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The Native Americans…Historically Screwed…

I was thinking about something today. We see so much conflict in the Middle East over the country of Israel and the land they occupy. Their divide with the Palestinians is a constant struggle and a constant thorn in the side of not only their region but the entire world. That is no big secret though. This has been going on for decades and other than a select group of Arab countries, most of the world supports their statehood. What I don’t understand is that if the Jewish people were given their state because it was theirs originally and therefore they should have it back then why doesn’t the United States have to give their land back to the Native Americans? They were here long before we were and their land was forcibly taken, plain and simple, so why is it just for the world, and more importantly, the United States, to support one people being given back what was theirs but not another?

It is a fair question and personally I think it is truly shameful that this is not an issue. I am not saying the entire country needs to move out but how can we justify our support of another group of people being given back their land, forcibly, while refusing to even begin to provide reparations to people we did the exact same thing to?? It is just a horrible example of how people are these days. Think about how years ago there were people who supported reparations for people whose families were slaves hundreds of years ago but screw the Indians right? Again, shameful. The worst part of it is how the government and citizens of this country were so blase about, acting like giving the Native Americans any rights was not even a consideration. In 1830 our Congress actually passed a bill called the Indian Removal Act….can you imagine how offended pretty much any race would be in today’s politically correct world if they tried something like that in today’s society?

Here’s a scenario to consider. Imagine tomorrow you woke up and saw on the news that the government was going to remove all the Hispanic illegal immigrants by passing a bill called the Mexican Removal Act. Can you even begin to imagine the outrage that would cause? The protests? The cries of racism? Also keep in mind, we would have that reaction and the people being removed in this case would be illegal and not the original residents here. With that being true, how could there be so much outrage over that but when it comes to the Native Americans, the original owners off this land, people don’t even blink or consider we basically wiped out an entire culture just to take their land.

The worst part about all this is that many people will read this and think I am crazy, say that happened hundreds of years ago so who cares, and again that is just a horribly shameful way to be. Yes, we didn’t have concentration camps like the Nazi’s did but we did intentionally spread disease and conflict all across the lands of an indigenous people with the direct goal of eradicating them from their land. When you celebrate July 4th this year, Independence day, remember that we left England in search of freedom and to get it we took that very freedom from a whole culture and destroyed it.


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