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Is Iran A Threat???HAHAHAHA…..NO!!!!!!!!


Talking to people out there, I still think that the citizens of this country truly have no idea how paranoid and violent the United States really is. Our mainland has not been attacked by another nation since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and when they did, killing thousands of Americans, we responded by killing 200,000 Japanese people, many of them just innocent civilians living under leadership that made a foolish move. Since then, the only attack against America was what happened on 9/11, but that was not an attack carried out by a country, it was carried out by a small group of radicals led by Osama Bin Laden, a man who formerly was a friend and employee of our country. That’s if you believe the official story but that is a whole different post. The point of this post is to try and give you a real understanding of both how armed this country really is, and how ridiculous it is when politicians try to use fear to control the masses. I will try to put this as bluntly as possible…..there is no country that poses even a small threat to the United States. Our military is the most massive and powerful entity this planet has ever seen and we are so far past what we actually need as far as military buildup goes, that for anyone to imply Iran, Iraq, Syria, or any of these countries with big mouths but little ability, could pose even a slight threat to us is propaganda and fear-mongering at its worst……seriously, look at the following list of what our military actually has and then try and tell me anyone is a threat to us with a straight face. Keep in mind these are approximate numbers taken directly from government sources and other sites that have verification of accuracy. I am just passing these numbers on to give people a real idea of what we really have. AGAIN I MUST REITERATE THAT AS MASSIVE AS THIS LIST IS, IT IS ONLY A PARTIAL LIST…..THERE IS MUCH,MUCH MORE THAN THIS…THE VEHICLES LISTED WITH NO NUMBER AFTER THEM WERE TO ONES I WAS NOT ABLE TO FIND ANY QUANTITY OF, ONLY VERIFIED THEIR EXISTENCE…

These are approximate numbers taken from a variety of sites with references as to where they acquired their information.The number, when provided, are the quanity we admit to having.

Main Battle Tank

M1 Abrams 6,343

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

M2 Bradley 6,724

Armored Personnel Carriers

 Stryker 4,187

 LAV-25 ~1,500

 M113 armored personnel carrier 6,000

 Assault Amphibious Vehicle 1,311

Bison armored personnel carrier 12

Pandur I 50

Light Armored Vehicles

Humvee ~260,000

M1117 Armored Security Vehicle 1,836

 Desert Patrol Vehicle

 Light Strike Vehicle

 Advanced Light Strike Vehicle

 Ranger Special Operations Vehicle

 Interim Fast Attack Vehicle 157

 Ground Mobility Vehicle


Mine Protected Vehicles

RG-31 1,963

RG-33 1,735

Cougar ~3,500 on order

International MaxxPro 5,250 on order

BAE Caiman 2,800 on order

Oshkosh M-ATV 8,108 on order

Buffalo 200


Combat engineering vehicles

M9 Armored Combat Earthmover 447


M88 Recovery Vehicle 698

 M104 Wolverine 44


 Wheel tractor-scraper


    Caterpillar D7

    Caterpillar D9

    M816 Wrecker

    Husky VMMD


Self-Propelled artillery and Anti-Air

Stryker Mobile Gun System

M109A6 Paladin (155 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage; Full-Track) 850

Dragon Fire (Self-Propelled Mortar) 66

 M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System 991


 M901 Improved Tow Vehicle

 M1097 Avenger 1000

 MIM-104 Patriot 1106 launchers

 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense 24 interceptors

Prime Movers and Trucks

 Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement 7,500


 Heavy Equipment Transport System

 M35 2½ ton cargo truck

 M939 Truck 32,000


 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles 80,000

 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck 13,000

    Logistics Vehicle System


    Palletized Load System

    Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle

    R-11 Refueler

    Gun Truck


John Deere Gator


 Bandvagn 206

 M1030M1 Motorcycle

 M93 Fox 123

 Jaguar 2 (a.k.a. the Badger)


 Forklift truck

 Oshkosh Striker

 Rhino Runner

 Mamba APC

 Wiesel 1 7


Unmanned Combat Vehicles

Dragon Runner

 iRobot 510 Packbot

 XM1216 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle

 iRobot 710 Warrior

Foster-Miller TALON

    MARCbot IV

    Remotec ANDROS

    Squad Mission Support System (SMSS)

Experimental Vehicles

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)

 Transformer (flying car)

 Marine Personnel Carrier

 Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV)

 GCV Infantry Fighting Vehicle

 Adaptive Vehicle Make

 Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS)

 Black Knight (Unmanned Combat Vehicle) prototype only


MILITARY AIRCRAFT                       TYPE                     QTY

A-10 Thunderbolt II                       Attack Aircraft   345

AC-130 Spectre                               Gunship              25

B-1 Lancer                                        Bomber                66

B-52 Stratofortress                         Bomber               20

C-5 Galaxy                                        Cargo Aircraft    103

C-12 Huron                                       Cargo Aircraft    65

C-17 Globemaster III                      Cargo Aircraft    213

Gulfstream C-20                              VIP/Passenger/Cargo aircraft     7

Learjet C-21                                      VIP/Passenger aircraft   55          

Boeing C-22                                      Passenger aircraft            3

C-26 Metroliner                Cargo Aircraft                   11

C-27J Spartan                                  Cargo Aircraft                   13

Boeing C-32                                      Passenger Aircraft           8

Gulfstream C-37                              VIP/Passenger Aircraft   11

Gulfstream C-38                              VIP/Passenger Aircraft   2

C-40 Clipper                                     Passenger Aircraft           10

C-130 Hercules                                Cargo Aircraft                   328

C-130J Super Hercules                   Cargo Aircraft                   89

E-3 Sentry                          Command and Control Aircraft  32

Boeing E-4                         Command and Control Aircraft  4

E-38 Joint STARS              Command and Control Aircraft  17

E-9A Widget                      Surveillance Aircraft                      2

EC-130J Commando       Electronic Warfare Aircraft          7

EC-130H Compass Call    Electronic Warfare Aircraft          14

F-15 Eagle                          Air Superiority Fighter                   254

F-16 Fighting Falcon        Fighter Aircraft                                1004

F-15E Strike Eagle            Fighter Aircraft                                221

F-22 Raptor                       Air Superiority Fighter                   195

F-35 LightningII                Fighter Aircraft                                12

U-2 Dragon Lady              Reconnaissance Aircraft               26

AV-8B Harrier II                Attack Aircraft                                 99

F-35 Lightning II               Fighter Aircraft                                7(340 on order)

E-6 Mercury                      Electronic Warfare Aircraft          16

EA-6B Prowler   Carrier based Electronic Warfare Aircraft               36

EA-18G Growler Carrier based Electronic Warfare Aircraft              48(114 on order)

F-5F/N Tiger II                   Fighter Aircraft                                44

F/A-18 Hornet                  Carrier based Fighter Aircraft                     433

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet               Carrier based Fighter Aircraft      489


This list of planes does not include thousands of refueling planes, cargo transports, training planes, various transports and reconnaissance planes of the highest technology.


HH-60 Pave Hawk            Search and rescue copter             99

UH-1N Twin Huey            Utility Helicopter                             62

AH-6 Little Bird                 Attack Helicopter                            51

AH-64 Apache                  Attack Helicopter                            727

CH-47 Chinook                 Cargo Helicopter                             442

EH-60 Black Hawk            Electronic Warfare Copter            64

MH-47 Chinook                MultiMission Copter                      61

MH-60 Black Hawk          MultiMission Copter                      58

AH-1 SuperCobra             Attack Helicopter                            153

AH-1Z Viper                       Attack Helicopter                            28(189 on order)


MQ-1 Predator                 Drone                                                 138

MQ-1C Grey Eagle           Drone                                                 12(133 planned)

RQ-4 Global Hawk           Drone                                                 25(66 planned)

RQ-7 Shadow                    Drone                                                 110+(official # not released)

MQ-9 Reaper                    Drone                                                 77(396 planned)


CVN Nimitz Class              Aircraft Carrier                                 10

USS Enterprise(CVN-65)               Aircraft Carrier                                 1

DDG Arleigh Burke Class               Destroyer                           62(77 planned)

CG Ticonderoga Class                    Cruiser                                22

FFG Perry Class                                Frigate                                23

Cyclone Class                                   Patrol Boat                        12

SSN Seawolf class                           Attack Submarine           43

SSN Virgina Class                            Attack Submarine           7(30 planned)

SSBN/SSGN Ohio Class                 Ballistic/cruise missile sub            18


The Pentagon reports that the United States has 5,113 nuclear warheads

Now, the above figures are again only a partial list but you should be able to see what I mean. How could a country like Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan, or even a large group of radicals such as Al-Qaeda, be called even the smallest threat to our country?? The equipment listed above is of the highest technological levels in the world and that is not even counting the “secret” or “classified” aspects of our military, which are surely even more powerful.

Then you factor in the CIA, an organization that has most likely infiltrated any government they have chosen to. Then you factor in our special forces, our “black ops” which are units that act regularly but are never admitted to even exist. Then you factor in our chemical, biological and germ warfare projects, most too horrible to even reveal to the general public. There are government documents, declassified and right out in the open for anyone who wants to take the time to look, showing government funding for projects such as mind control, such as genetic engineering of insects with the intention of dispersing them, say mosquitos infected with smallpox for example, into countries that have no idea we are doing so. There are classified military projects that are working to produce “invisible” vehicles, projects creating robotic soldiers, projects working on laser technology, even projects working on teleportation. THIS IS NOT PARANOIA, YOU CAN FIND INFORMATION ONLINE FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES WITH DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS SHOWING ALL OF THIS AND IT WOULD ONLY TAKE A MINIMAL EFFORT ON YOUR PART.

So the next time Romney, Obama, Sarah  Palin or any of the other countless idiots in government try to scare you, try to take your gun or your rights away from you based on FEAR OF ATTACK BY COUNTRIES THAT ARE 1/10000TH OF WHAT WE ARE, TELL THEM TO TRY TALKING TO SOMEONE WHO IS A PROGRAMMED DRONE BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.




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