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The Hypocrisy of Syria

So anyone that keeps up with the news has seen the constant barrage of stories pouring out of Syria. In the Syrian town of Houla two weeks ago, at least 108 people were systematically slaughtered, many of them defenseless women and children and today there are reports that it has happened again in the town of Qubeir. Again, it appears that most of the victims are either women or children and again the slaughter seems senseless.

So where is the United States on this issue? I mean we invaded countries like Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade, often under the guise of trying to “liberate” or “free” their people, so if women and children are being slaughtered without reason, why aren’t all our noble troops and citizens demanding we go there and put a stop to it? I will tell you why, because the United States is cowardly in its meddling all over the world. When we invaded Iraq, those who supported the invasion claimed that Iraq was a threat to the United States and there were human rights violations happening that could not be allowed to continue. Yet Syria, a far more militarily organized and powerful country than Iraq has ever been, is killing their citizens right out in the open and we just sit idly by. It is just shameful in my opinion. It is so shameful because it is obvious that this is a situation where intervention is needed but because the USA has nothing to gain, as far as oil reserves and military positioning by being in Syria, we weakly “condemn” their actions as they continue to slaughter their own citizens. This entire situation shines a large spotlight on American hypocrisy, showing that all of our bullshit about wanting to “spread freedom” and “spread democracy” is completely is exactly that…..bullshit! It is clear to open-minded citizens, as well as the rest of the world, that the United States could give two shits about the “human rights” of anyone unless it is financially and militarily beneficial to us as a nation. Look at China as a perfect example. The term “human rights” does not even exist in China. Chinese citizens have no rights, hell half of them are not even allowed to leave the country, so what does the good ol’ USA do about it? Nothing, because so many of our products are made in China and because we owe them so much money that there is no benefit to the USA doing anything that is actually tangible to help those living without the “freedom” we so selectively spread all over the world.

Basically, what this whole Syria situation and the China example show is this; The United States is not a country of good moral standing. We are a bully, a country that will literally lie their asses off to start a war if we have something to gain from it but at the same time, sit idly by with our limp dicks in our hands as innocent children….children I say, are murdered without provocation. Then we wonder why the world has such a low view of us? Of course they do, we have done nothing but justify almost every bad stereotype about ourselves for the last 20 years, if not more.

Look, in the end I cannot sit here and say the United States can solve every injustice of the world. Just once though in my life, I would love to see this so-called “noble” nation, a nation that looks for every opportunity it can find to puff out it’s chest in pride over the “greatness and freedom” of this country, just once I would like to see us take action when we should as opposed to when we want to. We attacked Iraq, and still meddle there, over a literal laundry list of LIES  and the brainwashed people of this country just sat idly by and ate it up. Now that there is a country where our interference could actually save lives and what do we do? We condemn it with a harshly worded statement to the press…..fucking embarrassing.

I want to make one last point and also apologize that this has been such an angry post. I want my readers to know that I greatly cherish the freedom I have to speak my mind in this country. I do realize there are many countries out there where I could be imprisoned for some of my statements but that is exactly the reason I get so pissed off. We have it so good here, we have so much power in the world and like the Amazing Spider-Man deciding to become a crackhead instead of a hero, we waste the great responsibility we have that comes with our great power. We attack others using lies as justification and when an opportunity for us to flex our muscle to actually help people comes along, we stand on the sidelines like the high school nerd to scared to try out for the football team.


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  1. American power is not unlimited and we cannot be everything to everybody. Syria is a global problem, but, primarily, it is a problem of the Middle East and there are other Middle Eastern nations in that area which if banded together in a common cause could end the violence either through economic, political or military means. Instead of blasting the American government [which, by the way, I generally take great pride in] you might want to focus your anger toward Russia, China and Iran – the axis that is truly allowing this massacre to continue through their silence and opposition to U.N. proposals.

    I wish for the violence to end and innocent lives to be spared as quickly as possible, but the United States had to fight the war between the states before it came to recognizing the rights of all individuals [still not completely universally accepted here], and perhaps Suni and Shia’a must do the same before they agree that it is possible for both religions to exist peacefully alongside all of the other religions of the world as well as those of a secular persuasion.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

    June 9, 2012 at 12:05 am

    • You definitely make good points my friend but what you are saying about Russia and China is kind of what I am saying. Why won’t the United States put the same pressure on these countries that we put on smaller and weaker ones? That is my biggest point but you make valid points as well…thanks for wasting your time reading my posts brotha!!!

      June 9, 2012 at 1:03 pm

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