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ObamaCare…What Did You Expect?

Obamacare survived certain doom with the Supreme Court and conservatives are outraged. The waves of reaction have ranged from joy on the left to hate on the right. Regardless of what side of the political fence you are on, this should not surprise you much though because in the end it came down to the governments right to impose additional tax on you. Obviously, you get the message, this was a chance for the government to show you, through evidence of Supreme Court-level law and examination, that they have the legal right to force you to behave a certain way in your life and if you refuse, they have the right to legally impose a tax on you as a penalty. Such a ruling lays the ground for the leaders of this country to wield additional taxes as a penalty for non-conformity and that my friends, in plain sight, is a directly fascist direction.

Usually I try to only use my own writing but I want to share what I think is the most well written description of modern-day fascism and you can decide what countries you believe fall into that category. The following is directly from the page on Wikipedia.org on fascism and it just really seems to be dead on. Again, the credit does not go to me…..except for my usual post-quote commentary.

 ” To achieve its goals, the fascist state purges forces, ideas, people, and systems deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration

(This is what is currently being fought over by two major factions in our government. Factions are exactly what the Democrats and Republicans are, consisting of political figures being aligned with major corporations trying to fuel their complete domination in the political arena in order to force a way of life on the people. These two factions are connected to and are the heart of, the media, the banking industry, the telecommunication industry and now, with this ruling, they are continuing a slowly growing trend that uses the legal right to impose new taxes as a tool of force. The direction each side is heading are two different paths but both will achieve the same goal. A passive country that has no will to stop those at the top who profit handsomely as the general public struggles. If the will of the people starts to grow in strength and question the authority of the government the people allow themselves to be drugged into a  constant haze, intoxicating them with a constant stream of entertainment, sex, violence, distraction, religion, drugs, and countless other influences that keep them sick, but not dying, to power the medical industry, keep them working but not rich, keep them buying to measure their self value, and keep them complaining in order to use their voices to power politically aligned media sources to indoctrinate the people. That’s the brilliance of it really, the complaining that is. It never accomplishes anything but it allows people to THINK it will. They BELIEVE their voice matters but in truth, it has only a minor impact on the actually decision-making of each parties leaders. Instead of it empowering the people, it is used as a political weapon that can be used by whatever party can claim the more closely aligned position to the side of the topic that is currently the most popular amongst the public. It adds momentum to the push each election cycle for each party to get more of “theirs” into office and why would they want to do that? Well, generally speaking, they want to do that so they can legally force their position on the public and, in a sense, morally govern the people. Look at it all thoroughly, its right in front of you.

Fascism promotes political violence and war as forms of direct action that promote national rejuvenation, spirit and vitality.

This has been obvious over the last 20 years in these parts. The “war on terror” has spun wildly out of control, really just becoming the slow eradication of any Muslim country that “could” have terrorists in them. Additionally, the “war on terror” has become a justification by our leaders to probe further into your life than you ever should have let them. 9/11 was a tragic and horrible event but it is surpassed by the sadness of its use to launch repeated wars against other sovereign nations. None of the countries that we have invaded performed any kind of military act against our country. Did they have people who were criminals that we were determined to capture? Quite possibly, but a country harboring a fugitive is not a legitimate reason to attack other nations physically on the national level, using military forces to enforce government policy upon other free governments. The whole premise of deciding which governments are going to be allowed to exist being an automatic right of ANY COUNTRY is ridiculous and tyrannical. I believe Saddam Hussein was a terrible person, I will openly admit that, but it did not justify us invading a country with its own beliefs, own cultures, and helping EXECUTE their leader, the very same leader that decades earlier was an ally, shaking hands with our Secretary of Defense. This is especially true when lies are used to justify it . In the end, when the reasons for invading another country is anything but self-defense, it is an act of evil, plain and simple.

Fascists commonly utilize paramilitary organizations to commit or threaten violence against their opponents.

This is so true that everybody knows about these agencies but, in truth, knows nothing about what they are actually doing. F.E.M.A., the N.S.A.(The National Security Agency), the D.E.A(Drug Enforcement Administration), the C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency), nobody truly knows what these people are doing until they really mess something up, such as in the Fast and Furious case that has been in the news. One of these types of agencies selling guns to criminals that are then used to murder people. The CIA openly admitted that they were giving LSD to unknowing citizens in some bizarre social mind control experiment. These are just two of literally countless number of these types of incidents. The Department of Defense, the military, all use drones, flown by remote control to assassinate people as they see fit, justifying it only to themselves. All of these groups, and many, many more operate subversive and specifically designed actions amongst us daily in order to continue to indoctrinate each and every citizen, and make the lives of those they cannot miserable.


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