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The United States And The Most Devious Prison Ever Designed

It is an interesting time in human existence. In the United States, we are witnessing one of the most devious, multilayered and brilliant enslavement’s of a populous in the history of the world. It is as well thought out as it is truly evil, mainly because instead of the people fighting the forced submission coming down upon them, the people responsible for this have figured out a way to make the people not only willingly accept their servitude, but instead embrace it. There are so many levels to the whole plan that it can be difficult to explain but I am going to try regardless.

The first step was when this country was founded. People from across the oceans came here searching for freedom and that fact is ironic because it is that perception of freedom that is the foundation of the entire system and its ability to control its citizens. Think about it for a moment because the illusion of freedom began at this moment. Consider the fact that the people who founded this country wanted freedom so what did they do? They sailed to a land far away, a land already occupied by an entire culture of people, the Native Americans, and forcibly took it from them, both through sheer force and through laws they enacted once they got there. It really is no different than if you walked onto your neighbor’s property and then began taking his things. When he objected to you stealing his stuff, you then reply by either having your friends beat him up, or telling him you have just made a new rule allowing you to take his possessions. What authority would you have to make such a rule? The answer is none, but because your friends are there to back you up, you do it anyway. If he fights you, he gets his ass kicked exactly as the Natives of this land did.

So, after our founders arrived here, they expressed their support of freedom by taking that very freedom from a land they invaded. Neither Columbus nor anyone else “discovered” this land because there were already people here. After doing so, they began to grow their country. They fought the British for the land they had recently stolen from the Native Americans. After their victory, the country began to grow at a rapid rate. We drafted a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, both documents that were portrayed as being safeguards against tyranny, even as the men who wrote it OWNED African Americans. How could people who are demanding freedom own another human being against their will? It is an interesting and noteworthy point to remind everyone that when the Constitution was drafted, a document designed to protect freedom, it actually included provisions designed to continue the importation of slaves. So again, we have a document designed to protect freedoms declaring laws enabling one group of people to own another. This was one of the earliest forms of what is really the brilliant key to the invisible oppression happening in this country, that being the ability to say one thing enough times that people just start believing it, even when the very people saying it are doing the exact opposite. Again, a Constitution is written to protect freedom but has rules in it that specifically take freedom from a whole culture of people.

So as the years go by, the individual freedom given to the citizens of this country begins to intoxicate them with its ability to ignore any type of morality and in its place, let’s the citizens get drunk with greed, with lust, and with pride. Almost anything becomes acceptable and the people eat it up. They focus their entire lives on attaining massive wealth, basing their self-worth on material items, gaining power over others, and using the freedom they have to crush anyone who opposes the immorality of their ways. There has never been a country like this and it attracts people from all over the world. They are drawn here by the dream of higher achievement than is almost impossible in almost any culture. In doing so though, they become so ingrained in the system here that they will believe anything as long as it is presented under the guise of liberty and freedom. The country grows and as it does, after a century or so, finds that the country is at odds of the issue of the enslaved blacks, with half the population believing they should be free while the rest believe they should remain enslaved, wanting to deny other human beings the same liberties and freedom they demand for themselves. The moral compass of those wishing to retain their liberty but deny it to the blacks is so far into the hypocritical area that they go to war with the half that wants the blacks treated equally. In the end, the slaves are freed but despite the end of their enslavement, they are still treated no better than dogs. They are not allowed to use the same bathroom, ride the same vehicles, and attend the same schools. Little by little these barriers are broken as we head into the middle of the 1900’s but most of the advances have to be forced upon the whites instead of them willingly doing it because it is the right thing to do. Also, around this time, that being the 1950’s or so, an aspect of the government begins to construct an almost “secret government” that is slowly and invisibly tightening its control over the people who think they are “free”. They slowly get into bed with the telecommunications industry, most of the time justifying their illegal monitoring of citizens as “matters of national security”. The military begins to grow into a monstrosity, building up a technologically advanced military so large that it is fair to argue it would have little problem destroying the rest of the world. By the late 1960’s, after the invention of the nuclear bomb, the United States at one point has over 30,000 nuclear warheads, enough to level every square inch of the planet. At the same time, members of the government begin to become major stockholders in the largest corporations in the world, often finding themselves in charge or regulating with laws the very companies they are invested in, ensuring both insider trading and a rapid increase in wealth for a small percentage of the populous. Computers are starting to advance and as they do, they give the highest and most secret agencies of the government another technological road that leads them to further control of the populous.

In the 1970’s, women start to gain more rights, after spending years being denied the very freedoms that every man demands. The United States finds itself becoming more and more dominant globally and as they do, the CIA along with the military increases the amount and the frequency of their meddling in the free rights of other countries to run their lands as they see fit. Also, with the growth of the country comes an ever increasing need for oil and this need lays the groundwork for the subversive meddling we now see in the Middle East today. We see our country begin to secretly and publicly interfere in the affairs of countries that do not want us there. We fund rebel groups trying to unseat their governments and during this time, the CIA goes into business with a group in Afghanistan called the Mujahedin and provides assistance to a man named Osama Bin Laden as we support their efforts against Russia, the only other country that could be truly called a superpower at this point in time.

Now, the previous statements in this post are general because to detail every aspect of this longstanding and evil plan would take me the rest of my natural life. That doesn’t mean I do not believe my statements are true because I do, it just means that before you take them to heart, take a few minutes and use the wealth of information at your fingertips in this technological age and research them for yourself.

Now let’s fast forward to today’s world. The continuation of the governments “shadow” infiltration in every aspect of society is reaching its peak. The United States controls the space around this planet. We have launched and operated literally hundreds of satellites and currently the number that are still up there is debatable, but it is well known that there are multiple active ones that are capable of controlling and directing missile defense, communications, and observations as accurate as if you were standing in front of the target with a camera. The government of this country, having continued its integration into the telecommunications industry, including all landlines and cellular phones along with pretty much any frequency that goes through the air, now is able to monitor almost all communications. They are supposed to have a warrant to do such a thing but because they control everything, there is no way to know what they actually monitor and record. Additionally, they have the resources, technology and ability to monitor anything that goes through the world of cyberspace, which is pretty much everything. Personal information, emails, banking information, private conversations, no matter what it is, the government can and does monitor it without your authorization. Even your conversations and movements are not safe, as they have the capability to monitor not only the global positioning of your cellphone but with all GPS devices in cars and other technologies going through satellite and technological channels, there are few actions a man or woman can take that cannot be monitored. Whether it is the use of your credit card or the countless and ever growing total of cameras everywhere in our society, we have truly reached the state of big brother.

The scariest part though, the most brilliant aspect in an evil way, is the true mastery of propaganda though the channels of information that almost everyone uses. Those in power have realized that it is a fast food world, a time in our countries history where people gather their information in small doses instead of deeply researching what they hear and because of this, they have realized that if they say something enough times, mis-characterize a person’s words frequently enough, that the vast majority of people who hear it will believe it and belief is arguably the most powerful aspect of human control. It is truly staggering how many people believe things pumped through channels that are obviously biased and have a vested interest in making people believe one thing or another. Much like the drones we use to cowardly strike and kill people dubbed “enemies”, people themselves are slowly being numbed out. Between the drugs in the food, the drugs in the water, the drugs in the air, the drugs in the medicine, what chance does the human mind really have?

Even those individuals who are capable of seeing through the cloud of illusion have little chance. Realizing the truth of this country and the world can drive a person to near madness and when it does, it only becomes easier for the system to isolate and control that person, because if someone steps out of line or crosses the path of the wrong powerful person, it is child’s play to use their massive power of influence through information to discredit and destroy anyone they wish to. Additionally, much in the same way that media and information is used to control and influence the people, the pride of the nation, the patriotism of a nation is used in just as devious of a way. Anything the government can wrap in the American flag, they do because the people of this country are so prideful, so blindly supportive of anything America does, right or wrong, that those in control know for a fact that they can just completely destroy anyone who questions their actions as “unpatriotic” and a “hater of America”, effectively destroying their reputation in one fell swoop. A perfect example of this was the amplification of the patriotic view after 9/11. Since that time in this country, anyone who has questioned the government’s motives or right in any aspect of military action is quickly labeled as “hating the troops”. How ridiculous, as if someone who thinks it is wrong to invade a country truly wants the troops to be killed. The same type of thing has happened to the militias that used to exist in every state in the Union. These militias are supposed to exist as a safeguard against the federal government becoming tyrannical, but after 9/11 and the radical Oklahoma City bombing, anyone interested in forming such a militia is now an extremist or a terrorist when these militias used to be one of the most glaring examples of citizens protecting their right to freedom.

I am going to wrap it up right there because I have probably already lost a large chunk of readers a paragraph or two ago. I have at times been labeled unbalanced and after reading this, if that is what you think I am, you are obviously free to do so but I hope, for the sake of your children and mine, you at least consider the possibility of what I am saying because if you, for just one second, detach yourself from the system that so ingrains most of us and look at the truth and the facts in an unbiased way, I think you will be scared by what you find.


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