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What Is Different????

Well, I am sure this post will make me look super positive but there is something I need to get off my chest that has been bugging me for a while now. Everyday, when I log into my Facebook account, I see post after post to article after article pointing out all these “secret” things the government is doing. These articles and the people who post them give the impression that they are revealing, in many cases, some horrible evil that the rest of us were unaware of or something that the government is doing that is going to take liberties away from us all. Here’s the thing I want you all to get into your minds……NOTHING HAS CHANGED. YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR DECADES!!!!

There is nothing new going on these days and if you think that for the last 40 or 50 years that you have been “free” or that you had any power over your leaders, then I am sad to inform you that you have been living in a dream world my friend. Think about it….what do you really know about what the government does? The CIA operates completely autonomously from the rest of the government. They have their own policies, their own agendas and no one is monitoring what they are doing. The same goes for the FBI, the DEA, the Department of Homeland Security, the NSA and countless other agencies I’ll bet many of you have never even heard of. They monitor your emails, your phone calls, your blog posts(like this one) and if they want to they can even monitor YOU considering they have satellites that can read the print on your shirt from space. Every aspect of your life in this country is under the control of one government agency or another. The food you eat, and the chemicals in it, are approved and controlled by aspects of the government such as the Department of Agriculture. The water you drink is regulated by the government. Anything being shipped in or out of the country is controlled by the government. All travel, be it by car or by plane, is regulated by a state by state and also national police force of varying departments. All medicine must be approved by the government. They control what vaccinations are given to children, what are taught to those children in schools and what rights those children have when they become adults. They control the telecommunications, the internet and in many cases, the “free” media, which we all know is actually just political mouthpieces for the varying parties in this country. The operate the roads. They control the military. They have taken away state militias, labeling them “terrorists” despite the documented need for militias to protect the people from tyranny. They require you, by law, to have all your personal information run through their system in order for you to do anything. Taxes, a driver’s license, a passport, a social security number, these are just a few of the ways that you are “tagged” in the system so that they are able to basically monitor anyone they like.

As individuals, you have no way of getting around these restraints because you will never have the resources the government does. They control what is allowed on television, the radio and in some cases, the internet. They control the fuel that powers your vehicles, that heats your homes. There are those out there that will say that these things are all controlled by companies but c’mon, are you really that foolish? All these companies are invested in and often run by, either the leaders themselves or close associates of theirs, allowing them to achieve extreme wealth along with the control that grows stronger almost every day. These companies, without a legitimate system of checks and balances, operate however they please and often, when they fuck up, they are either bailed out by the very people(the elected officials) who stand to profit from their success or are given a “slap on the wrist” as the leaders who own and are invested in them pander to the public with empty apologies and hollow promises to not let these things happen again. When the damage done by their often immoral and illegal actions is severe, they are always ready to offer up a scapegoat, a fall guy, to receive the wrath of the public even as they reset their system to continue the very behaviors that screwed it all up in the first place.

I can go on and on and on. What is taught in schools must be approved by some level of government whether it is something you want your child learning or not and while you can home school your children if you wish, the system does not work in your favor for doing so because many parents who would love to do so are not able to because of the rising costs of virtually everything in this country. We are fighting wars because of some of those costs, such as fuel, and despite the fact that we have now invaded multiple Middle Eastern countries that rea heavy with oil, gas prices are as high as ever and even worse the people getting the richest because of it are our congressmen and women who are, almost to a person, invested through stocks in the company’s bleeding the public with those costs.

I am certain there are those out there who will see this post as defeatist but the fact of the matter is that this is how this country is in today’s world. All the activism, all the “Occupy” protestors, in the end, you are doing what they want you to and that is believing that all the noise you are making is actually going to change anything. People have been making noise in protest for decades and you know what? The country is more corrupt and immoral than it has ever been!

For those of you who would tell me to leave if I do not like it let me say this. I would not want to live anywhere else because even with the control, I have a better daily life than most people on this planet lead, but that being a fact does not justify the actions of the corrupt who take their elevated positions for granted and if this style of government continues unchecked as it has for so long then I fear my daughter will have a much harsher country to try to get by in than I would have ever imagined.


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