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The United States Place In World War III

As an American, I have spent my entire life under the blanket of military security and materialistic comfort that few countries have been able to so ably provide to their citizens throughout the history of the world. Sadly, this is something that could be drastically changing over the next few decades. It scares me to say that, I have a newborn daughter and I want her to grow up in a country of opportunity and stability but the more I observe the world, the more I have my doubts that she will be as comfortable as I am now when she is my age. I say this because the United States is now in a far more dangerous global situation than I think anyone realizes.

Consider the following. As a country we have many allies and also many enemies. Not necessarily enemies that will be invading us anytime soon, but enemies more in the sense of countries that simply do not like the people that we are, even if they begrudgingly deal with us for economic gain. Those countries, such as China, are the ones we are on a direct collision course with. We, as a nation, owe China a ridiculous amount of money. This debt is the reason we are willing to turn a blind eye to the human rights and other democratic violations that are a daily occurrence in what is the most populated country on the planet. With their population growth comes the continued growth of the Chinese economy and many people would agree that it is only a matter of “when” not “if” before they surpass us economically. When they do, it will be time for the USA to pay up on our debt to them and when we cannot, which is obviously what is going to happen, where does that lead? If we have no more money, money that we owe China, what is the only thing we have that they can take as payment? You guessed it…..our land.  This is the dangerous game we are playing with our massive debt to the world.

You see, if the United States declared war on China tomorrow, it is unlikely that any major world power would do a whole lot to help us and even if they did, European countries such as Great Britain or France only have the nuclear aspect to lend to the cause, not the massive standing military that we have. On the other side of the coin though, if China were to ever declare war on the United States, think about the countries that would happily join in against the United States and their allies simply out of their hatred for us, some of it deserved. China alone would be a formidable task alone for the USA to defend itself against, but in this scenario, one where superpowers so large begin a conflict, it would be almost guaranteed to balloon into a world war. In such a war, Russia would most likely back China, putting the USA and it’s allies at a disadvantage from the beginning. Then, with Russia’s involvement, it is safe to assume that Iran, who has ties to Russia, would welcome the chance to eradicate what they consider American imperialism. Next we would most likely see North Korea, a neighbor of China and an established enemy of the United States, be perfectly comfortable throwing their hat into the ring on China’s side and considering the strength of their massive military, it is hard to imagine the United States having any chance against those four countries. Except for the fact that is not everyone yet. Syria, an ally of Russia and a country provided military support from them, could almost surely be counted as a Russian ally in such a scenario as could all of the Arab countries that despise Israel. Speaking of Israel, they would find themselves pulled from the safety of the alliance with us right into a horrible geographical disadvantage against an army of countries they would now literally be surrounded by. Pakistan, another country growing tired of our drone strikes and our refusal to respect their borders or their sovereignty, would be far more likely to join the coalition against us than they would to help us.

Such an overwhelming disadvantage for the United States, Israel, and Europe would put everyone in a position where nuclear war would be inevitable. Now maybe none of this will ever happen because each country is that scared of a worldwide nuclear war, hopefully that will be the case, but everyone who lives here in the United States better realistically look at the world scenario and realize that the people who are against us have more power than the people who are with us, we just choose to flex it more publicly. Think about it, if Russia decided to invade a smaller country near its borders, say one of the states that used to be part of the Soviet Union, what could we really do about it? Send them a harshly worded letter?

The point of all this is that people need to be aware of the fact that the power of the United States is rapidly waning. We are an economic mess, our government is full of corrupt people profiting of our debt and our failing economy, the citizens are both struggling and also living a lower standard of life every year that goes by. What is happening to us now is what happens to great empires soon before they collapse and fracture into smaller countries, leaving behind a void that is usually filled by the next empire. This is how history has always gone and I am not quite sure why people think it isn’t going to happen to us. So what can we do as a nation prevent a situation that has happened time and time again to empire after empire? I cannot say that I have a concrete answer. Our reputation has become so soiled in the minds of the rest of the world that it has generated a want of “justice” so to speak from the rest of the world. Country after country can count itself in a group that believes we deserve to fall after our years of both underhanded and open actions that usually are only seen as fair by those involved in the corruption and to the rest of the world, our time has come.

It is sad to say this too because there was a time when the United States represented something good in the world, a beacon of opportunity that drew millions from around the world looking for a better life, a life of freedom, and now what have we become. A country where dollars mean more than morals, lies are the standard if you can only not be forced to reveal the truth, and us forcing our way of life on the rest of the world, even through force, is accepted and usually cheered. We cannot continue like this. If we as a people allow corporate influence, the lust for power and the greed for money to be the controlling interest in our government, it doe not take a genius to realize our time at the top is soon to come to an end. You’ve been warned…..act accordingly…


3 responses

  1. Your scenario is definitely not unlikely — people today are getting increasingly worried about a zombie apocalypse, or a Mayan prophecy, when good old common sense could tell you war is a far more likely catastrophe. Also, I love the pics!

    June 19, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    • Thanks as usual friend. I agree that this scenario is a little more likely than zombies but the funny thing is that if it did turn out to be zombies it would probably be easier to deal with!!LOL

      June 19, 2012 at 2:03 pm

  2. jtag

    This kind of speculation really makes an individual think about the future of this great country, when the time comes (IF it comes) I hope our country’s leadership makes the right decision because with technology now a days one push of a button can change nations.

    July 10, 2012 at 10:22 pm

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