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The Iraq Withdrawl And Future Prospects..

Well according to most media reports, we will be fully “withdrawn” from Iraq by the end of the year, ending an almost decade long occupation. Depending on the source of information there were 4,484 United States casualties. 4,484 mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and citizens. We were repeatedly told by both our former President, George W. Bush and also our current one, Barack Obama, that we had a legitimate mission there, a mission of freedom and democracy that would change Iraq forever and ensure their personal freedom, but looking at the recent developments there during our withdrawal, one has to wonder whether we carelessly threw away the lives of four thousand Americans for nothing.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is asking for Iraqi lawmakers to withdraw their confidence from his own deputy after the deputy, named Saleh al-Mutlaq, made comments earlier this week over the American withdrawal that have caused controversy. He was quoted as saying “There will be a day whereby the Americans will realize that they were deceived by al-Maliki … and they will regret that”. Al-Malaki’s request for the withdrawal of confidence followed word in the country that Iraqiya, a powerful political bloc in Iraq, will not be participating in the country’s parliament and that move is being seen as a threat to what is already a very fragile sharing of power post-American withdrawal.

Al-Mutlaq has been quoted as saying that America and more specifically, Washington, has left Iraq with a “dictator” who is ignoring a power sharing agreement designed to stop any rekindling of the tensions and bloodshed between Iraq’s Shiite majority and minority Sunni populations.

Another quote from al-Mutlaq, quoted to CNN was “America left Iraq with almost no infrastructure. The political process is going in a very wrong direction, going toward a dictatorship,” he said. “People are not going to accept that, and most likely they are going to ask for the division of the country. And this is going to be a disaster. Dividing the country isn’t going to be smooth, because dividing the country is going to be a war before that and a war after that.”

So basically what we are seeing is the strong possibility that after almost a decade of war that cost the lives of not only over 4,000 Americans, but literally tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, that Iraq is going to fall right back into THE EXACT SAME SITUATIONĀ  it was in when Saddam Hussein ruled and oppressed the people, especially the ones who did not share his religious affiliation.

Now I’m sorry for the language but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? After all the death, the suffering, the pain caused to people all over the world, the trillions of dollars spent as our country languishes in debt that threatens our way of life that Iraq is going to be shown, historically speaking, to HAVE BEEN A COMPLETE FUCKING WASTE OF TIME??? The level of outrage that should be coming from both sides of the political fence is beyond measure but I suppose, based on our leaders track record, that they realistically probably could care less and that speaks volumes to how soul-less they truly are.

So now, thanks to our forced intervention on the government of a sovereign nation, an intervention that was never willingly asked for, we have made the Middle East even more volatile, if that is possible. We the people should certainly expect that Iran will continue to interfere and that the interference will almost certainly led to escalated tensions, even worse than they are now, between our country and Iran. It should scare many parents in this country whose children are in the military that any conflict with Iran, a conflict our government almost seems to want, will be far more costly than Iraq ever was, both in the human toll and the financial one. Additionally, countries such as Syria, Russia and even China could be dragged into a situation that, despite whatever propaganda the morally corrupt media fires at us, we are the biggest cause of.

How many people, mostly innocent ones even if they were brought up in a culture that we sometimes do not understand, have to die senselessly before we begin to hold our country and it’s actions to some level of morality? It’s just sickening.