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The Hypnotic U.S. Government….

You want a simple and easy to understand example of why this country is getting so fucked up?? Read on….


Here are some numbers on the length of service by the members of our current Congress. The reason that this is meaningful is because we have a government structure that, in order to function, requires the people to both vote in people who will represent their views, and also vote out people who are either corrupt or incompetent in their duties. Now when you look at the United States, we have a plethora of issues; Tax issues, massive debt, racial issues, government and corporate corruption, illegal immigration, a crumbling infrastructure, a crumbling healthcare system, a crumbling economy, foreign policy problems that have left most of the world hating our guts, a constant fight over abortion rights, a constant fight over same-sex marriage, a constant fight over civil liberties. Now, all of these issues have easily existed since 1990. Actually, most of them existed before then but we will use that date as a point of reference. Now considering that these problems have been arguably around for over 20 years, the very concept of our system of government would dictate that since our members of Congress have either not been able to solve these issues or, even worse, have been involved in making them worse, common sense would dictate that there must have been many members who were elected, failed at their job, and were then booted by the people in exchange for a new representative to try and do the job they could not.This is where the facts come in. Considering the long-term standing and continued worsening of almost every one of those issues, look how many members of Congress have retained their seats despite it being a proven fact that they ARE NOT AND HAVE NOT DONE THEIR JOBS!!

  • There are 60….SIXTY….members of the House of Representatives that have held their seat for more than 20 years! In that group, there are more than 20 that have held their seat since 1983!!! Almost THIRTY YEARS.


  • There are 25 Senators…..ONE QUARTER OF ALL THE SENATORS….who have been in office for 34 YEARS OR MORE! THIRTY FOUR YEARS!!!


  • Beyond the 60 House members who have more than 20 years of service, there are another 100 or so who have been there for 10-20 years. Again, considering the government has yet to find a permanent solution to ANY of the problems listed above, what MERITS are they being elected on??

I could go on and on about the travesty of justice that has been the permanent takeover of our government by a group of people who lie their way into office, then follow it up by becoming large-scale stock holders in the companies THAT THEY REGULATE in order to not only control the government but to become disgustingly rich. They become rich by taking part in TEXTBOOK INSIDER TRADING as they rub elbows with the top dogs of corporations THEY REGULATE and obviously, the laws they pass and the regulations they enact are going to be ones that increase the value of the companies, thereby increasing the value of the stocks they use to get wealthy.

This is all so fucking obvious, so right in front of the American public, that it is almost unbelievable that it is continued to allow to happen. Then again, the fact that it is testifies to the weak-minded, easily indoctrinated condition of the American public. Scared, weak-minded people easily bought and sold with materialism, propaganda, and fear mongering as they are charmed with their “freedoms” and their “liberties” when in truth they actually control nothing. We, as a populous, have allowed ourselves to be turned into slaves, the only difference is we all think we are not, and none of us can see the chains as they are embedded in our minds. Don’t sweat it though…you never had a choice…..or did you?



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