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Election Issues/The Same Old Problems Part 1

Is it really that difficult? Seriously, how many more decades are the people of this country going to have to wait before we can start counting on our leadership to put our well-being before their quest for wealth and power? You know, the funniest part of that point is that as a citizen, I would not even care if the “elite” were unbelievably rich and powerful if they attained that wealth and power while actually solving our problems!

I am going to take a moment and pretend I have won the presidency and that all of Congress was united with me in their goal to fix our country’s issues. Most of the answers seem pretty obvious to me, so let us examine a few possible solutions….and keep in mind, I am just coming up with these right now as I sat down to write this post, these solutions are so obvious in almost every situation that it is fair to assume that our leaders just really do not want to solve them, the answers to these problems are so freaking obvious!!! If you read this post, I hope you will take a moment to comment as I would like to hear what people think of each issue’s solution and also what they think we be a good way to resolve these issues.

One more note. I do realize the biggest thing working against these problems being solved is the refusal of the main two political parties to ever compromise but it is up to us to remind them who the boss is in this country, that being the citizens. We have the power of 300,000,000 of us, why are we letting a few thousand morons force stupidity upon us?

Also, when reading this post, I hope you realize that while some of my solutions sound harsh, the fact is they need to be. That is the problem with this country nowadays; we look past obvious solutions because they may “hurt someone’s feelings”. The problems we have are ever-growing and unless we have the strength to make the hard decisions we need to, these very same issues will plague us for generations to come.


Abortion- Ok, a few key points here. First off, tax dollars cannot be used for abortions, plain and simple. Abortion is not universally accepted throughout the country and because of that fact, we cannot use the nation’s tax dollars to fund it or programs directly related to it. Secondly, while it is quite obvious that many people have a religious objection to the whole concept of abortion this country has a separation of church and state so if we are going to find a solution that works for everyone, religion must be left out of it.

This issue is a perfect example of both personal liberty but also public responsibility. Yes, a person should have the final say over what is done to their bodies and the government should have as little control over each of our bodies, that is without question. At the same time, the whole concept of abortion is one of giving people an excuse not to take responsibility for their sexual actions. Yes, there are cases of rape, incest, or a birth threatening a mother’s life and in those very sad cases, abortion can be a necessary evil, but these cases do not comprise the majority of performed abortions. Instead, people who did not or do not want a child have irresponsibly participated in a physical act that they KNOW can and will produce a child. There are measures of birth control out there, this much is true, and there are times that they will fail to protect against a pregnancy, but the bottom line is that if you are engaging in sexual intercourse than you immediately become responsible for the child that can be produced. Don’t like it? Don’t want the risk? Then control yourself and do not participate in an action that you know the result of. If you are of the thought that “I can have sex if I want to!”, you’re right, you, can but if you choose to then TAKE THE GODDAMN RESPONSIBILITY THAT COMES ALONG WITH YOUR ORGASM!

So what is a fair solution? Allowing each state to make their choice would seem like the logical choice. If you live in a state that doesn’t allow you to do what you want, you have the freedom to move to a state that does. If you are against what one state does, while you do have the right to move, you DO NOT have the right to try to use the federal government to force people you don’t even know to live like YOU think they should. To do so is a classic example of an oppressive, fascist view. It is really just that simple. If you think “God” is going to be angered by other people’s choices, remember that the same scripture you quote to justify that belief states that wrath is God’s, not yours, to dispense.

Immigration- This country was built on immigration, there is no other argument. For decades, people from all parts of this planet have been flowing into the United States, wanting an opportunity for a life not available to them in other countries. Sadly, despite immigration being the foundation that this country’s population was built on, in today’s world it has become so vilified that it is bordering on racism. Now obviously, people who immigrate to this country should be held to the responsibility of attaining citizenship. At the same time though, the government, and their complete incompetence, is the main reason this situation has gone from what should have been an easy fix, to a nationwide nightmare. You see, our leaders for so long looked the other way on all the illegals here and in doing so, they sent the message that they were not going enforce the law.  Once that message was sent out and then combined with what is a ridiculously difficult, time-consuming and overly complex process of applying for citizenship, it produced an environment where there is little motivation or urgency for an illegal to work to change his or her status. Additionally, the capitalist driven need for wealth has made it so legitimate businessmen, men who commit no crimes in any other aspect of their lives, are happy to employ the illegals because they can pay them less under the table and therefore increase their own personal profits. After considering all this, it is easy to say that all sides are at fault in this issue. The immigrants for sneaking into a country that isn’t theirs and not following the law of the land, the government for encouraging apathy towards the law by looking the other way, and the citizens for not having a problem with it because they make money off the illegal labor. It is a total failure by everyone involved, both morally and ethically

So what is the best solution? Obviously, we cannot just kick 12 million or more people out of the country, that just is never going to happen, so that is out. Additionally, the more I think about it the more I realize that we should not penalize the children of illegals that were born here. That would be a case of penalizing the wrong people. Personally, I have come to realize that the solution is fairly simple. First off, allow those who can prove they have been here and working, paying taxes, etc. to gain citizenship in some sort of expedited system, one that allows the time they have spent here contributing to the country to mean something, as it should. Secondly, announce a period of time, a “grace period” of sorts for the previously mentioned illegals as well as any of the other ones, to apply for citizenship, either through the “fast track” process for those contributing to America, or a more standard one for those that have been taking advantage of their illegal status. Third, once the grace period has ended, every illegal alien that police come across must be arrested and deported. This may seem harsh but what is the point of the law if it is never enforced? If national notice is given that any non-citizen residents have one year to at least get the process started then if someone chose not to and was arrested and deported as a result, they would have no one to blame but themselves and as adults, we have to be accountable to the consequences of our actions. Why would we expect people to follow a law that no one is ever busted for? If you went and robbed a bank, told a cop and he said “whatever, that’s fine”, what would be your motivation to not rob another one?

I believe the previously described steps would have numerous effects. First off, it would give the immigrants who work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to the well-being of the country a great opportunity to put any citizenship or legal issues behind them once and for all. Second, any illegal that did not register or apply to start their citizenship within the “grace period” would have no excuse or reason to complain if they were arrested and/or deported, because after being nationally notified and given a reasonable amount of time to do so, if they still choose to not follow the law then like all of us, there has to be a consequence. Without consequence there is chaos, as we are currently seeing in this country. Thirdly, taking these steps and having public support for them would put both pressure and an example of accountability on our elected leaders to solve this problem once and for all.


 Foreign Policy- There are some people out there who believe there is no problem with our foreign policy. I like to call those people “warmongers”. The policies of the United States on the foreign stage can, at best, be described as insane. The insanity is so powerful that it fuels a paranoid driven defense budget of almost A TRILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR! I mean, I could understand if it was a massive buildup to fill a void, or a budget to start a military force from scratch, but we already have the most massive military in human history. Are you telling me that if we do not spend 700 billion dollars every year that the United States will immediately be conquered by some secret force no one is aware of?

Look, I live in the United States so obviously I have a vested interest in our nation being safe and being able to defend itself, but this fear driven propaganda has to stop. For example, I saw a Mitt Romney speech the other day where he was talking about how Iran is a major threat. Are you kidding me? And this guy wants to be president??

We have over 12,000 tanks, Iran has a little more than a thousand and they are technologically pathetic compared to ours. We have thousands of the most technologically advanced fighter jets on the planet. Iran doesn’t even have 200 and the ones they do have are not all even operational currently. We have 11 aircraft carriers, 60+ destroyers, the numbers that prove how miniscule the Iran threat is just goes on and on. So what’s my point?

My point is that while we need to maintain a strong national defense, we do not need to grow our military every year that goes by. If we are maintaining our military, I can understand using funds for that, but does it really cost 700 BILLION dollars a year to just maintain it? An even more important question is what is the justification for a continued military buildup?? The answer is that there isn’t one and to imply that there is crosses the line into the category of ignorance. If we stopped doing anything to our military but maintaining the equipment we already have, it would take 90% of the other countries literally CENTURIES at the pace they build up at to even begin to equal us. I mean, we have over 5000 nuclear bombs!!! What the hell are we going to nuke 5000 times??

With the financial issues we currently have, the bottom line is that defense spending needs to decrease until there is a credible reason to increase it again and illegally invading other nations we do not like is not a credible reason, nor is it the job or the right of this country.

Those are three of the major issues that I think could be solved if our leaders actually wanted them solved. In the next post, I am going to discuss gay marriage, taxes, and our justice system. Thanks for stopping by.


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