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How Do You Know That What You Know Is Properly Known?

I cannot figure out a way to like myself. Not because of my personal details but because of my inclusion in being a human being. I, like many of you, use Facebook as a conduit of communication with the world but the more I read it, the more confused I get about what the hell is going on. For example, who is winning the GOP nomination this year to run against Obama? The news says it is Mitt Romney but thousands of Ron Paul supporters claim he is winning state after state so how is a person outside the political arena supposed to know what is true or false? This is another horrible human quality at work, that being the human ability to use perception and appearance to mask the truth. I mean look, there can only be one nominee and the other day I actually saw an article claiming Romney had enough delegates. That was all well and good except for the fact that five minutes later I read another post concerning how Paul is actually going to steal the nomination at the convention. Ugh……

All this confusion really got me thinking though, about the fact that all information provided to us, the public, throughout history always comes from sources that we have no personal connection to. What this means is that unless these sources are 100% trustworthy, which they have proven not to be, then the reality of it all is that unless you know the people you are reading about personally in the real world, none of us have any fucking idea what is going on in the world. Every news article, every interview is being conducted by someone you do not know personally, someone who could have any number of biases or hidden agendas and again, unless you truly know this person, you cannot say for sure that anything provided to you in an informational sense is either true or false.

So where does that leave us? Well, it is a pretty scary scenario. Basically, we have a society of people wandering about in their daily lives being told certain things and then acting on what they are told. The information sources heavily influence the behavior of the people connected to them so if these sources have been either morally or financially corrupted and influenced in ways designed to encourage support or behavior for this person or that project then we have a whole planets worth of people reacting to things that could be completely untrue or presented in a way to imply characterizations of people and issues that are not real.

Are you starting to see the problem here? I do not have a solution to this but it is an issue worth exploring. Obviously it is impossible for everyone to personally know everyone else, there are just too many of us, but since we can’t we are stuck choosing to believe the broadcasted words of whoever strikes us as the most trustworthy. If they have us fooled then we are doomed to walk around our world seeing things as someone else wants us to as opposed to as they are and what does that turn us into? I do not have an appropriate word to describe it but it is very scary to know that people in our world who have lives that influence others are often following information that comes from a source they will never be able to validate as truthful or honest. That does not mean the information they receive is not valid or true…..or does it? You have no way to know!

Ok, so some people are going to read this and say I am making a mountain out of a molehill but to those that think that, I only have one request. Prove to me the information that you get from any source, be it radio, television, the internet, you local politician, is true…or false….you have no idea and neither do I. We assume that we can but consider the very open bias practiced in our media sources. Everybody is aligned with somebody. We have built a society where trust is put in informational sources that have not either earned that trust or proven they are trustworthy. We are a society following those we think are legitimate, those we believe can be trusted and if they cannot be? Well, that is no problem because we will follow them anyway….at least the ones we choose…..


Remember, I did not write this post to say there is no truth out there, there definitely is, but it is scary how often falsehoods pass for truth in a society that considers ourselves so advanced. When the conduits of information are aligned with the agendas of this individual or that one, they can always apologize when caught but often those apologies, and corrections, often only come after another source “calls them out” so to speak. The ironic thing is that this other source does this because they also have an agenda, not because they care about the individuals who receive this information. Additionally, the way they do it is subversive and therefore subtle and almost psychologically driven in it’s design. A system like this can only numb it’s own populous into a life of procedure, production and submission and that is what we are currently seeing. Have fun…..


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