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Another Illinois Failure/ Marijuana Laws In Illinois

It has been a while folks. Staying home with a one year old is a full-time job so I took a blogging break over the summer. After a lot of fun with the kids, a trip to Coco Beach, Florida for a ten day vacation, and a nice summer, life has resumed it normalcy. The kids are back in school, and I am again using my free time to express my staggering disbelief over human behavior and society. Today, as a resident of Illinois……..arguably the worst state in the Union, I wanted to take a few minutes to point out some logical reasons I see in the marijuana laws in this particular state as a glowing example of how money, hypocrisy and illogical thinking continue to plague our people, Americans, at every turn.

Consider the following statistics concerning DUI statistics in Illinois from 2011

  • 50,000+ people are arrested for DUI every year in Illinois
  • In Illinois, 30.4 percent of all total driving fatalities in Illinois were alcohol related
  • 22.4 percent of all total driving fatalities of people under the age of 21 were alcohol related, almost a quarter of them.

Those statistics are all glaring examples of why having alcohol legal and sold on every other block in this country is beyond ludicrous while keeping marijuana, a far less addictive and dangerous drug, illegal for possession or use. The whole concept of keeping a drug such as marijuana illegal based on it’s “negative effects” on people would make a lot of sense……if alcohol, something much worse by a wide margin, is available at every restaurant, bar and sporting event throughout the country. You don’t need to have endless statistics to argue the following points.

  1. Marijuana is far less addictive than alcohol- This one is common knowledge. Marijuana can be addictive, there is no doubt about that but something just being addictive isn’t necessarily grounds to make it illegal. Yes, there are regular smokers who use pot habitually but if they were to suddenly stop, the only real withdrawal is generalized anxiety over not having more. Withdrawal from severe alcoholism can literally kill a person. Withdrawal from cigarettes, arguably the most dangerous drug you can legally consume, is so devastating from a mental standpoint that most cigarette smokers winds up completely ignoring the fact that they are knowingly shortening their lives by continuing their smoking habit. Consider the previous two statements then explain to me how marijuana is more dangerous or addictive than tobacco or alcohol.
  2. Marijuana has medical uses- It is a known fact that marijuana consumption can have positive medical effects on more than two dozen conditions including glaucoma, various forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS. It can provide pain relief and even act as a curing agent for these and other conditions. Have you ever heard of a doctor telling someone to drink as source of medical relief? How about a doctor prescribing someone to smoke more cigarettes?? Of course not, because both alcohol and tobacco have well established histories of being nothing but harmful, they provide no positive results in the body. This is not true when it comes to marijuana, which has been proved on a more and more regular basis to have positive results when used to alleviate suffering with various conditions.
  3. Almost one-third of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related– Do I have to say more? That statement is basically telling you that approximately  one- third of our traffic fatalities are 100% preventable and also 100% caused by legal alcohol. How can this be? When we hear the reasons for marijuana to be illegal, is there a single negative statement that can be made about the drug that would be more severe than causing a third of all our traffic fatalities?
  4. Marijuana, a victimless crime, could be making more money for a state like Illinois, a state going bankrupt, a state  unable to pay it’s teachers. If you took all the money that could be made in taxes on the sale of marijuana, a drug people are using everywhere regardless of the law, and then took the amount of money that would be saved by not policing and prosecuting users, maybe Illinois could actually live up to it’s financial responsibilities as a state government. Instead, during a time when the Illinois state government owes my children’s school district over a MILLION DOLLARS, they are out chasing and prosecuting people for using something faaaaaaar less dangerous than legal cigarettes and alcohol.

In the end, most of the points I made above are basic common knowledge. The reason this issue bugs me a little more than some people is that I live in Illinois, a state that has seen something like 4 of it’s last 6 governors go to jail. Illinois, a state that misuses funds, a state that is failing it’s citizens as much as if not more than every other state and as they are doing this, a product like marijuana, that could produce revenue and reduce law enforcement costs, therefore freeing that money up for things like CHILDREN’S EDUCATION, is still being demonized as things like alcohol and smoking are doing far worse damage every single day.





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