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The Pitifull Choices…

I am thinking that as far as the next presidential election goes most people are going to fall into one of four categories

    1. Democrat-You support Barrack Obama. By saying that you do you are basically endorsing the following; First, driving this country into debt that it will never recover from and also burdening your children and your children’s children with the financial irresponsibility that you are allowing to happen. Second, having social services run amok, allowing people to act much like a tick does, sucking the blood of the country and your neighbors while also poisoning and infecting the country with laziness and acceptance of people wanting to be supported by those who work harder than they do. Third, allowing the government to invade every aspect of your life with excessive bureaucracy, invasion of personal rights, and a “big brother” attitude that rivals most science fiction stories. Fourth, you are either unaware or in support of the United States government deploying hundreds if not thousands of unmanned drones over American airspace under the guise of “law enforcement” when in truth they will be used to illegally spy on and monitor the public. The bill to do so was signed in February by Obama and dozens of military bases are preparing to be the homes of these as we speak. Fifth, you support a government where the leaders give the positions of power, positions that are not elected by the people, to the scumbag buddies of whoever is making such appointments, in this case Obama. Sixth, socialism, plain and simple. Blaming the rich for every problem of the poor and making it so that being successful and having dreams that are grand puts you in a group of people who will be blamed for every problem. Seventh, you support the complete and total acceptance of anyone being able to walk into this country, not obtain citizenship but still be able to get a driver’s license, student loans from the government, and also be allowed to be a felon right out in the open in front of law enforcement with no penalty. There are more characteristics of the Democrat but that is a start.

  1. RepublicanFirst, corporate influence to be as connected to the government as mobsters were to local businesses back in the mob heavy days. Second-Excessive wealth obtained by individuals to the point that they gain control of so much of the business that they can rape the middle and lower class. Third- absolutely no compassion for anyone who is down and out, even if it is a legitimate case. No social services whatsoever and fuck all the elderly, the minorities and pretty much everyone else who is not rich or white. Fourth– A war monger mentality towards national defense policy. Policy that believes in forcibly taking from other countries, forcibly removing and controlling their governments and funding secret wars all over the globe that are basically run for the purpose of allowing corporations to benefit from the deaths of innocent people.Fifth-religious intolerance by people who believe in forcing their religion upon people whether they like it or not. If you’re not a Christian then you’re not a real republican.Sixth-discrimination against any non christian lifestyle a.k.a homosexuality. If you’re gay then you’re sick and you deserve no equal treatment. There are many more characteristics but that’s a start.


  1. Independent A.- First– radical belief systems that are obviously unproven and ripe with peril. Abortions for everyone, drug use for everyone. Second– foreign policy that goes too far in the opposite direction. Pulling every U.S. troop home from even the most noble of causes and if thousands die and half the world falls into chaos, who cares as long as you can sit there and get fat and high. Third-complete support of pretty much any personal behavior that doesn’t harm your neighbor without applying common sense. Taking a shit on your front lawn in broad daylight doesn’t hurt your neighbor, neither does having giant racist billboards on your property but is that the type of people you want your children to grow to be and see everyday?FourthEconomic policies that would allow the country to fall apart. No federal tax means no working roads, no firemen, no military to defend you and I don’t care if you own a gun because if China ever invades us, you’ll be begging for a military if you wind up in an interment camp .Again, there are many more but that is a start.


  1. Independent B/Common Sense-The smallest of the four groups. First-These people believe in common sense being applied to all problems. Government not supporting the people but at the same time offering options to those in need. Being generous to your neighbor but also being responsible for yourself. Second-tolerance of religion because in truth, no one is around to tell us which one is proven to be the correct one.Third- a military that can defend us and also contribute to worthwhile global causes without bullying smaller countries that do not want us involved in their business.Fourth-An economic system that allows for everyone to contribute a fair share and doesn’t allow the lazy to mooch off the working or the rich to take advantage of the poor.Fifth-An immigration system that allows immigrants to freely come here but also makes sure it is done legally without a system that makes it so difficult that they would rather be felons than legally join the country.

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