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Human Evolution And The Radical Change Of The United States Part 1

Being set in one’s ways is not always the way to go. I understand tradition, holding onto things in our lives that have meaning, but at what point do the behaviors of the past become so obsolete and outdated that they become burdens on a society that holds onto them despite the negative effect they have? I believe this is what is happening in many ways to the modern-day version of the human race. We marvel at our own creations, our belief systems, our ways of life but how well are these things actually working? Yes, our technology has advanced to previously unheard of levels but our wisdom seems to be regressing and in a society, that is a recipe for disaster.

Consider this; Human beings have evolved, not in the physical sense but more in a behavioral one, since the times of hundreds of years ago. If this is true, and it is, then why should that evolution not continue? It is clear that we have not reached the peak of the mountain for if we had, the problems that plague us would be minimal as opposed to constant, and growing, as they are now. For example, in 1692, only 320 years ago(not that long when you consider how long humans have been around) right here in the United States, 19 people we executed for being witches…..witches for God’s sakes! Only 150 years ago, it was acceptable to own an African-American person!! Can you even imagine that, having a person in your house who you could chain to the wall if you wished to?

Now the difference between those times and today’s world shows how a once universally accepted practice, a practice that if you had questioned it during it’s time you would be laughed at, can completely change as society and people evolve their beliefs about existence. This is what I believe needs to happen right now if mankind is to make any forward progress from here on out, not technologically but instead behavior.

So, in the spirit of that line of thinking, I am going to propose a few changes we should embrace as a society. Like a person who spoke of freedom for African-Americans hundreds of years before it actually happened, I believe some of my suggestions will be laughed at and criticized but I also believe if these writings are still floating around 100 years from now, I will be vindicated in my thinking.

1.The lying aspect of freedom of speech and the propaganda it produces—We live in a free society that allows anyone to speak as they wish without constraints on what they say. Though it may seem unimaginable to those who react before they deeply think, there are some aspects of this belief that need to change. For example, I believe that if you are a politician, elected by the people, there should be a legal penalty for knowingly lying, misleading, characterizing the words of another elected official in a way meant to mislead, or using publicly spoken words to mislead the public. Now, before I lose half my readers and get called a fascist, communist or whatever other “oppressive” label a person might think of, let me explain.Free speech is a great thing, but how illogical and completely against reason is it to protect a person’s right to use those words as a weapon of sorts? Politicians have a civic and ethical responsibility to represent their voters and also to be truthful and transparent about what they are doing with OUR tax dollars and also what they are doing with OUR government. To protect their right to lie, mislead and deceive the public is so foolish, so illogical, that it stuns me every day that I see it. If you lie to your boss, no matter what your profession, he can easily fire you for doing so. Well WE are the politicians bosses, why can’t we do the same??

I do not mean a recall, or even not re-electing them. Instead, if we catch one of these guys lying publicly, deceiving the general public, we should have the legal right to immediately terminate their service. How stupid is it to protect a politicians right to lie to you? You pay them, they work for you, but you have no power over them? Do not tell me that if this happens we should just not re-elect them, that is foolish beyond belief. We catch them lying and deceiving the public, so we let them know they can do it for another year and a half before there is a penalty?? STUPID!!! The penalty must be harsh and immediate, sending a message that them doing such a thing is as unacceptable as rape, murder and a number of other crimes. Their position IS that important and we need to start treating it as such and forcing these guys and gals to realize their position is sacred.


2.Spending Tax Dollars We Do Not Have— Why is it acceptable for government to continue to be behind on their bills with no loss of service? If you do not pay your cable bill or your electric bill, do those companies continue to provide you with their service?? Of course not, so why can our leaders do it with no penalty? I think from this point forward we should immediately shut down any aspect of the government that is in the red. Would it cause chaos? Of course it would but this is just the type of message this country needs to shock the people out of their apathy….let society go wild for a few days and when people start struggling with the loss of social and other services they’ll get angry and that anger will need a focal point. When it does, that anger will be squarely focused on the politicians who AREN’T DOING THEIR JOBS!!! Again, people need to realize that things have gotten so bad as far as people just accepting things that CAN be changed that the time for simple and weak-minded solutions are long gone. The time for real change is here but this system is so apathetic, so controlled and run by the very people who are screwing it up that drastic measures are needed. Trust me, when hundreds of thousands of government workers, Medicare and Social Security recipients, and over a million members of the Armed forces all stop getting paid, there will be a harsh demand for action. When everyone on welfare and unemployment just stop getting their money, the rage will flow and it will be a tool to change the country. The bottom line is that we are so in debt that to pay the previously mentioned benefits, we are spending money we do not have and just like a regular citizen whose checking account has a negative balance, the governments checks should not be any good anymore. It would be a tough few months, maybe even a tough few years, but in the end it is the only thing that accepts the reality and holds EVERYONE accountable instead of the people being held accountable while the politicians spend imaginary money and live in a fucking dream world where they can lie, commit insider trading and get wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.


3. Let The World Chips Fall Where They May—  This going to sound harsh but again, severe problems call for severe solutions. The United States military is posted in so many countries, using its strength to stop so many conflicts, it is staggering. So what, are we going to stay in these countries forever? We do not want other countries slowing, stopping, or interfering in what we do, so why do we accept our leaders forcing us to pay for doing it to others? I propose that if we are not actively defending ourselves in a part of the world then our military should not be there. North and South Korea? To me that sounds like North and South Korea’s problem, not ours. Our country is falling apart for God’s sakes and we are spending trillions solving everyone else’s problems?? Ridiculous, plain and simple. If North and South Korea cannot solve their differences peacefully, then let them fight it out, it is their dispute not ours yet we are willing to see our people and our country struggle so a bunch of South Koreans don’t have to fight their own battle?? Sorry folks, but until we have everything taken care of on the home-front, we need to focus on America. We have more than enough defense to keep ourselves safe and when we have everything here going well for us and our citizens, then we can be the world’s Mother Teresa but until then, it is time for us to BUTT-OUT!