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Some Thoughts On The GOP Race

Ok, so we are done with Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida and Nevada so far, and the battle continues to rage on. It has been, at least from my perspective, a fairly entertaining race so far with some moments that are laughable and others that are disturbing. I find it kind of sad that the media sources that are covering these events are showing their usual bias towards certain candidates. What I mean by that is there are four people currently in the race yet it seems the mainstream media has decided that only two of them are worth significant coverage. Yes, I admit that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have received the most support so far, but Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are still running and you would never know it looking at the coverage thus far. If this is supposed to be an actual race, it would be nice to see the media covering all the candidates, not just the ones they think are going to win or have better soundbites.

We have also seen some monumental missteps in the candidates statements and the usual damage control that follows. Romney made the statement that he “doesn’t care about the very poor, they already have a safety net” and while, to be fair and in context, he also added that if there were holes in said safety net he would fix them, it was still a very poor choice of words. Newt Gingrich has continued to whine and cry about the “negative” ads against him and in my opinion, has looked like a poor loser in doing so. Let’s be honest, this is a guy who spent years in Congress using negative attacks on his opponents but now it’s being done to him so there is something wrong with it? He also made a statement that seemed to fly under the media radar but seemed significant to me. He stated that his opponents were “running negative ads, some true, and they should be ashamed of themselves”. So what he basically said is that some of these ads, often accusing him of just terrible things, politically speaking, are true? Read the quote again, he didn’t say they were unfair because they were false, he basically admitted some of the horrible accusations against him are true. If that is the case, even if it is a small percentage of the ads, then there are some pretty disgusting things about this man that he doesn’t even try to hide.

I also took a few minutes to look over the political pages for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC this morning and in their usual and predictable fashion, their bias is showing through. Fox’s headline boldly stated Romney’s Nevada victory and also made a point to glaringly mention Gingrich defeated Paul. MSNBC barely had a headline save a small header mentioning Romney won. CNN was kind of in the middle. I just thought it was worth mentioning that Fox continued to try to keep the image of Gingrich, an occasional Fox contributor, as a major player though it is obvious he is way behind, while MSNBC attempted to do their best to downplay the significance of the whole race. Business as usual for these shameful excuses for media sources.

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, despite their lack of results, continue to not only hang around the race, but also maintain their consistency in message, and also in their amount of the political pie, so to speak. Paul, despite the best, obvious, and really quite childish efforts of the media to ignore him, continues to poll in double digits each primary. I guarantee you this is making the GOP nervous as a whole. With the fervor his supporters campaign for his candidacy he is a serious threat to any of the other Republicans getting elected and they know it, which is exactly why the mainstream “media” sources that support the GOP are doing everything they can to minimize, ignore and discredit him. Sadly, they are too stupid to realize this is helping him!!! The passion Paul’s supporters have is fueled by the unfair and often corrupt actions of not only the media but the establishment in general. The more they try to ignore him, the more energized his supporters become and the GOP better wake up and realize that if he does not win the nomination, which I agree is highly unlikely, then that leaves him out there to run as an Independent. Though it seems he doesn’t want to do so, if he does he will all but guarantee an Obama victory with the damage he will do to any other GOP candidate just by his presence in the race.

Santorum, I believe, is close to dropping out but I believe he deserves credit as clearly the most consistent conservative left in the race, despite the claims of Gingrich and Romney trying to take that title for themselves. He is a little too far to the right for the general public but I do believe that in some cases his conservative views would be of benefit to the country. That being considered though, his anti-gay rights views along with a few other hardcore right-wing issues, puts him in a position where he only relates to the “rightest” of the right….lol.

In conclusion, I thought I would provide my personal odds for each candidate the rest of the way, so go get second mortgages, clean out you bank accounts and head to Vegas because here’s the odds to buy daddy a new pair of shoes!

  • Mitt Romney-Odds 5-2– The clear favorite. Unless he has a monumental stumble, he is a lock for the nomination, in my opinion.
  • Ron Paul-Odds 15-1– Paul is going to be a headache to the GOP throughout this entire process, trust me.
  • Newt Gingrich-Odds-25-1– It may seem like I’m counting him out because, well, I am. Gingrich is a career politician, a proven violator of ethics, a repeated adulterer, and someone who clearly wanted to be Reagan’s friend more than Reagan wanted to be his. He’s not the worst guy ever but politically speaking he has way too many piles for him to step over all of them into the nomination.
  • Rick Santorum Odds 50-1-Way too connected to the religious right, plain and simple. We live in a country where many public figures are homosexual, and Santorum is so attached to Biblical teachings you would think he’d support slavery if he could get away with it. The Bible says it’s ok right??