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ObamaCare…What Did You Expect?

Obamacare survived certain doom with the Supreme Court and conservatives are outraged. The waves of reaction have ranged from joy on the left to hate on the right. Regardless of what side of the political fence you are on, this should not surprise you much though because in the end it came down to the governments right to impose additional tax on you. Obviously, you get the message, this was a chance for the government to show you, through evidence of Supreme Court-level law and examination, that they have the legal right to force you to behave a certain way in your life and if you refuse, they have the right to legally impose a tax on you as a penalty. Such a ruling lays the ground for the leaders of this country to wield additional taxes as a penalty for non-conformity and that my friends, in plain sight, is a directly fascist direction.

Usually I try to only use my own writing but I want to share what I think is the most well written description of modern-day fascism and you can decide what countries you believe fall into that category. The following is directly from the page on Wikipedia.org on fascism and it just really seems to be dead on. Again, the credit does not go to me…..except for my usual post-quote commentary.

 ” To achieve its goals, the fascist state purges forces, ideas, people, and systems deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration

(This is what is currently being fought over by two major factions in our government. Factions are exactly what the Democrats and Republicans are, consisting of political figures being aligned with major corporations trying to fuel their complete domination in the political arena in order to force a way of life on the people. These two factions are connected to and are the heart of, the media, the banking industry, the telecommunication industry and now, with this ruling, they are continuing a slowly growing trend that uses the legal right to impose new taxes as a tool of force. The direction each side is heading are two different paths but both will achieve the same goal. A passive country that has no will to stop those at the top who profit handsomely as the general public struggles. If the will of the people starts to grow in strength and question the authority of the government the people allow themselves to be drugged into a  constant haze, intoxicating them with a constant stream of entertainment, sex, violence, distraction, religion, drugs, and countless other influences that keep them sick, but not dying, to power the medical industry, keep them working but not rich, keep them buying to measure their self value, and keep them complaining in order to use their voices to power politically aligned media sources to indoctrinate the people. That’s the brilliance of it really, the complaining that is. It never accomplishes anything but it allows people to THINK it will. They BELIEVE their voice matters but in truth, it has only a minor impact on the actually decision-making of each parties leaders. Instead of it empowering the people, it is used as a political weapon that can be used by whatever party can claim the more closely aligned position to the side of the topic that is currently the most popular amongst the public. It adds momentum to the push each election cycle for each party to get more of “theirs” into office and why would they want to do that? Well, generally speaking, they want to do that so they can legally force their position on the public and, in a sense, morally govern the people. Look at it all thoroughly, its right in front of you.

Fascism promotes political violence and war as forms of direct action that promote national rejuvenation, spirit and vitality.

This has been obvious over the last 20 years in these parts. The “war on terror” has spun wildly out of control, really just becoming the slow eradication of any Muslim country that “could” have terrorists in them. Additionally, the “war on terror” has become a justification by our leaders to probe further into your life than you ever should have let them. 9/11 was a tragic and horrible event but it is surpassed by the sadness of its use to launch repeated wars against other sovereign nations. None of the countries that we have invaded performed any kind of military act against our country. Did they have people who were criminals that we were determined to capture? Quite possibly, but a country harboring a fugitive is not a legitimate reason to attack other nations physically on the national level, using military forces to enforce government policy upon other free governments. The whole premise of deciding which governments are going to be allowed to exist being an automatic right of ANY COUNTRY is ridiculous and tyrannical. I believe Saddam Hussein was a terrible person, I will openly admit that, but it did not justify us invading a country with its own beliefs, own cultures, and helping EXECUTE their leader, the very same leader that decades earlier was an ally, shaking hands with our Secretary of Defense. This is especially true when lies are used to justify it . In the end, when the reasons for invading another country is anything but self-defense, it is an act of evil, plain and simple.

Fascists commonly utilize paramilitary organizations to commit or threaten violence against their opponents.

This is so true that everybody knows about these agencies but, in truth, knows nothing about what they are actually doing. F.E.M.A., the N.S.A.(The National Security Agency), the D.E.A(Drug Enforcement Administration), the C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency), nobody truly knows what these people are doing until they really mess something up, such as in the Fast and Furious case that has been in the news. One of these types of agencies selling guns to criminals that are then used to murder people. The CIA openly admitted that they were giving LSD to unknowing citizens in some bizarre social mind control experiment. These are just two of literally countless number of these types of incidents. The Department of Defense, the military, all use drones, flown by remote control to assassinate people as they see fit, justifying it only to themselves. All of these groups, and many, many more operate subversive and specifically designed actions amongst us daily in order to continue to indoctrinate each and every citizen, and make the lives of those they cannot miserable.


Why Vote 2012?

With another presidential election at the end of this year, people are trying hard to find a noble and worthwhile person to throw their support behind. They want character, honesty, common sense and fairness and many are hoping, with their fingers crossed, that one of the candidates can provide that.

I am here to tell you not to waste your time. That’s right, I am proposing that every single American, regardless of your political affiliation, boycott this year’s presidential election. Why not? Do you honestly think anything as far as the credibility of our system is going to change? If so, what are you basing it on? I would love to know because maybe it is just me but I haven’t seen anything positive come out of an election at any point in my lifetime. Let me explain a little further.

First off, no matter who wins the election, the members of Congress, and their attitudes is not going to change. Each individual in Congress is guaranteed to continue to do three things. First, they will continue to be willing to sacrifice the well-being of the American people if helping the people requires them to admit their party is wrong on a certain issue. Secondly, they will continue to be more concerned about how their decisions will look when they come up for re-election than they will about how those same decisions will actually help the public. Thirdly, they will continue to be loyal to companies that they own stock in because if they are not and the company struggles, they will lose money. Anyone who thinks any of these things are going to change is either a moron, a liar unwilling to look at facts because their ego not being bruised is more important to them than the truth, or finally, they are morally corrupt in that they are willing to accept lies if it will benefit them personally but hurt everyone else.

That previous paragraph is truth, plain and simple and every fact out there supports it. All three of the points I made about Congress have been accepted fact about that group of leeches for the last 30 years and, again, if you cannot see that then you are truly a fool. What could possibly be done by any incoming president that will change that? Obviously nothing, the president cannot just push Congress around and again Congress has proven over the last four decades that they will happily allow the American people to suffer as long as they do not have to admit their political opponents are correct on an issue.

So back to my original point, why vote? Everything that is wrong with this country are the same issues that have been wrong for 30 years, for the last 7 presidents and not a single one of the problems have ever been solved. Abortion? Still no compromise. Gay Marriage? Still no compromise. Taxes? Still no compromise. Economy? Still no compromise. Foreign policy/defense spending? Still no compromise. Immigration? Still no compromise. Gun rights? Still no compromise. Every single one of these issues have been at the center of every election in pretty much the entire lifetime of every American. The problems are never solved, solutions are only temporarily forced through by whoever controls the serve during that presidential cycle. The minute the other side takes back the power, the policies revert back to that sides view. There has never been any compromise and no intelligent person can show me a single action in the last half century to make one believe it is about to change. Obama is running his election on continuing his policies while his opponent, Mitt Romney, is running on the platform that he will change all the Obama moves back to the Republican side they were on during the Bush years. Neither of them is providing a single, permanent solution to a single problem!!! Not a single one!!!


So again, I ask, why vote? Let me go ahead and debunk any of the obvious answers I will get to this question. People will say “if you don’t vote, you aren’t being represented and therefore can’t complain.” News flash Einstein….YOU AREN’T BEING REPRESENTED ANYWAY. Who do you think is representing you? In 2008 the whole freaking country was behind Obama and his message of “change”, which really just turned out to mean we “changed” what guy sat in the big fancy building and argued with Congress. Not a single policy Obama has passed has permanently solved a single problem. Just like no policy Bush passed permanently solved a single problem. Just like no policy Clinton passed permanently solved a single problem. Starting to see a pattern here?

The role of our leaders is to collectively work together to solve problems, not to just pass them on to the next group of their peers to argue about. Instead of voting this year, do something worthwhile that will help mankind, like plant a tree because in the end, a tree providing us with oxygen is a larger accomplishment than any president has made in this country in decades.

Arizona, Supreme Court and Immigration Madness

So today, there is much discussion going on concerning the Supreme Court, by a 5-3 vote, striking down a significant part of the recent Arizona immigration law. While the majority of the law was ruled to be in violation or undermining federal law, the part of it that allows police to demand proof of citizenship remained, angering some and bringing great joy to others. I am here to tell you this whole fight is ridiculous, foolish and a real sign of how truly broken our system of government has become and as usual, I will be happy to explain why.

First off, let us all get one thing straight. This country was founded by immigrants. Unless you are of Native American lineage, then you are the descendant of an immigrant if you live in the United States. That being said, all these people out there who are calling for the borders to be completely closed are, at best hypocrites and at worst racists. Every single person who is willing to go through the necessary steps to live here has just as much right to do so as any American so again, unless you are a Native American, you should quiet down unless you feel the country should be closed off to you as well. Nobody stopped your relatives from making the move that allowed you to be born here so shut up already, you sound like a fool.

Secondly, if you are in this country illegally then you are breaking the law, plain and simple. If your parents came here illegally and then had you once they were here, illegally, then you have no one to be angry at other than them, plain and simple. Your parents breaking the law when you were a child does not change the law, nor does it justify you not taking the steps as an adult to abide by said law. If you are a child still and your parents are not taking the legal steps to help you gain citizenship, then your parents should still have the pay the penalty because they are breaking the law!

Thirdly, no one in the government should be surprised that this group of people breaks this law. Do you know why? It is very, very simple. If the government, either state or local, refuses to enforce the penalty for breaking a law then why would the people breaking it stop doing it? Do you really think that if suddenly the state and federal government no longer cared about, or pursued the people committing bank robberies that the number of robberies would go down? Of course not, and if it was publicly known that bank robbing was a crime that would no longer be enforced, as is the situation with it being known fact that pretty much no one enforces being here illegally as a crime, then we would see the bank robberies skyrocket. Why wouldn’t we? You walk into a bank, harm no one and walk out with free money and even when a cop knows you did it, he doesn’t arrest you? Hell, I would almost consider robbing a bank in that scenario.

The reason I make that comparison is this. I spent about five years living in Arizona in my mid-twenties. During my time there I saw protest march after protest march, literally thousands of known felons walking down the street in a parade, walk right past policeman after policeman and I never once saw a cop arrest one of these people as they committed a felony right in front of them. What was even more ironic was the fact that the people protesting their treatment by the government were not citizens!! Is that how the world is now? I can go to Russia and say their government isn’t treating me right when I am a citizen of another country and not theirs?? WHAT???

Now some of your reading this may think I am being harsh or unfair but let me expand on my statements a little more before you judge me fully. The system in this country for gaining citizenship is obviously flawed. If it was not, we would not have this problem. Both sides are to blame. The government is to blame for not pulling their heads out of their asses and fixing what is obviously a broken system and also allowing this problem to fester as long as they have. Not to repeat myself but when it is a known fact for decades that coming here illegally is no big deal, and also why corporations and employers are able to financially profit from it, why would either side worry about fixing it? On the immigrant side, in my opinion, saying that the process is too difficult or too much of a pain in the ass, or takes too long is still no excuse to not even try. If you own a business, there are all sorts of rules that are an annoying and frustrating process to go through, from insurance, to wages, to taxes, to liability but that doesn’t mean a business can just skip doing them. Saying “I do not like a law” is not justification to then just ignore it and if you  choose to do so, you should be held accountable.

I believe marijuana should be legal and for much of my younger life, I was a regular smoker. The thing is though is that despite my disagreement with the law, I knew I would be liable for the consequences if I was caught and I accepted the risk. At no time would I walk by a cop smoking a joint because I knew I would be arrested and I do not see how being here illegally, a much more serious felony, does not fall into the same category. Immigrant protests participated in by openly illegal immigrants are a regular thing in this country because the law is not enforced. You will never see a pro-marijuana protest in a major city with thousands of people walking down the street openly smoking pot because police would arrest these people. You can bet if it became common knowledge that they wouldn’t though, people would do it right out in the open.

So as you can see, both sides of this issue are hugely at fault and have a responsibility to meet somewhere in the middle. I propose what I believe is a very simple fix. First off, the government has a responsibility to fix the system, to make it more efficient so that the process doesn’t rob people of the fair opportunity to become citizens. The illegals have a responsibility to begin the process for citizenship, even if they don’t like it because it is the law! I propose that all illegal immigrants be given a window, let’s say six months, to apply for citizenship. If they refuse to even apply after that window, then they should be arrested. I am not talking about the people already in the process but those who have never even tried. Doing so would increase the burden on the system to increase its efficiency in order to handle the sudden influx of all these people who should have applied before. Actually, if you think about it, doing this would likely increase the need for people to work on immigration applications and in doing so CREATE MORE JOBS! This way, we end illegal citizenship, we put the onus on the government to quit screwing around and infighting and actually change the system for the better and we add a positive effect on the economy. If you want this change to have an even further positive effect for everyone, give businesses out there that are employing illegals right now some sort of tax break or tax credit for every employee they assist in gaining citizenship, therefore helping the businesses pay lower taxes, which in turn will help them have more capital to spend in the economy and also to put more people to work. It would be a win for every single person out there, even the police. The police could then spend less time worrying about what seems to me to be a crime fueled by bureaucratic incompetence and more time chasing actual criminals that are hurting innocent, hard-working citizens.

In the end, I support anyone who wants to be an American citizen having the right to but they have to follow the rules. Those who write and enforce the rules have a responsibility to both enforce them and also to make the process not so painful that people will risk jail or deportation to avoid the headache. I hate the DMV like everyone else. It is slow, inefficient, confusing, uncomfortable, a headache every time I go there but it is the law and I need to drive so I deal with it. Immigrants who want to live here need to do the same as far as applying for their citizenship but I do sympathize with their frustration and wish the government would quit being a constant headache and actually start helping the people. I just don’t get why both can’t happen.

The True Evil Of The United States Government

Today I was perusing a website called theblackvault.com, a site full of unbelievably interesting government documents declassified under the Freedom Of Information act. I want to say before I get into this post that if you are an American citizen and have never read any of these documents, you are doing yourself a major disservice. The information contained on this site is disturbing and also a spectacular example of what your government is doing behind your back and how truly scary their actions are. In this post I am going to focus on a review of the CIA’S MK-ultra program, experimentation by your government, funded by your tax dollars, on how the government can control your brain without your knowledge. It is truly an example of a fascist and evil agenda by officials in your government that you never even elected. Prepare to be scared….for real….

The document I started by investigating was dated August of 1977  but based on the CIA’s consistent history of lying and violating any number of levels of morality there is no reason to believe that after this investigation, they simply worked harder at concealing their efforts. The original reason for this investigation was that it was revealed that the CIA, in looking for individuals to be guinea pigs in experimentation with LSD with the goal being mind control, was recruiting heroin addicts. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was later revealed that as compensation for participating, these heroin addicts were rewarded with...heroin! That’s right, a federal agency using tax dollars to fund a program recruiting heroin addicts and paying them with more heroin…..shameful.

The following statement is a direct quotation from one of these documents and keep in mind this document and investigation was provided BY THE GOVERNMENT AS IT INVESTIGATED ACTIONS BY THE CIA

Some 2 years ago the Senate Health Subcommitee heard chilling testimony about human experimentation activities of the Central intelligence Agency. The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over 30 universities and institutions were involved in an “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwilling citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign. Several of those tests involved the administration of LSD to “unwilling subjects in social situations”. The test subjects were seldom accessible beyond the first hours of the test. In a number of instances, the test subject became ill for hours or days, and effective follow-up was impossible.”

Now, that was a direct quote from the investigation that took place. It basically shows that the government was secretly slipping LSD to citizens who had no idea what was going on and then watching them in social situations. Once they became ill as a result, the CIA just left them to their own devices, no matter how fucked up they were as a result of this forced, secret drugging of American citizens. The document continues as follows…..

“Other experiments were equally offensive. For example, heroin addicts were enticed into participating in LSD experiments in order to get a reward-MORE HEROIN

So again, we have an agency of the government, an agency funded by YOUR TAX DOLLARS, paying heroin addicts with HEROIN in order to experiment upon them.

The document continues “perhaps most disturbing of all was the fact that the extent of experimentation on human subjects was unknown. The records of  all these activities were destroyed in January 1973, at the direction of the CIA Director. In spite of persistent inquiries by both the Health Subcommittee and Intelligence Committee. No additional records or information was forthcoming. And no one-no single individual could be found who remembered the details, not the Director of the CIA, who ordered the documents destroyed, not the official responsible for the program and none of his associates.

Now I could continue but the point of this post is to spur people to go to theblackvault.com and look over these documents themselves. They show actions by our government that go well past being wrong and cross into the area of truly evil and fascist. The last paragraph there clearly shows that the people who set these programs up never even question the morality of it, only whether they will get caught. They are playing God with your money and your life and nothing has happened in the subsequent 30 years to make one believe that these practices have stopped, they have only become better concealed. Read the site and fear for your life, if you do the research you will never look at your leadership and your government the same again


The Pitifull Choices…

I am thinking that as far as the next presidential election goes most people are going to fall into one of four categories

    1. Democrat-You support Barrack Obama. By saying that you do you are basically endorsing the following; First, driving this country into debt that it will never recover from and also burdening your children and your children’s children with the financial irresponsibility that you are allowing to happen. Second, having social services run amok, allowing people to act much like a tick does, sucking the blood of the country and your neighbors while also poisoning and infecting the country with laziness and acceptance of people wanting to be supported by those who work harder than they do. Third, allowing the government to invade every aspect of your life with excessive bureaucracy, invasion of personal rights, and a “big brother” attitude that rivals most science fiction stories. Fourth, you are either unaware or in support of the United States government deploying hundreds if not thousands of unmanned drones over American airspace under the guise of “law enforcement” when in truth they will be used to illegally spy on and monitor the public. The bill to do so was signed in February by Obama and dozens of military bases are preparing to be the homes of these as we speak. Fifth, you support a government where the leaders give the positions of power, positions that are not elected by the people, to the scumbag buddies of whoever is making such appointments, in this case Obama. Sixth, socialism, plain and simple. Blaming the rich for every problem of the poor and making it so that being successful and having dreams that are grand puts you in a group of people who will be blamed for every problem. Seventh, you support the complete and total acceptance of anyone being able to walk into this country, not obtain citizenship but still be able to get a driver’s license, student loans from the government, and also be allowed to be a felon right out in the open in front of law enforcement with no penalty. There are more characteristics of the Democrat but that is a start.

  1. RepublicanFirst, corporate influence to be as connected to the government as mobsters were to local businesses back in the mob heavy days. Second-Excessive wealth obtained by individuals to the point that they gain control of so much of the business that they can rape the middle and lower class. Third- absolutely no compassion for anyone who is down and out, even if it is a legitimate case. No social services whatsoever and fuck all the elderly, the minorities and pretty much everyone else who is not rich or white. Fourth– A war monger mentality towards national defense policy. Policy that believes in forcibly taking from other countries, forcibly removing and controlling their governments and funding secret wars all over the globe that are basically run for the purpose of allowing corporations to benefit from the deaths of innocent people.Fifth-religious intolerance by people who believe in forcing their religion upon people whether they like it or not. If you’re not a Christian then you’re not a real republican.Sixth-discrimination against any non christian lifestyle a.k.a homosexuality. If you’re gay then you’re sick and you deserve no equal treatment. There are many more characteristics but that’s a start.


  1. Independent A.- First– radical belief systems that are obviously unproven and ripe with peril. Abortions for everyone, drug use for everyone. Second– foreign policy that goes too far in the opposite direction. Pulling every U.S. troop home from even the most noble of causes and if thousands die and half the world falls into chaos, who cares as long as you can sit there and get fat and high. Third-complete support of pretty much any personal behavior that doesn’t harm your neighbor without applying common sense. Taking a shit on your front lawn in broad daylight doesn’t hurt your neighbor, neither does having giant racist billboards on your property but is that the type of people you want your children to grow to be and see everyday?FourthEconomic policies that would allow the country to fall apart. No federal tax means no working roads, no firemen, no military to defend you and I don’t care if you own a gun because if China ever invades us, you’ll be begging for a military if you wind up in an interment camp .Again, there are many more but that is a start.


  1. Independent B/Common Sense-The smallest of the four groups. First-These people believe in common sense being applied to all problems. Government not supporting the people but at the same time offering options to those in need. Being generous to your neighbor but also being responsible for yourself. Second-tolerance of religion because in truth, no one is around to tell us which one is proven to be the correct one.Third- a military that can defend us and also contribute to worthwhile global causes without bullying smaller countries that do not want us involved in their business.Fourth-An economic system that allows for everyone to contribute a fair share and doesn’t allow the lazy to mooch off the working or the rich to take advantage of the poor.Fifth-An immigration system that allows immigrants to freely come here but also makes sure it is done legally without a system that makes it so difficult that they would rather be felons than legally join the country.

The Native Americans…Historically Screwed…

I was thinking about something today. We see so much conflict in the Middle East over the country of Israel and the land they occupy. Their divide with the Palestinians is a constant struggle and a constant thorn in the side of not only their region but the entire world. That is no big secret though. This has been going on for decades and other than a select group of Arab countries, most of the world supports their statehood. What I don’t understand is that if the Jewish people were given their state because it was theirs originally and therefore they should have it back then why doesn’t the United States have to give their land back to the Native Americans? They were here long before we were and their land was forcibly taken, plain and simple, so why is it just for the world, and more importantly, the United States, to support one people being given back what was theirs but not another?

It is a fair question and personally I think it is truly shameful that this is not an issue. I am not saying the entire country needs to move out but how can we justify our support of another group of people being given back their land, forcibly, while refusing to even begin to provide reparations to people we did the exact same thing to?? It is just a horrible example of how people are these days. Think about how years ago there were people who supported reparations for people whose families were slaves hundreds of years ago but screw the Indians right? Again, shameful. The worst part of it is how the government and citizens of this country were so blase about, acting like giving the Native Americans any rights was not even a consideration. In 1830 our Congress actually passed a bill called the Indian Removal Act….can you imagine how offended pretty much any race would be in today’s politically correct world if they tried something like that in today’s society?

Here’s a scenario to consider. Imagine tomorrow you woke up and saw on the news that the government was going to remove all the Hispanic illegal immigrants by passing a bill called the Mexican Removal Act. Can you even begin to imagine the outrage that would cause? The protests? The cries of racism? Also keep in mind, we would have that reaction and the people being removed in this case would be illegal and not the original residents here. With that being true, how could there be so much outrage over that but when it comes to the Native Americans, the original owners off this land, people don’t even blink or consider we basically wiped out an entire culture just to take their land.

The worst part about all this is that many people will read this and think I am crazy, say that happened hundreds of years ago so who cares, and again that is just a horribly shameful way to be. Yes, we didn’t have concentration camps like the Nazi’s did but we did intentionally spread disease and conflict all across the lands of an indigenous people with the direct goal of eradicating them from their land. When you celebrate July 4th this year, Independence day, remember that we left England in search of freedom and to get it we took that very freedom from a whole culture and destroyed it.

The United States Place In World War III

As an American, I have spent my entire life under the blanket of military security and materialistic comfort that few countries have been able to so ably provide to their citizens throughout the history of the world. Sadly, this is something that could be drastically changing over the next few decades. It scares me to say that, I have a newborn daughter and I want her to grow up in a country of opportunity and stability but the more I observe the world, the more I have my doubts that she will be as comfortable as I am now when she is my age. I say this because the United States is now in a far more dangerous global situation than I think anyone realizes.

Consider the following. As a country we have many allies and also many enemies. Not necessarily enemies that will be invading us anytime soon, but enemies more in the sense of countries that simply do not like the people that we are, even if they begrudgingly deal with us for economic gain. Those countries, such as China, are the ones we are on a direct collision course with. We, as a nation, owe China a ridiculous amount of money. This debt is the reason we are willing to turn a blind eye to the human rights and other democratic violations that are a daily occurrence in what is the most populated country on the planet. With their population growth comes the continued growth of the Chinese economy and many people would agree that it is only a matter of “when” not “if” before they surpass us economically. When they do, it will be time for the USA to pay up on our debt to them and when we cannot, which is obviously what is going to happen, where does that lead? If we have no more money, money that we owe China, what is the only thing we have that they can take as payment? You guessed it…..our land.  This is the dangerous game we are playing with our massive debt to the world.

You see, if the United States declared war on China tomorrow, it is unlikely that any major world power would do a whole lot to help us and even if they did, European countries such as Great Britain or France only have the nuclear aspect to lend to the cause, not the massive standing military that we have. On the other side of the coin though, if China were to ever declare war on the United States, think about the countries that would happily join in against the United States and their allies simply out of their hatred for us, some of it deserved. China alone would be a formidable task alone for the USA to defend itself against, but in this scenario, one where superpowers so large begin a conflict, it would be almost guaranteed to balloon into a world war. In such a war, Russia would most likely back China, putting the USA and it’s allies at a disadvantage from the beginning. Then, with Russia’s involvement, it is safe to assume that Iran, who has ties to Russia, would welcome the chance to eradicate what they consider American imperialism. Next we would most likely see North Korea, a neighbor of China and an established enemy of the United States, be perfectly comfortable throwing their hat into the ring on China’s side and considering the strength of their massive military, it is hard to imagine the United States having any chance against those four countries. Except for the fact that is not everyone yet. Syria, an ally of Russia and a country provided military support from them, could almost surely be counted as a Russian ally in such a scenario as could all of the Arab countries that despise Israel. Speaking of Israel, they would find themselves pulled from the safety of the alliance with us right into a horrible geographical disadvantage against an army of countries they would now literally be surrounded by. Pakistan, another country growing tired of our drone strikes and our refusal to respect their borders or their sovereignty, would be far more likely to join the coalition against us than they would to help us.

Such an overwhelming disadvantage for the United States, Israel, and Europe would put everyone in a position where nuclear war would be inevitable. Now maybe none of this will ever happen because each country is that scared of a worldwide nuclear war, hopefully that will be the case, but everyone who lives here in the United States better realistically look at the world scenario and realize that the people who are against us have more power than the people who are with us, we just choose to flex it more publicly. Think about it, if Russia decided to invade a smaller country near its borders, say one of the states that used to be part of the Soviet Union, what could we really do about it? Send them a harshly worded letter?

The point of all this is that people need to be aware of the fact that the power of the United States is rapidly waning. We are an economic mess, our government is full of corrupt people profiting of our debt and our failing economy, the citizens are both struggling and also living a lower standard of life every year that goes by. What is happening to us now is what happens to great empires soon before they collapse and fracture into smaller countries, leaving behind a void that is usually filled by the next empire. This is how history has always gone and I am not quite sure why people think it isn’t going to happen to us. So what can we do as a nation prevent a situation that has happened time and time again to empire after empire? I cannot say that I have a concrete answer. Our reputation has become so soiled in the minds of the rest of the world that it has generated a want of “justice” so to speak from the rest of the world. Country after country can count itself in a group that believes we deserve to fall after our years of both underhanded and open actions that usually are only seen as fair by those involved in the corruption and to the rest of the world, our time has come.

It is sad to say this too because there was a time when the United States represented something good in the world, a beacon of opportunity that drew millions from around the world looking for a better life, a life of freedom, and now what have we become. A country where dollars mean more than morals, lies are the standard if you can only not be forced to reveal the truth, and us forcing our way of life on the rest of the world, even through force, is accepted and usually cheered. We cannot continue like this. If we as a people allow corporate influence, the lust for power and the greed for money to be the controlling interest in our government, it doe not take a genius to realize our time at the top is soon to come to an end. You’ve been warned…..act accordingly…

The Stav Chronicles Part 1…Abortion

Hello my friends, my few readers and also anyone who is just bored and came across my blog. Today I am writing the first of what will be many parts of what I am calling the Stav Chronicles. The purpose of this exercise is to examine the problems that have plagued the American citizens for decades. You see, every election that comes and goes is centered around specific issues and despite the fact that these issues have remained at the forefront of each election for the last thirty or forty years, strangely none of them seem to go away. I find this perplexing, mainly because every single president over that time period has proposed, during their candidacy, solutions to these problems yet to an issue none of them seem to have found any sort of resolution that everyone can live with. Are we that simplistic, that intolerant of each other that we are never going to be able to reach a conclusion on any of these problems? It just doesn’t make sense and as a person who at least thinks he is moderately intelligent, it always locks up my brain that we have not been able to do anything but pass these issues onto the next administration. Over these next few posts, I am determined to take a closer look at each of the problems I am referring to in the hopes that maybe I can find some sort of middle ground that we all can live with, even if it is done so begrudgingly. The issues I am going to explore are the following; abortion, war, role of government, taxes, gay marriage, immigration, state’s rights, racial issues, nationalism, and military service, more specifically”don’t ask, don’t tell” . I realize that there are countless more that plague us each day but I think that list is a fine place to start. Let’s get started…

Abortion has existed for literally thousands of years, which may surprise some people. It has existed in almost every society studied and though it used to be a far more dangerous procedure, in today’s world, with the proper medical resources available, it is a relatively safe procedure. That being said, it is estimated that nearly half the abortions being performed these days fall into the category of “unsafe”. Nearly 44 million abortions are performed globally each year with those numbers obviously varying depending on the source you use and it is estimated that a little less than half of those are performed in an environment or through a procedure that would be considered “unsafe”. As a result of some areas of the world having either better or worse resources than others, there are an estimated 70 thousand maternal deaths and 5 million disabilities caused by the unsafe procedures each year.

Now, 44 million is a big number and if you were to average that out over the last 20 years you are looking at almost a billion human beings that would have existed instead never taking their first breath. I am not making that statement to support or oppose the right to have an abortion but instead just trying to make a point about the actual human effect this procedure has on our race. There are examples amongst these numbers that I think few people would argue, such as those children that were terminated after a case of forcible rape or incest, or the situation where the baby has an identified problem so serious that it is determined an abortion is the humane way to deal with them as opposed to a life of suffering or pain. These cases are not the ones I want to discuss because unless you have been raped, you probably have no idea what it feels like to have the seed of someone who would perform such a vile act growing in your body. Also, if you were a 13-year-old girl impregnated by your father or uncle in another act that can only be described as vile, it is understandable, for both the well-being of the child and the mother, to see that person choose to abort their pregnancy.


No, when I discuss abortion I want to focus on the vast majority of these procedures that are done simply as a matter of choice. Having never been involved in such a situation, I can only imagine how hard of a decision it must be and also how difficult it must be to have an unwanted pregnancy. At the same time, I think we would all agree that there are a large number of these procedures that take place that can only be identified as a form of birth control, which I personally see as a very irresponsible action. Again though, I am not here to judge, instead I am here searching for a solution that will end the constant legal battles we see on this topic.

To come up with a solution that is acceptable for everyone there are a few key points we must broach beforehand. First off, the conclusion we arrive at must be universally accepted, even if it is accepted with a grain of salt. Not every legality in this country can please everyone and part of being proud of freedom and liberty is also accepting a person’s right to it even if we disagree with their action. This is the biggest chasm we have to cross as a country. Too often in America, despite our boisterous pride over our freedom and liberty, we are unwilling to extend that freedom to someone we disagree with. Abortion is a classic case of this and because of this intolerance by both sides of the issue, I think the answer to the conflict is fairly simple, that being allowing each state to decide what it thinks is appropriate and leaving the federal government out of it, as well as the courts. Though I will delve deeper into the states rights issue in one of the later sections, I think it looms large in this discussion. Depending on where you live in this country, it is plainly obvious that the borders that separate our states also separate ways of life lived by our citizens. Each state has their own way of life and if we are truly proud of our individuality and our right to freedom then each state must not only have the right to control what is legal within their own borders but also must respect that same right from other states. If you live in a state that either supports or objects to a person’s right to have an abortion and you disagree or cannot live with their decision, then you are free to move anytime you like. This isn’t China, there are no restrictions on you picking up and leaving a place you don’t like but there are restrictions on forcing your neighbors, especially when their view is the majority one in your state, to live their lives under rules the minority does not like.

Additionally, people must look at all aspects of these problems, abortion in this case, if they are going to expect people to respect their position on it. For example, this planet is hugely overpopulated. Now I am not saying abort babies as a form of population control, but imagine if there had not been a single abortion in the last say, thirty years, we would have, at least, another billion people on this planet and with the famine that affects so many countries one can only imagine how much worse it would be with another billion people or so. Again, I am not justifying abortion as a way to control this but at the same time people must be realistic about the positive aspects of our actions even if the actions themselves are less than desirable.

After polling my group of friends, and whether you know it or not I have some highly intelligent people counted in my personal circle, I found that they, like myself, tend to be supportive of a pro-choice position on this issue and I agree with them. Anyone who is against abortion or who holds a pro-life position needs to consider that such a position carries with it dire implications and let me explain why. To allow the government to dictate what you can do with your own body is a scary and slippery slope. Imagine a world where your government can tell you a tattoo is immoral and therefore illegal. Imagine a world where the government can restrict what you eat because they think you are too fat. These are just a few examples of how allowing leaders to govern our bodies could lead to serious violations of our personal freedom and liberty and I think most of us agree there is no greater freedom than the freedom to control one’s own body.

The first step towards reaching a goal of compromise is being able to allow yourself to accept the lifestyle choices of someone else, even if you do not like it, as long as it is not personally affecting you. Those in this country who stand on the pro-life side of this issue, and I am sorry if I offend any of them, are basically saying that they should have the right to govern the body of a person other than themselves. Is abortion murder? It is hard to say, but what is easy to identify is that it is a hugely personal decision that belongs in the hands of the individual, not the government. If you stand with pro-life, then I would have to assume you would have no problem with the government making it illegal for you to eat McDonald’s if your body fat percentage is too high because it could easily be argued that allowing you to further damage your own body is a form of slow murder of yourself. See what I mean? Pro-lifers usually rely on the “it’s murder” argument but if those same people are allowed to smoke cigarettes until they get cancer and die from it then are they not be allowed to make a choice that will prematurely end a human life as well? What is the real difference? In the end there really isn’t one because ending a human life is the same thing whether it is done willingly through an abortion or willingly through smoking something that will almost surely shorten the life of a human.

In summary, I personally do not like abortion and would never have one myself(yes, I am a man but you know what I mean). At the same time, God forbid, but if someone raped my wife and impregnated her I’ll be damned if we would not abort the baby that would be the result of someone so disgustingly violating her body and her freedom. Again, I am in favor of each state having the right to choose what their majority wishes but if the federal government is going to be the decision maker then I just cannot see what right they have to regulate your body. For that reason, I believe pro-choice is the only truly fair way to deal with this problem.

The Hypocrisy of Syria

So anyone that keeps up with the news has seen the constant barrage of stories pouring out of Syria. In the Syrian town of Houla two weeks ago, at least 108 people were systematically slaughtered, many of them defenseless women and children and today there are reports that it has happened again in the town of Qubeir. Again, it appears that most of the victims are either women or children and again the slaughter seems senseless.

So where is the United States on this issue? I mean we invaded countries like Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade, often under the guise of trying to “liberate” or “free” their people, so if women and children are being slaughtered without reason, why aren’t all our noble troops and citizens demanding we go there and put a stop to it? I will tell you why, because the United States is cowardly in its meddling all over the world. When we invaded Iraq, those who supported the invasion claimed that Iraq was a threat to the United States and there were human rights violations happening that could not be allowed to continue. Yet Syria, a far more militarily organized and powerful country than Iraq has ever been, is killing their citizens right out in the open and we just sit idly by. It is just shameful in my opinion. It is so shameful because it is obvious that this is a situation where intervention is needed but because the USA has nothing to gain, as far as oil reserves and military positioning by being in Syria, we weakly “condemn” their actions as they continue to slaughter their own citizens. This entire situation shines a large spotlight on American hypocrisy, showing that all of our bullshit about wanting to “spread freedom” and “spread democracy” is completely is exactly that…..bullshit! It is clear to open-minded citizens, as well as the rest of the world, that the United States could give two shits about the “human rights” of anyone unless it is financially and militarily beneficial to us as a nation. Look at China as a perfect example. The term “human rights” does not even exist in China. Chinese citizens have no rights, hell half of them are not even allowed to leave the country, so what does the good ol’ USA do about it? Nothing, because so many of our products are made in China and because we owe them so much money that there is no benefit to the USA doing anything that is actually tangible to help those living without the “freedom” we so selectively spread all over the world.

Basically, what this whole Syria situation and the China example show is this; The United States is not a country of good moral standing. We are a bully, a country that will literally lie their asses off to start a war if we have something to gain from it but at the same time, sit idly by with our limp dicks in our hands as innocent children….children I say, are murdered without provocation. Then we wonder why the world has such a low view of us? Of course they do, we have done nothing but justify almost every bad stereotype about ourselves for the last 20 years, if not more.

Look, in the end I cannot sit here and say the United States can solve every injustice of the world. Just once though in my life, I would love to see this so-called “noble” nation, a nation that looks for every opportunity it can find to puff out it’s chest in pride over the “greatness and freedom” of this country, just once I would like to see us take action when we should as opposed to when we want to. We attacked Iraq, and still meddle there, over a literal laundry list of LIES  and the brainwashed people of this country just sat idly by and ate it up. Now that there is a country where our interference could actually save lives and what do we do? We condemn it with a harshly worded statement to the press…..fucking embarrassing.

I want to make one last point and also apologize that this has been such an angry post. I want my readers to know that I greatly cherish the freedom I have to speak my mind in this country. I do realize there are many countries out there where I could be imprisoned for some of my statements but that is exactly the reason I get so pissed off. We have it so good here, we have so much power in the world and like the Amazing Spider-Man deciding to become a crackhead instead of a hero, we waste the great responsibility we have that comes with our great power. We attack others using lies as justification and when an opportunity for us to flex our muscle to actually help people comes along, we stand on the sidelines like the high school nerd to scared to try out for the football team.

What Is Different????

Well, I am sure this post will make me look super positive but there is something I need to get off my chest that has been bugging me for a while now. Everyday, when I log into my Facebook account, I see post after post to article after article pointing out all these “secret” things the government is doing. These articles and the people who post them give the impression that they are revealing, in many cases, some horrible evil that the rest of us were unaware of or something that the government is doing that is going to take liberties away from us all. Here’s the thing I want you all to get into your minds……NOTHING HAS CHANGED. YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR DECADES!!!!

There is nothing new going on these days and if you think that for the last 40 or 50 years that you have been “free” or that you had any power over your leaders, then I am sad to inform you that you have been living in a dream world my friend. Think about it….what do you really know about what the government does? The CIA operates completely autonomously from the rest of the government. They have their own policies, their own agendas and no one is monitoring what they are doing. The same goes for the FBI, the DEA, the Department of Homeland Security, the NSA and countless other agencies I’ll bet many of you have never even heard of. They monitor your emails, your phone calls, your blog posts(like this one) and if they want to they can even monitor YOU considering they have satellites that can read the print on your shirt from space. Every aspect of your life in this country is under the control of one government agency or another. The food you eat, and the chemicals in it, are approved and controlled by aspects of the government such as the Department of Agriculture. The water you drink is regulated by the government. Anything being shipped in or out of the country is controlled by the government. All travel, be it by car or by plane, is regulated by a state by state and also national police force of varying departments. All medicine must be approved by the government. They control what vaccinations are given to children, what are taught to those children in schools and what rights those children have when they become adults. They control the telecommunications, the internet and in many cases, the “free” media, which we all know is actually just political mouthpieces for the varying parties in this country. The operate the roads. They control the military. They have taken away state militias, labeling them “terrorists” despite the documented need for militias to protect the people from tyranny. They require you, by law, to have all your personal information run through their system in order for you to do anything. Taxes, a driver’s license, a passport, a social security number, these are just a few of the ways that you are “tagged” in the system so that they are able to basically monitor anyone they like.

As individuals, you have no way of getting around these restraints because you will never have the resources the government does. They control what is allowed on television, the radio and in some cases, the internet. They control the fuel that powers your vehicles, that heats your homes. There are those out there that will say that these things are all controlled by companies but c’mon, are you really that foolish? All these companies are invested in and often run by, either the leaders themselves or close associates of theirs, allowing them to achieve extreme wealth along with the control that grows stronger almost every day. These companies, without a legitimate system of checks and balances, operate however they please and often, when they fuck up, they are either bailed out by the very people(the elected officials) who stand to profit from their success or are given a “slap on the wrist” as the leaders who own and are invested in them pander to the public with empty apologies and hollow promises to not let these things happen again. When the damage done by their often immoral and illegal actions is severe, they are always ready to offer up a scapegoat, a fall guy, to receive the wrath of the public even as they reset their system to continue the very behaviors that screwed it all up in the first place.

I can go on and on and on. What is taught in schools must be approved by some level of government whether it is something you want your child learning or not and while you can home school your children if you wish, the system does not work in your favor for doing so because many parents who would love to do so are not able to because of the rising costs of virtually everything in this country. We are fighting wars because of some of those costs, such as fuel, and despite the fact that we have now invaded multiple Middle Eastern countries that rea heavy with oil, gas prices are as high as ever and even worse the people getting the richest because of it are our congressmen and women who are, almost to a person, invested through stocks in the company’s bleeding the public with those costs.

I am certain there are those out there who will see this post as defeatist but the fact of the matter is that this is how this country is in today’s world. All the activism, all the “Occupy” protestors, in the end, you are doing what they want you to and that is believing that all the noise you are making is actually going to change anything. People have been making noise in protest for decades and you know what? The country is more corrupt and immoral than it has ever been!

For those of you who would tell me to leave if I do not like it let me say this. I would not want to live anywhere else because even with the control, I have a better daily life than most people on this planet lead, but that being a fact does not justify the actions of the corrupt who take their elevated positions for granted and if this style of government continues unchecked as it has for so long then I fear my daughter will have a much harsher country to try to get by in than I would have ever imagined.