country of D would see the following changes that, based on their voting history, should make their citizens happy but will also present a new set of problems. I imagine that same-sex marriage would be allowed nationwide and there would be a strong system of social programs, since these states and the Democrats have always thrown their support towards such programs, there should be no opposition to all of them acting in a socialistic way right? If those not in need of social assistance were to not want to put into such programs I would have to say that they would sound fairly hypocritical based on what they are expecting from others now right? I would also imagine we would see some drug legalization, such as marijuana, and according to the current democrats, that should reduce the crime rate right?

Now there would also be problems that went along with these solutions. You see, the wealthiest amongst us, many of them Republicans, would now be in a different country so they would no longer be there to provide tax dollars meaning that the wealthiest Democrats, the kind of people who at least verbally champion systems such as welfare, would now be far more responsible to contribute financially without their wealthy Republican counterparts to help foot the bill. Would they be willing to? They should be based off of their current want of others to do so and again, if they were not willing to, I would again say that they would look fairly hypocritical. Also, going with the classic liberal/Democrat policy support, you would imagine that the country of D would have much higher taxes on the wealthy and those wealthy Democrats, based on how they attack the wealthy now, would again have to comply without complaint because if they did complain then what right do they have to demand that now? I do think the country of D would feel the absence of their Republican counterparts though, and since the majority of those in the middle and lower class would fall into this country, I wonder aloud if they would look at the right as harshly when the large government their representatives usually support found itself with far fewer tax dollars to fund it. Would they all band together, have the best among them be responsible for the poor as the liberal agenda usually preaches?

Then there would also be the country of R. I would imagine that R would have the wealthy flocking to it. They would tend to oppose same-sex marriage and higher taxes on the wealthy along with having a strong religious influence in their government. They would also tend to have a smaller government and fewer regulations on their country’s businesses and while that may seem nice, it would most likely still lead to those very companies outsourcing their work to the less wealthy people of the country of D and also to their economy probably being more corrupt than their liberal neighbors. Additionally, you would figure they would have a stronger, more highly funded military than their neighbors and would be more likely to meddle in D‘s affairs. Another interesting fact to examine would be if the companies of R, without the middle and lower class people now in the country of D to do all their minimum wage production and retail work, would be able to sustain any kind of economy. Especially when they have the Republican attitude of letting those who fail just fail, I would think that the days of these CEO’s becoming multimillionaires by sitting in an office all day would come to a crashing end. In truth, most of the Republican idea of having the right to get as wealthy as you can is fairly useless without a middle and lower class workforce, so the idea of R’s economy crashing into the ground does not seem so far-fetched.

Now look, I realize this is a fairly imaginative and unlikely scenario but it was designed to show that the two sides fighting each other over every single issue is a total waste of time because in reality, neither could fully function without their polar opposite. The wealthy who don’t like the social programs often employ the lower class people most connected to the systems they oppose. The lower class who want to tax the rich because of their bitterness towards their success would lose all their social programs, programs they often rely on to live, if not for the wealthiest 1% paying 40% of the taxes used to fund such programs. The Left and the Right need each other, they are completely intertwined, no matter how much they love to attack each other. Maybe through truly separating and experiencing all the problems they would each have without the other they could realize the need for compromise.


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