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Why Vote 2012?

With another presidential election at the end of this year, people are trying hard to find a noble and worthwhile person to throw their support behind. They want character, honesty, common sense and fairness and many are hoping, with their fingers crossed, that one of the candidates can provide that.

I am here to tell you not to waste your time. That’s right, I am proposing that every single American, regardless of your political affiliation, boycott this year’s presidential election. Why not? Do you honestly think anything as far as the credibility of our system is going to change? If so, what are you basing it on? I would love to know because maybe it is just me but I haven’t seen anything positive come out of an election at any point in my lifetime. Let me explain a little further.

First off, no matter who wins the election, the members of Congress, and their attitudes is not going to change. Each individual in Congress is guaranteed to continue to do three things. First, they will continue to be willing to sacrifice the well-being of the American people if helping the people requires them to admit their party is wrong on a certain issue. Secondly, they will continue to be more concerned about how their decisions will look when they come up for re-election than they will about how those same decisions will actually help the public. Thirdly, they will continue to be loyal to companies that they own stock in because if they are not and the company struggles, they will lose money. Anyone who thinks any of these things are going to change is either a moron, a liar unwilling to look at facts because their ego not being bruised is more important to them than the truth, or finally, they are morally corrupt in that they are willing to accept lies if it will benefit them personally but hurt everyone else.

That previous paragraph is truth, plain and simple and every fact out there supports it. All three of the points I made about Congress have been accepted fact about that group of leeches for the last 30 years and, again, if you cannot see that then you are truly a fool. What could possibly be done by any incoming president that will change that? Obviously nothing, the president cannot just push Congress around and again Congress has proven over the last four decades that they will happily allow the American people to suffer as long as they do not have to admit their political opponents are correct on an issue.

So back to my original point, why vote? Everything that is wrong with this country are the same issues that have been wrong for 30 years, for the last 7 presidents and not a single one of the problems have ever been solved. Abortion? Still no compromise. Gay Marriage? Still no compromise. Taxes? Still no compromise. Economy? Still no compromise. Foreign policy/defense spending? Still no compromise. Immigration? Still no compromise. Gun rights? Still no compromise. Every single one of these issues have been at the center of every election in pretty much the entire lifetime of every American. The problems are never solved, solutions are only temporarily forced through by whoever controls the serve during that presidential cycle. The minute the other side takes back the power, the policies revert back to that sides view. There has never been any compromise and no intelligent person can show me a single action in the last half century to make one believe it is about to change. Obama is running his election on continuing his policies while his opponent, Mitt Romney, is running on the platform that he will change all the Obama moves back to the Republican side they were on during the Bush years. Neither of them is providing a single, permanent solution to a single problem!!! Not a single one!!!


So again, I ask, why vote? Let me go ahead and debunk any of the obvious answers I will get to this question. People will say “if you don’t vote, you aren’t being represented and therefore can’t complain.” News flash Einstein….YOU AREN’T BEING REPRESENTED ANYWAY. Who do you think is representing you? In 2008 the whole freaking country was behind Obama and his message of “change”, which really just turned out to mean we “changed” what guy sat in the big fancy building and argued with Congress. Not a single policy Obama has passed has permanently solved a single problem. Just like no policy Bush passed permanently solved a single problem. Just like no policy Clinton passed permanently solved a single problem. Starting to see a pattern here?

The role of our leaders is to collectively work together to solve problems, not to just pass them on to the next group of their peers to argue about. Instead of voting this year, do something worthwhile that will help mankind, like plant a tree because in the end, a tree providing us with oxygen is a larger accomplishment than any president has made in this country in decades.


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