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Colorado Shooting,Gun Rights, And The Reason We Are Moving Backwards…

Colorado Shooting,Gun Rights, And The Reason We Are Moving Backwards….


Colorado Shooting,Gun Rights, And The Reason We Are Moving Backwards…

After the horrible events that took place at a midnight screening of the “Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, the debate over gun rights has again taken center stage in our country. Both sides of the gun control issue have tried to use this horrific event to further justify their positions of either more or less gun rights for Americans but to be honest, this event has changed nothing as far as the issue goes because, as usual, the citizens of this country seem to focus on what I consider a smaller aspect to this issue.

I mean, have we really reached a point in our society where we are all so comfortable with killing each other for a variety of reasons that everyone needs to walk around armed? A society like that is a society that is both scary and also underdeveloped. A society where we have all become so interested in the domination of each other that we all demand the need to be able to defend ourselves to the death when we walk to the grocery store. It is sad really.

Now, I am not arguing against gun rights or the right to bear arms or any of that. I completely understand why people want the right to bear arms in this country. The government is taking away civil rights every day, violating our personal liberty and independence, and aside from that being an obvious reason to want to be able to defend ourselves, the other citizens around us are growing more and more paranoid of each other every day. Additionally, this paranoia and general distrust for anyone we don’t know, combined with an ever-growing amount of fear of the corrupt people at the top in this country, is magnifying people’s need to have a weapon that can protect them and their families and that should surprise no one. The thing is though, think about where this leaves us. It is almost a situation where we are becoming a modern-day version of the wild wild west. A society that has become so oppressive and so violent, so distrustful of each other, so generally immoral that it is not going to surprise me if one of our future elections is decided by thousands of voters having a massive gun fight.

That is the problem. The problem is that even though we are long past the days of cavemen, we really haven’t changed at all. You would think that as human beings have evolved over the years we would grow into a race of creatures able to solve their differences without violence but we have not. All we have done is become more technologically advanced cavemen, resorting to the same “spear in the chest” mentality to express our differences that our ancient ancestors did before the spoken word and reason started to have an influence on our ability to compromise. Hell, the way things are in today’s world has gotten so bad that I would completely understand if someone wanted to put a gun turret on their roof, couldn’t you? Why would that surprise anyone?

We are rapidly heading towards a point where this country, along with the rest of the world, is going to just become a gigantic, overpopulated arena of death and the right to have a gun should be taking a back seat to us asking why our society is so violent that everybody needs one. This is the point where I usually lose a lot of people, you see I expect humanity to responsibly advance in our evolution of behavior. It is no surprise to me that one of the biggest arguments in this country is the constant justification and need for all of us to have weapons to kill each other with, without ever questioning what that says about our evolution as a race of creatures. This constant evolution of ways to harm each other, and people’s usual answer that the solution to violence is having more people with weapons of violence, is a true indication of what simple and underdeveloped creatures we are. There is a gun in my household and when I look at the people in our society, my suggestion would be to have one in yours, but the fact that we can all make that statement so easily and as such a common part of our society really and truly shows that we are on a path onto destruction as a people.

Im Back Folks..

To my very small circle of readers, I wanted to let you know I am returning from an extended hiatus. I have a newborn child and after my wife returned to work after maternity leave, I have been getting a first class example of what mothers raising children really go through. As a result, I took a break from writing and also have gained a new-found respect for those mothers and fathers out there that spend their time home with children……it’s freaking exhausting….lol…..anyway, thanks to all who have been reading my page and expect some good blogs because my mind is backed up and about to explode…..great to see you all again…..