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What The Election Told Us….And More….

So the election is over and we know who our president will be until the year 2016. To me, this election showed us a few different things…

  1. The people no longer care– There are over 211 million eligible people to vote in this country and like myself, many of them did not. All told, about 105 million of those eligible voted. Now before you attack those who did not vote, consider a few of their opinions. First off, many of them, such as myself, truly believes as sure as I believe I am writing this post that our votes no longer count. I, and many like me, see a system that holds elections that are no longer free. Corporate influence and overall wealth have so integrated themselves into the system that thinking your vote is going to change anything is an exercise in ignoring reality. The two controlling parties, as they usually do, flexed their muscle in writing rules to prevent other parties from playing on an equal playing field, effectively stopping them from running with any chance of victory. The deck has become so stacked against outside parties that it is laughable. For example, Gary Johnson, this year’s Libertarian candidate received a meager 1 million votes of the 105 million cast and he and his supporters are excited about it!! That is how bad it has gotten, that third parties rejoice when they receive less than 1% of the total vote. If that is not an example of accepted servitude i do not know what is.
  2. The people already knew Obama was going to win- The usual media circus that explodes every election cycle is nothing more than another form of control. These sources of information are controlled by the very groups of people running for the offices so of course they are going to put little to no effort into making sure all the candidates get exposure. On top of that, the regular election cycle also produces what the top elite have deemed an “appropriate candidate” for the current times and they it may sway from one side(GW Bush) to the other(Obama) every so many years, in essence you have no real choice at all. I mean cmon…….why do you think Obama destroyed McCain and Romney? Because he is a better politician? Of course not, instead it is because he was the more attractive candidate between two that were essentially the same. McCain and Romney are both basically white versions of Obama, plain and simple. Obama though, as a liberal and as a Democrat and also as an African-American, has the most tools of influence to maintain the status quo and when his terms run out, the two parties will find another person to placate the masses. Maybe a woman next time. I say these things that may seem politically incorrect because this how stupid the people in this country have become when it comes to allowing themselves to become influenced by emotion. Seriously, think about it……most of the people in this country are willing to accept the fact that our drone strikes are killing children because “it’s for America” so therefore, morality goes out the window. The same has happened to our election process.
  3. The country is well on its way to collapse Again, this may sound dramatic but think of all the problems we have had over the last 4-6 years. Now consider the fact that the very same guy who has been in charge during it is in charge for another four years. Now further consider that the Congress, most of them having been the people making the decisions for at least the last 8 years or so, are the people who will now work with the guy who hasn’t done anything to do something…..whew…..starting to see the problem here? Our country is only continuing to grow and as it does, our debt is growing as well. On top of that, as the system falls further and further behind because of our overspending we, at the same time, are seeing more and more people becoming dependent on the government each day. With all that being true, how long will it be before something has to give and the system starts to truly collapse under the weight of its own incompetence? We are militarily spread all over the world. We have agencies, such as the CIA, committing crimes as part of their daily business routine. All the banks own all the land and all the members of the government are heavily invested in the banks. When the bank act unethically and endanger their profits, they simply take tax dollars that are supposed to go to things we need and just give it to the banks until they make more money acting unethically. Other superpowers, such as China, not only own most of our debt but are rapidly catching up with us in a military sense. Along with Russia, China has stonewalled the United States in some military issues such as Syria, and the days when the United States spoke and the world followed are quickly disappearing. We keep trying to police the weapons, behavior and capabilities of other sovereign nations and what we have done is turned ourselves from freedom fighters there for the people to murderers, willing to start wars and kill people over financial issues such as oil. All this added together really paints a bleak picture of the world we are leaving for our children. Will there even be a United States as we know it in 50 years? Once an unthinkable question, there is now a lot of merit to debate what another 35 years or so of the current policies, debt, government/corporate unity and general irresponsibility is going to do to us.

These are my points, my views, but I try to look at these issues as realistically as I can. I hope you’ll do the same.


3 responses

  1. Many good points in the article. I apologize for not being here in a while, but i like the new layout and different background!

    I do think the future is dim and we could be entirely foreign owned in 50 years, who knows… but i took the opposite as far as people caring. I know it feels that way especially when people can tell you more about snookie than any of the candidates… but at the same time… i thought i read somewhere that we had the highest voter turnout in like 30 years or something and that this was the closest election in american history (again – not sure if either of those are true but i thought i read them somewhere) … so i couldn’t say that they didn’t care. I think there are definitely a lot of frustrated voters.

    But I also took that many people are sick of the 2 party system… that they have at least acknowledged that both choices were mostly the same and bad – i take that as a good sign. I heard that more this election than any other that i can remember.

    I want to see more parties and a more equal campaign setting. I think the path to change starts with everyone and i think all it takes are lots of people making small attempts to achieve some concrete result.

    I know I mention occupy a lot… and you can say what you want about it’s effectiveness or whatever… but at least it’s something. It’s a sign that millions of people just like us are sick of the way things are. Sure there have been plenty of protests over the years but a movement the size of occupy? …not in our lifetimes.

    And yeah i think occupy has been brutally stomped into the ground and marginalized by the media and other people and practically dead but is it because those people changed their minds or is it because they are afraid? is it because they changed their minds or had bills to pay like the rest of us? or did they feel like you and say something like “see? people don’t care – im out here ruining my life for what?” the point is… those people are still out there.

    People want a 3rd choice. So what can we do to help that happen in the next election?

    I propose we start something with a few limited goals with issues that you could get people from both sides to agree on, not sure what you would call it.

    Here are some groups i think should be formed and here are some ideas for goals i think each of those should focus on achieving. (any one goal by itself is good enough to tackle alone.)

    More equal campaign process.
    *create a new protocol for the campaign process designed at giving us more choice – but not too many choices like India.
    *fix campaign spending.
    *Have debates that address all the topics not just the preselected ones they both agree on.
    *Campaign funding.
    *your idea here

    Voting machines
    *get rid of them. period. (if not… just invent one that cannot be tampered with and make millions and millions of dollars and spend it on coke and hookers!!! – just kidding what a waste of money. I’d spend it on pepsi and hookers.)

    i think other groups could include corporate influence and tax problems and other ones but that basically is the same thing as occupy. I think i just want to focus on the campaign reform. I’m still forming my grand unified theory of change but that’s all too much to get into at the moment.

    Would you be interested in doing something like this? let me know your thoughts either way.

    November 8, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    • I think your ideas are spectacular and if they were ever implemented, I am sure they would have positive effects but this is the point where I have to stop people for one reason…..the parties in control will never let that happen. They are the ones who write campaign finance reform and I just do not see them going out of their way to give themselves more competition. Everything that you mentioned in your comment was 100 percent accurate as far as the aspects of campaigning that need to be fixed, but in our system the people those rules favor are the same ones who write them. Even worse, the same two parties that write these rules also heavily influence how the media portrays for the need for reform in the first place. It is a consolidated effort by two large groups of people to gain a legal and permanent monopoly on the voting in this country.

      I mean, if they invest with the companies they regulate, win re-election no matter how poor their record is(see Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and any number of Republicans), control what and how much information is given to the masses, control and invest in the banks that now own all the land, as well as a chunk of our tax dollars to protect the elected officials investment in said bank, it just goes on and on.At&t, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, these are all the tech companies that control…..well pretty much the operation of everything in the world and their heaviest investors are the same guys giving them military contracts. We the people have been taken completely out of the equation as far as representation goes.

      It just sucks because everything you mentioned is badly needed but honestly, do you really have any faith whatsoever that the current Democrats and Republicans in office are going to step forward and say “we need to give the American people more parties to choose from, more parties outside of ours, for the betterment of the American people.”?

      Of course they won’t. We KNOW they won’t and because they make all the rules, the chances of the issues you mentioned being fixed or changed anytime soon are minimal at best…..and that’s being generous. It is just a sad time and it is magnified in it’s historical significance because of how many people are actually CHEERING for the guys who are doing this………these are the people, along with their “leaders” who are going to lead to the downfall of America. Not if but when…..just my opinion….

      For any of it to change, for this country to get back to being one of good instead of greed, there has to literally be a massive intellectual awakening in this country on a scale I believe we have never seen…again, just my opinion.

      November 9, 2012 at 12:18 am

  2. ok i was wrong about voter turnout, sorry. i just looked it up. it was lower than 08 and 04. I guess it proves your point a little more…

    November 9, 2012 at 12:18 am

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