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8 Random Questions I’d Like An Answer to

There is so much debate over the actions of our leaders in this country, I thought it would be fun to imagine a scenario. I want to share what questions I would ask our leaders if I had the chance to corner them and demand an answer….

  1. “When banks like Wells Fargo and others were bailed out with the tax dollars of the American people, how was it not a conflict of interest for the members of Congress, who OWN stock in the very same banks, to be the ones making the decision to use tax dollars of Americans who DO NOT own stock in those banks to protect the financial interests of those who do?”
  2. “How is it beneficial foreign policy to only have a problem with the morality of who we do business with when they won’t walk side by side with us? For example, we were in business with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, etc. when they were doing the very same things we later demonized them for while they were our allies?”
  3. “Why should countries such as Iran and North Korea feel obligated to follow international nuclear proliferation rules when Israel is allowed to just ignore them? Even if we think those countries are of a lower moral standard, do we teach that laws only must be followed by the immoral?”
  4. “Why is it an act of terrorism when individuals blow up our citizens, but when we strike other countries with drones and kill innocent people it isn’t?”
  5. “If our main, most followed, media sources both receive talking points from political parties, and have the majority of their staffs filled with people still affiliated with those parties, how is that any different than the government control media sources in dictatorships around the world?”
  6. “Why is every single member of our Congress wealthy? If we truly live in a fair democracy where everyone has an equal chance to succeed and to lead, then wouldn’t it be an impossibility for only the wealthy to be elected every single time?”
  7. “If our children are our greatest asset, then why doesn’t our society compensate teachers like they do our entertainers?”
  8. “Shouldn’t our leaders, because of the widespread impact of their decisions and behaviors, be held to a more stringent level of accountability?”

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