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The Stav Chronicles Part 1…Abortion

Hello my friends, my few readers and also anyone who is just bored and came across my blog. Today I am writing the first of what will be many parts of what I am calling the Stav Chronicles. The purpose of this exercise is to examine the problems that have plagued the American citizens for decades. You see, every election that comes and goes is centered around specific issues and despite the fact that these issues have remained at the forefront of each election for the last thirty or forty years, strangely none of them seem to go away. I find this perplexing, mainly because every single president over that time period has proposed, during their candidacy, solutions to these problems yet to an issue none of them seem to have found any sort of resolution that everyone can live with. Are we that simplistic, that intolerant of each other that we are never going to be able to reach a conclusion on any of these problems? It just doesn’t make sense and as a person who at least thinks he is moderately intelligent, it always locks up my brain that we have not been able to do anything but pass these issues onto the next administration. Over these next few posts, I am determined to take a closer look at each of the problems I am referring to in the hopes that maybe I can find some sort of middle ground that we all can live with, even if it is done so begrudgingly. The issues I am going to explore are the following; abortion, war, role of government, taxes, gay marriage, immigration, state’s rights, racial issues, nationalism, and military service, more specifically”don’t ask, don’t tell” . I realize that there are countless more that plague us each day but I think that list is a fine place to start. Let’s get started…

Abortion has existed for literally thousands of years, which may surprise some people. It has existed in almost every society studied and though it used to be a far more dangerous procedure, in today’s world, with the proper medical resources available, it is a relatively safe procedure. That being said, it is estimated that nearly half the abortions being performed these days fall into the category of “unsafe”. Nearly 44 million abortions are performed globally each year with those numbers obviously varying depending on the source you use and it is estimated that a little less than half of those are performed in an environment or through a procedure that would be considered “unsafe”. As a result of some areas of the world having either better or worse resources than others, there are an estimated 70 thousand maternal deaths and 5 million disabilities caused by the unsafe procedures each year.

Now, 44 million is a big number and if you were to average that out over the last 20 years you are looking at almost a billion human beings that would have existed instead never taking their first breath. I am not making that statement to support or oppose the right to have an abortion but instead just trying to make a point about the actual human effect this procedure has on our race. There are examples amongst these numbers that I think few people would argue, such as those children that were terminated after a case of forcible rape or incest, or the situation where the baby has an identified problem so serious that it is determined an abortion is the humane way to deal with them as opposed to a life of suffering or pain. These cases are not the ones I want to discuss because unless you have been raped, you probably have no idea what it feels like to have the seed of someone who would perform such a vile act growing in your body. Also, if you were a 13-year-old girl impregnated by your father or uncle in another act that can only be described as vile, it is understandable, for both the well-being of the child and the mother, to see that person choose to abort their pregnancy.


No, when I discuss abortion I want to focus on the vast majority of these procedures that are done simply as a matter of choice. Having never been involved in such a situation, I can only imagine how hard of a decision it must be and also how difficult it must be to have an unwanted pregnancy. At the same time, I think we would all agree that there are a large number of these procedures that take place that can only be identified as a form of birth control, which I personally see as a very irresponsible action. Again though, I am not here to judge, instead I am here searching for a solution that will end the constant legal battles we see on this topic.

To come up with a solution that is acceptable for everyone there are a few key points we must broach beforehand. First off, the conclusion we arrive at must be universally accepted, even if it is accepted with a grain of salt. Not every legality in this country can please everyone and part of being proud of freedom and liberty is also accepting a person’s right to it even if we disagree with their action. This is the biggest chasm we have to cross as a country. Too often in America, despite our boisterous pride over our freedom and liberty, we are unwilling to extend that freedom to someone we disagree with. Abortion is a classic case of this and because of this intolerance by both sides of the issue, I think the answer to the conflict is fairly simple, that being allowing each state to decide what it thinks is appropriate and leaving the federal government out of it, as well as the courts. Though I will delve deeper into the states rights issue in one of the later sections, I think it looms large in this discussion. Depending on where you live in this country, it is plainly obvious that the borders that separate our states also separate ways of life lived by our citizens. Each state has their own way of life and if we are truly proud of our individuality and our right to freedom then each state must not only have the right to control what is legal within their own borders but also must respect that same right from other states. If you live in a state that either supports or objects to a person’s right to have an abortion and you disagree or cannot live with their decision, then you are free to move anytime you like. This isn’t China, there are no restrictions on you picking up and leaving a place you don’t like but there are restrictions on forcing your neighbors, especially when their view is the majority one in your state, to live their lives under rules the minority does not like.

Additionally, people must look at all aspects of these problems, abortion in this case, if they are going to expect people to respect their position on it. For example, this planet is hugely overpopulated. Now I am not saying abort babies as a form of population control, but imagine if there had not been a single abortion in the last say, thirty years, we would have, at least, another billion people on this planet and with the famine that affects so many countries one can only imagine how much worse it would be with another billion people or so. Again, I am not justifying abortion as a way to control this but at the same time people must be realistic about the positive aspects of our actions even if the actions themselves are less than desirable.

After polling my group of friends, and whether you know it or not I have some highly intelligent people counted in my personal circle, I found that they, like myself, tend to be supportive of a pro-choice position on this issue and I agree with them. Anyone who is against abortion or who holds a pro-life position needs to consider that such a position carries with it dire implications and let me explain why. To allow the government to dictate what you can do with your own body is a scary and slippery slope. Imagine a world where your government can tell you a tattoo is immoral and therefore illegal. Imagine a world where the government can restrict what you eat because they think you are too fat. These are just a few examples of how allowing leaders to govern our bodies could lead to serious violations of our personal freedom and liberty and I think most of us agree there is no greater freedom than the freedom to control one’s own body.

The first step towards reaching a goal of compromise is being able to allow yourself to accept the lifestyle choices of someone else, even if you do not like it, as long as it is not personally affecting you. Those in this country who stand on the pro-life side of this issue, and I am sorry if I offend any of them, are basically saying that they should have the right to govern the body of a person other than themselves. Is abortion murder? It is hard to say, but what is easy to identify is that it is a hugely personal decision that belongs in the hands of the individual, not the government. If you stand with pro-life, then I would have to assume you would have no problem with the government making it illegal for you to eat McDonald’s if your body fat percentage is too high because it could easily be argued that allowing you to further damage your own body is a form of slow murder of yourself. See what I mean? Pro-lifers usually rely on the “it’s murder” argument but if those same people are allowed to smoke cigarettes until they get cancer and die from it then are they not be allowed to make a choice that will prematurely end a human life as well? What is the real difference? In the end there really isn’t one because ending a human life is the same thing whether it is done willingly through an abortion or willingly through smoking something that will almost surely shorten the life of a human.

In summary, I personally do not like abortion and would never have one myself(yes, I am a man but you know what I mean). At the same time, God forbid, but if someone raped my wife and impregnated her I’ll be damned if we would not abort the baby that would be the result of someone so disgustingly violating her body and her freedom. Again, I am in favor of each state having the right to choose what their majority wishes but if the federal government is going to be the decision maker then I just cannot see what right they have to regulate your body. For that reason, I believe pro-choice is the only truly fair way to deal with this problem.


2 responses

  1. Wow, you must be the sort of person who sits in those dunking booths at community fundraisers… these issues you are planning to face are a pretty good summary of “people’s most common hot buttons” and very likely to draw some fire. That being said, I think you’ve handled this one with a decent amount of tact. I think it is a very sticky question to consider whether you limit the freedom of choice of the mother (as the baby is in fact in her body) or of the unborn child (who, if given the choice, would probably have a different opinion). All in all, I think your idea of leaving it to the states has a lot of merit. Well done!

    June 11, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    • hehe….ya I suppose I am a troublemaker but you make a significant point maybe without even realizing it. The reason these are such “hot button” topics is because they have been the same problems plaguing us for literally decades and as they continue to be the sources of empty promises from administration after administration people, whether knowingly or subconsciously, feel them like one would feel a splinter under your skin. The longer it is there the more painful, infected and annoying it becomes.

      June 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm

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