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Im Back Folks..

To my very small circle of readers, I wanted to let you know I am returning from an extended hiatus. I have a newborn child and after my wife returned to work after maternity leave, I have been getting a first class example of what mothers raising children really go through. As a result, I took a break from writing and also have gained a new-found respect for those mothers and fathers out there that spend their time home with children……it’s freaking exhausting….lol…..anyway, thanks to all who have been reading my page and expect some good blogs because my mind is backed up and about to explode…..great to see you all again…..



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  1. My husband has been a stay at home dad for our two young kids for the past year and a half… we both affirm it’s much harder than working “full-time” every day. Tough but rewarding — enjoy it!!

    July 30, 2012 at 1:06 pm

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